Having tried over 50 brands of sambar powder over the years, I can safely say that nothing has come close to what you guys are preparing. Similarly, each family has its own Sambar powder formula, with ingredients in proportion to the degree of spiciness that they prefer. Any South Indian meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, would be considered incomplete without Sambhar or one of its variants, because these are had with rice as well as with snacks like Idli, Sada Dosa, Upma,Ven Pongal, etc.. Sambhar Rice. So when I ran out of her masala, I pestered her for the recipe and she kindly obliged. South India best masala supplies the best sambar masala powder throughout India. Raghavan Iyer, the author of "The Turmeric Trail" and teacher who was born in Mumbai and came to the United States as a young man, says there as many sambhar masalas as there are kitchens in south India The spice mix is used to flavor sambhar, the … Even so, the existence of ready to use Sambar powder has made Sambar preparation easier and quicker these days. The sambar flavours are simply superb with a good balance of all spices. The aroma of the sambar powder fills the kitchen the moment I open the box. 10 Best Sambar Recipes, South Indian Sambar Collection. Easily the best sambar masala I've had till date. The sambar tasted delicious, lip-smacking and I was transported to a South Indian household. This is the spice powder, mom would use for rasams, sambars, veggie stir fries and other dishes that needed it. Don’t get me wrong, I love MTR sambar masala and have used it for years but fresh homemade masalas have a charm of their own. The other one is using the sambar powder (sambar masala) mom would have premade which we call paruppu kuzhambu at home. The most important ingredient to make Sambhar is the sambar powder.