Well actually just go ahead and hit End. How to Program a 2GIG Wireless Hidden Recessed Door Sensor by Surety. Click the Remove Alert option to clear the condition from Alarm.com. Once all the alert fields are set to your required standards that the video takes you through the setup is complete. Some of these items ship sooner than the others. You will be taken back to the main screen, and the changes will be applied. Easy setup! We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. I would like this fire protection active ONLY when the system is armed (Away,Stay, Night). By subscribing I give my consent to receive AlarmGrid e-mails about You should now go through an configure the settings for the zone. Press the green Save button to confirm the changes. If your system is monitored, make sure to put your system on test mode with the central station. Choose "Clear Alarm History". And just realize, this is a listening device. I have learned how to program it, and I am very confident that I am able to do so. Chimes are generally designed for doors and windows, so you know when things are open and closed. The FF345 must also be in its own test mode when testing. It will support wireless 5800 series products including burg and fire I believe. Thanks. We have reported that issue to 2GIG, but I haven't heard about a resolution from them as of this time. Again, for me the idea being a way to tie all these fire related devices into a single system (my alarm system) which is getting monitored round the clock. If this tamper is ever opened, you will get a trouble on the panel. Once that is installed, you always want to test, especially with fire equipment. Okay, we are glad to hear we helped. This is mostly to help ensure that even if we are NOT at home, I would know if smoke/fire was being detected, plus the monitoring company would send help immediately. So we're going to start by going into programming. Place beside one of your detectors and if your detectors are linked throughout your house, it will alert you if any of them goes off. The ADT Pulse is just an internet module for an alarm control panel so it depends on what actual system you have. I would not be concerned about it. If the unit is programmed as "Fire with Verification" it will require a 30 second press and hold on the smoke detector. We can label this as something that you want it to read out. The panel should recognize the sensor and ask you to confirm the Serial Number. More Encore Firefighter FF345 Questions; Julia Ross. To put the device back in test mode, simply remove the cover, take out the battery, reapply the battery, and reapply the cover. The older model is rectangular and can only listen for the temporal sound of an activated smoke detector. So let me just get this back in here. The date code can be located on the inside of the unit's cover. For example, if the Serial Number shown on the sticker is "1234567", then the Serial Number to check for fire detection is "1234567". During the first hour after power up, the FF345 is in a Test mode. Pick a name that is easy to remember. Encore FireFighter FF-345 (2nd Generation - V1.5+) - Install Guide, Encore FireFighter FF-345 (2nd Generation - V1.5+) - Programming Guide. This indicates that you have made changes to the system's wireless zone settings. I enrolled using the "Learn" button in the center of the PCB according to the instructions that came with it. To enroll for fire detection, simply press and release the learn button as though you were enrolling a first generation model. FireFighter's unique technology monitors the existing UL smoke detectors within the home. The FF345 won' recognize this pattern, and therefore won't alert for explosive gas. The unit is battery powered by a 3VDC CR123A and is designed to last up to 5 years. The module must be within 6 inches of a functional device. Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2020. It is definitely now on my list of add ons for my security system. The Qolsys panel will be having a Honeywell daughter board released at a later date, that board will allow Honeywell sensors to work with the panel. The details are linked in the guide on the bottom right of this page. The option for Wireless Zones should be highlighted. and did not really get a verifiable answer but figured why not. You must then adjust the settings and save the changes. The FF345 has been the most reliable of this type of listening device. And we're back in the video lab. We want do want to have the sensor supervised. So it's important to not rely on this device for any life safety reasons. You will need to activate your smoke detector or CO detector and trigger its sounder. I am purchasing a 6160RF and I am going to install it that way. You must then activate the learn button for the sensor to auto-enroll it. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but he was determined to help us troubleshoot each step. By the way I know this is a late post, but the Firefighter FF345 does indeed work with Nest Protect. To do this, first disarm the system using your Master Code. The 2GIG panel does support Honeywell sensors. Yes, it's supervised for tamper and low battery just like regular Honeywell 5800 sensors. Enter in the Installer Code. This little sensor is a great way to not buy a number of other detectors if your house is wired to link your detectors. Now we're going to pop it right open, so you can see what's inside. It is recommended that you use the learn button for enrollment. In the Go!Control menu you will answer a series of questions. Works, but detects more than fire alarm sounds, Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2017. YMMV. If you did change it, you'll want to use that code. Additionally, if you have an existing network of one-go-all-go smoke detectors or CO detectors, you can use one single FF345 to monitor the entire building. Page 1 Wireless Security System 2GIG-CP2 Installation & Programming Instructions...; Page 2: Alarm Location National Fire Protection Association Standard #72 Recommendations for Smoke Detectors STANDARD FOR ALARM LOCATION Smoke detectors used with this system should be installed in accordance with Chapter 2 of the National Fire Alarm Code, ANSI/NFPA 72 (National Fire Protection … Both use loop 1. The IQ2 will work with Honeywell when the daughter board releases. Please try your search again later. Thanks in advance. 2GIG TECH SUPPORT 855.2GIG.TECH (855.244.4832) EXITING SYSTEM CONFIGURATION Change the Que When at the top of a Question (ex: Q1:Select RF sensor # (01-48)) press: end Press: exit (make sure the box IS checked in the “save changes” box) the system will perform a system reboot to implement the changes. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Programming an Encore FF345 with an L5210. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. So the equipment code for the 5816 is 0637. How Do I Program an Encore FireFighter FF345 to a 2GIG GC3. Any advice? I will test it with the +1 code as well to see if that works. 2GIG, owned by Nortek Controls is the company that actually manufactures the FF345. Battery chirps should not trigger an alarm nor will it be capable of reporting low battery signals to the alarm system.