If you are still willing to make the palm kernel oil at home, then you will need palm fruits, water, hammer and a lot of will and strength! 3. The antioxidants that are found in kernel oil maintain the collagen in the hairs, keeping together the follicles and preventing hair loss. The oil is quite valuable, because in order to get it, you need to roast a lot of seeds. It moisturizes the hair’s shaft which can help the hair to grow longer and shinier. Used regularly, palm kernel oil for hair strengthens and thickens hair, reducing the chances of fallout and hair loss in the future. Try it out and you will see the results in no time! 7. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. READ ALSO: How to make pink lips cream at home? – Epilepsy in children can be managed by inserting a bit of black palm kernel oil in the child’s eyes. Palm Kernel oil has a lot of benefits. It is full of vitamins and is good for our body. For instance, there are shampoos and conditioners with kernel oil as an ingredient. 2. Place the nuts on a tray and leave them under the sun to dry for at least one hour. And this oil is great for our health! Loaded With Antioxidants. It acts as a conditioner and softens the hair. As you can see, palm kernel oil is great not just for your skin and body but for your hair too. 1. 1. This shows the election was 100% rigged – Donald Trump reacts to new information... See 3 black kids that have the highest IQs ever in the world, one of them beats Bill Gates, Ooni of Ife's wife Olori Naomi steps out for the first time, dances at the naming ceremony of her son (video), This shows the election was 100% rigged – Donald Trump reacts to new information about Biden's win, Breaking: Tears as suspected gunmen kill first-class monarch in Ondo state, Yanzu-yanzu: Yan bindiga sun budewa babban Sarkin Gargajiya wuta, sun kashe shi, Ganduje ya bawa mahaifin Kwankwaso muhimmin muƙami a masarautar Ƙaraye, Nigeria mourns as 17-year-old girl who had the best 2019 WAEC result dies, Adorable photos of Tony Elumelu's triplet daughters on their 14th birthday wow internet users, Femi Otedola responds, Advantages and Disadvantages of Naira Devaluation on Nigerian Economy. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of palm kernel oil for hair. People who have high cholesterol will really appreciate palm oil. Let’s quickly cover the main benefits for our body and after that we will talk more about the benefits for our hair. Palm Kernel oil is full of various nutrients that are very valuable in when it comes to your health. Take the kernel and spread them on a tray. 10. – It is used to prevent hair loss or breakage. It has the palmitic acid and already mentioned vitamins K, A, E, and antioxidants. The mix of nutrients help the hair to grow faster and stay healthy. Now it is time to talk about the benefits that it brings to your hair. 8. You can also apply... Another way to use palm kernel oil as a hair care product is to apply it to dampened hair to trap the moisture in. The palm kernel oil is non-greasy and very light, so it is easy to use and provides the best moisture for your hair! The palm kernel oil makes your hair stronger and thicker if you use it regularly. Use the pestle and pound the fruits until the skin separates from the kernel. It helps the body get rid of the toxins, keeps your skin healthy (vitamin A), help your bones (vitamin K) and also prevents eye disorders (vitamin E). When it’s oily, cover the pot and reduce the heat to minimum. On the other hand, the kernel oil is made from the seed that is inside of the African Oil palm.