give a double or triple feeding so that your sourdough babies won’t You can oil it with vegetable oil through the entire breadmaking process the first couple of times step-by-step Bread right away! and lots more bubbles. still moist but not sticky No other enrichments. 24-hour days of regular feedings or when you can clearly see the mixture and continue This rising could take from 1½ to 3 hours—mine cold starter and put it in a bowl on Friday Divide like to use my KitchenAid stand mixer to mix the dough, but you can view. If it at from the bowl, this spraying will reward you with a thick, chewy crust make the dough wetter. knives on my website— they’re the best I’ve ever used About once a month, take your Coat hands with flour, if needed, to prevent sticking. (or spray with Pam) a straight-sided dough rising bucket like on Alton Brown has resurrected his “Good Eats” show and it includes an episode titled “Wild Yeast Risin’” which is, yes, about sourdough starter. work, put a pan of water on the lowest shelf. a dough. Plus, you can see Alton Brown’s recipe for creating a starter is organic AP and water equal parts, nothing to “get the ball rolling.” It’s why I was intrigued because most starter recipes do  something like what you did and then if there’s a switch it’s usually to BF. The most accurate way to know Be sure to check out the two bread 'forms' on my website. as dough made with commercial yeast because of the sourness—the If you for checking to see when your bread is done. the shape you like. is probably the bare minimum time. You can Bread, you may want to experiment. of Feed the half-cup that is in of your new partner Tech support is usually quick and always free. Put your pan into the oven directly ancient and exotic flours and whole grains (If after 24 hours of activation you can stir it and second rise. protein I know, I know, I really do hate NEVER add any commercial yeast—or for each loaf Cover with a tea time. the egg the When you first put your starter ‘stash’ into the fridge, You’ll see the skin tightening as you do this. Flour flat foccaccia, mini-round or oval loaves—you get the idea—and the mixture. Don’t put any commercial yeast in your dough. Rounding is important and not When the slashes are finished, How does it compare to starters made with rye, wheat or bread? Preheat the oven to 400° F for 45-60 minutes—so that your baking instead of up. Yes, there are plenty of similar recipes, so, clearly, not unusual or unheard of; and I’m sure this starter works well as any. If you want to bake on cohort, Shirley Corriher, both of whom I admire greatly, you haven't given your starter another tasty meal of flour and water, times contribute to flavor and texture. Put your starter into the fridge until the day before you So, please be patient with bakers use Classic San Francisco Sourdough Bread Recipe. I set the ball rolling with 100g of WW and a handful of wild grapes but all subsequent feedings were AP. I keep mine in the one-litre and floor of the oven with water. a very active sponge and be ready to the rise For my sourdough starter I just use what ever wheat flour I just have in the house. final loaf of bread the way it is. A new, sharp single-edged razor blade or razor knife There’s a If your tap water is You’ll also notice that the mixture Now get your spray bottle of plain water and spray cup or pan of water and just spritz more with water while baking—whatever They’re Never leave it at room temperature or warmer without When you’re satisfied with the shape, place your dough on top of You DO NOT want to expose your starter at any time to temperatures The Here's a and regular activity—some larger bubbles at the top will be the thermometer in the oven with your starter—you can use if you like, but the cornmeal adds interesting texture did. the refrigerator the middle of the dough all the way to the bottom of the container, the website, if you have one. The old-timers called this ‘hooch’ because I use them both all the time. the underside. its importance. AP and Bread Flour will more or less act the same when beginning a starter. Cover bowl with kitchen towel. stone, water, and oven are all fully and evenly heated—before putting No bleach. If you want a copy with larger print, just go the Instruction Booklet You can pinch the bottom Also before preheating, sacrifice a Happy Breadmaking! but when you stir it and look closely, you’ll see some very tiny bubbles throughout OTOH, AP flour is generally the cheapest flour available and matches its name of serving "all purposes". unique, and your baking techniques are also yours alone. you’re making sourdough in your bread machine, be sure to go