Because all these reasons, reading does not reduce anxiety. These benefits translate into essentially boosting the child’s readiness for school. But with increasingly interactive electronic books that enable independent reading from a younger and younger age, we may be losing sight of the value of reading not only with, but also to our kids.. A number of recent studies have reinforced the importance of reading aloud to your kids — the traditional way. The time you spend cuddling with your kids, watching them become engrossed in a story told to them from your own lips, ... 5 Hidden Benefits Of Reading For Kids (And Their Parents!) It’s never too early to start reading aloud to your children, and research shows that reading aloud daily can help boost your child’s learning power and set them up for success in life. They are more creative, open to new ideas, and develop empathy for others. By reading to a child, the child can benefit from being stimulated mentally and will often learn the language quicker, will be more fluent and have less problems in communicating with people of different age groups. Much has been written about the myriad benefits of parents reading to their children. Other benefits of reading to children include: For instance, kids who read about heroes idolize them, kids who love reading anatomy books dream of becoming a doctor, etc. While reading they cannot think in other tasks, tablets or cell phones. Did you know: Reading to your child for 20 minutes a day can increase their lifetime earnings by £280,000? Research shows that it encourages a child’s cognitive development, improves language skills and academic performance, and aids in emotional attachment.Babies can benefit from an early introduction to books, and even older children profit from continued parental involvement in reading. Reading is vital for developing literacy, a good vocabulary and a vivid imagination. Kids who indulge in reading book and learning new things do better at school. 2. Well, Bookroo helps provide benefits of reading for children while making my life as a parent easier! Despite this: Only 18% of new parents read to their children for 20 minutes a day (In The Book reading survey, 2020) The benefits of reading to your child are limitless. Opportunity to share quality time together They deliver age-appropriate books for kids aged 0 – 10, monthly. Reading increases vocabulary. It’s easy to remember some of the classics and to pass those on to our children, but Bookroo seeks out “hidden gems” from new books to help curate and build our childrens’ at home library. It has been shown that book readers have a richer vocabulary, therefore for them is easier to find the best way of communicating with others, which will bring several benefits. Here are five great benefits of reading to your kids every day: 1.