The most obvious sign that will make you realise that your sausages have turned bad is the change in smell. We also usually use tasso in jambalaya instead of andouille, again homemade. If you like those (aka chittlin's) you'll like Andouillettes. So if you want to preserve them for a longer period of time then the freezer is your best option. This will help you to keep track of when exactly it is expiring. Andouille sausage is sold while it is precooked. So that is why it is important to store your sausages in the freezer so that they do not turn bad easily. I tend to use Prudhomme's and don't find that the spices overwhelm the dishes. It is important to note that the main difference between sausage and chorizo are the spices used; it can be helpful to think of chorizo as a specific type of sausage. Fresh is akin to sausage you normally associate with 'needing to be cooked' where dried is already pepperoni. There is a big difference between regular smoked sausage and andouille. Yes, Mexican chorizo is very different from the Spanish and Portugese chorizo. What did you eat Thursday November 26, 2020? Before placing the chorizo in the freezer always remember to label it with a permanent marker. Loading... Unsubscribe from Review Zeal? Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Differences between Andouille sausage and chorizo, Similarities between Andouille sausage and chorizo, Signs that your Andouille sausage and chorizo have turned bad, Where To Find Curing Salt In Grocery Store. Chorizo originated in 2 different countries because it can be found in 2 different versions. You do realize how old this thread is? from everything posted heretofore, tattratt is pretty much dead on, imo. They start developing an odd smell which is somehow funky. For those of you who are interested in making your own fresh Mexican chorizo, which I started doing a long time ago when I tried to fry up some commercial chorizo and ended up with a skillet full of grease in which I could hardly find the meat, here is a really good recipe. Dried chorizo can last for 3 weeks in the refrigerator and if placed in the freezer it can last for up to 10 months. It is made using a combination of pork, wine, garlic, peppers, onions and seasonings. Dried chorizo originated in Spain whereas the fresh version is from Portugal. There are two kinds of chorizo. … This is because it is made in such a way that it can be preserved at room temperature. Andouille sausage is a smoked pork sausage. It has its origins in France and is very spicy. My favorite is goat, pork and turkey are both acceptable, but I was not happy with the beef. With this being said, Andouille has a milder flavor and taste. Goodweed's description of Mexican chorizo seems accurate for all the commercial products I've tried so far except that I disagree with the notion that they will add anything to "eggs, burritos, etc." This really several questions about sausage 1st what is the difference chorizo and andouille 2nd what is the difference between the fresh that is showing up in the super markets and the dried style 3rd what is the difference between mexican/new orleans and european style andoulle? Cajun Andoulle sausage is smoked and spicey. Although chorizo and Andouille sausages have a distinct smell, which is as a result of how they are processed, you can still recognise when they have turned bad. That is why we make our own andouille. I am much more familiar with the Mexican kind seeing as how I have lived my wjole life here in AZ. The texture of Mexican chorizo is not the same as Andouille sausages. There are two kinds of chorizo. Alternatively you can place it inside a freezer bag to help protect it from moisture. Location: The SPAM eating capital of the world. It is a smoked pork sausage, and can be found in Cajun and Creole cuisines. Cajun Cousins Cooking 54,855 views. But if you can ignore this, then chorizo is a perfect alternative to Andouille sausages. Maybe I haven't found the right brand but I've yet to discover a useful purpose for the stuff. Furthermore, the other difference is that there are 2 types of chorizo that is the fresh version and the dried version whereas, Andouille sausage is found in 1 variety which is the pre-cooked version, so you can serve it while cold or you can heat it up. Definitely make your own or buy from a place that does not put in all the stuff that you would not feed to your dog!!! Dried chorizo can be consumed while cold, you do not necessarily have to cook it, whereas fresh chorizo has to be cooked first before it can be eaten. Sorry this is so long, but I just had to ask. Andouille sausage gets its grey colour because it is usually soaked in water and vinegar overnight during its production process. it is added to scrambled eggs, burritoes, etc, where it can add its flavor but isn't required for meaty chunks. When this happens, it’s a sign that you need to throw away your sausages. The French make Andouillettes, which are a different product altogether, and are not at all spicy, but are made with chitterlings. Although Andouille sausage and chorizo are both spicy, chorizo is way spicier as compared to Andouille sausage. The colour of these sausages also tends to change. If it’s fresh chorizo that you are dealing with then it will most probably be slimy when it has turned bad. Where are you getting the recipes for your gumbo and jambalaya? All of the andouille I've had has been a smoked sausage. It is important to have a deeper understanding of sausages and some of the most common sausages are chorizo and Andouille sausages. Andoullie is Cajun, smoked, spicy, earthy goodness. I found it makes little difference the type of sausage you use, just as long as it's smoked and not completely raw so it can be sliced into round pieces and added into the pot. They will not be fit for consumption, thus you need to throw them away to avoid getting sick. Furthermore, the texture of Andouille sausages and chorizo starts to change when they have turned bad. I made Gumbo and Jambalaya over the last week using smoked Kielbasa, chicken and shrimp. However, if you are dealing with dried chorizo and Andouille sausages then you might notice that they might either be too dry or they can be somehow wet. Don't look at the ingredient list for Mexican Chorizo. Andouille sausages can last for more than several months in the freeze. This is because it is made using chilli peppers. Chorizo has a deep red colour because it is made using chilli peppers whereas Andouille sausage is usually grey in colour. Furthermore, they are both spicy, so you can substitute one for the other although they have different tastes. Mexican Chorizo has a very loose and greasy texture. These sausages are often confused although they have different features. ISO health/advice about risks cooking w/microwave? There are Spanish Chorizo and Portuguese Chorizo, which feature dried smoked red peppers, also Mexican Chorizo that uses the native chili peppers instead. Bratwurst Bucky, thanks for posting the link to the other discussion on this subject!! Chorizo is usually cured, fermented or smoked whereas Andouille sausage is usually smoked only. Vegan or vegetarian sausage links, homemade? Andouille; Italian; Breakfast; Weisswurst; These cover a wide flavor range of flavors and country of origin, showing off the vast array of sausage properties. Andouille vs Chorizo Review Zeal. Andouille sausage is commonly used when making Cajun cuisines whereas chorizo can be used when making different dishes this is because it can be found in 2 forms that is the pre-cooked version and the raw version. When it comes down to flavor, be it chorizo or Andouille, both have the spicy flavor, but the taste is significantly different from each other. It is also good when added to ground beef for chili. it is added to scrambled eggs, burritoes, etc, where it can add its flavor but isn't required for meaty chunks. I'm late coming to this topic!!!! Hotness. So, Andouille originates in French. So read the label! Cooking sausages can be a bit tricky especially if you are not well vexed with the different types of sausages that are available. I did research on-line and the closest substitute indicated by others is Polish Kielbasa for Cajun recipes. However, once cut the dried chorizo should be placed in the refrigerator or freezer. You can start noticing a few moulds on your sausages especially if you had left them at room temperature once opened. I have made it with beef, pork, turkey and goat. Chorizo has differed very widely depending upon where I lived -- from a raw sausage (here) to a smoked sausage other places. Andouille sausage is sold while pre-cooked so you can eat it while cold unless specified otherwise on the packaging. It is finer and that might not suit your preference. Is shopping at an oriental grocery store risky? The dried chorizo originated in Spain, whereas the fresh one originated in Portugal., Chorizo originated in Spain and Portugal whereas Andouille sausage originated in France. Posted by Valuable Kitchen | Food Comparison. The appearance of Andouille sausages and chorizo starts to change.