Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year! If you are trying to register for an account to your district's web portal, please use the process on your district's website. Create a new account on the GSD Parent Portal. These rosters might be handy when teachers cannot take attendance on-line or for sub teachers. (April), Intermediate schools determine a tentative master schedule in terms of (a) the number of sections, and if feasible, (b) which period a section will be in and (c) who the instructor is for each section. Student Registration Procedures for Staff (Draft), Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), Affordable Care Act - 1095 Form User Guide, Board Bylaws, Policies, Regulations, Exhibits, Online Registration (Continuing Students), Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), Parents'Rights & School Permit Transfer Request. Once logged in you will be given access to a number of tabbed choices including Student Information, Attendance and Grades. Once logged in you will be given access to a number of tabbed choices including Student Information, Attendance and Grades. Please note: All information is current. Access student information via GSD Parent Portal. All Rights Reserved. ETO imports, whenever available, most recent CST language arts (LA) and math performance level & correct percentage in user fields 9, 10, 11, and 12 of STU table. Sub teachers may get a temporary AeriesNet accounts to take attendance on-line. © Aeries Software 1995-2020. Log in using the Parent Portal account. This website is intended for US residents. Providing a premier education in a 21st century learning environment to develop tomorrow's responsible leaders. The rollover requires TEIS, as an prerequisite, to conduct the data integrity check. Failing to close the internet browser may make your student’s personal record available to users who use the computer after you. The URL, as well as login credentials, must be obtained from your school or district. Fix: Your Computer Appears to be Correctly Configured, but the Device or Resource (DNS server) is not Responding. Garvey School District Parent Portal will automatically log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity. The Garvey School District Parent Portal log-in page will display. Attendance data is uploaded to Global Connect (GC) at 10:00 a.m. (elementary schools) or 11:30 a.m. (intermediate schools) for GC, if set up by the school, to make attendance verification calls automatically. Front Office/Attendance Office should create/print out Attendance Class Rosters on plain paper and distribute to teachers in the beginning of each attendance cycle. (May), Intermediate schools update sections (classes offered) in Scheduling Master Schedule (Scheduling Cycle M). It typically takes a day when the user access must be suspended. Get the Aeries Mobile Portal App! Aeries Online Enrollment Version 20.8.14 © 1995-2020 Aeries Software. Note: The login address for each district is unique. Teachers may use the built-in grade book in Aeries to determine the student grades for report cards. (April), Intermediate schools plan the courses and sections needed based on the student achievement data (and teacher input, etc.) (May), Intermediate schools tentatively schedule ALL students into classes (Scheduling Cycle Q).before before closing for summer. To access the Garvey School District Parent Portal sign-in screen, open an Internet browser and go to https://parent.garvey.k12.ca.us Sign in using the e-mail address and the password you provided when creating your account. (April), ETO imports prospective 7th grade students from the feeder schools to the two intermediate schools in Aeries. (Early/mid August), Intermediate schools repeat 7, 8, and 9 based on the updated data including new CST results , then 10 to reschedule ALL students, or if appropriate, schedule individual students (Scheduling Cycle E) into classes. (April), Intermediate schools update teacher data in Teacher Data of Aeries (May), Intermediate schools mass-input (Scheduling Cycle D) and/or individually add (Scheduling Cycle E) student course requests in Aeries. Through our secure server you will able to view your student’s demographic data, grades, attendance records, class schedule, and emergency contact information.