“Syrup and Biscuits” on Syrup and Biscuits (recipes: Fried Ham and Red-eye Gravy), Cookbook Review: Cider Beans, Wild Greens, and Dandelion Jelly (Recipe: Corn Relish Salad). Place blackberries, water, , cinnamon, bay leaf , cloves and peppercorns in a saucepan. You add some great visuals to a description of Deep South summers! So glad you found something you like. , I hope you enjoy it, Cathy! Are they still safe to eat? Hope all is going well with you and your family,enjoy your week. It’s amazing that there are still counties where you still can’t buy beer and wine. Superfine sugar works the best. Hi Jackie, Jay loves blackberries. Mmmmm! Sometimes you'll have to look for a liqueur with the French word for the berry on it: Mure. It’s now the end of September and it’s been mellowing in my pantry. Syrup and Biscuits is a Southern food blog that champions the best the South has to offer: simple food with modern and vintage recipes, beloved traditions, a focus on family and bountiful gratitude for many blessings. If you started coughing around her, you better run or else you’d face the wrath of the most awful cough syrup man has ever know. We love company and we're mighty happy you joined us. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I have a fair collection of vintage cookbooks, but since I had never heard of that one, I was curious about it. Thank you for clarifying that! thank you so much for sharing. Read More…. All rights reserved. A deep, blue-red liqueur with certain sweetness to accompany the mature taste of blackberries. I will definitely make a double batch next year. I’m curious. Your email address will not be published. The sugar should only be added after the mixture has boiled and has been drained. If the fruit isn’t bruised or over ripe and the worms can be washed off, it’s probably ok to eat. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates from Absolut. So glad you found us. I love blackberry season:-) Hugs, Terra. Drinks & cocktails with Blackberry Liqueur. It has only 4 real food ingredients and is sweetened with maple syrup. Just enough to make it medicinal. Homemade blackberry jam or raspberry jam without pectin. The yield will be about 4 cups of blackberry juice. Filed Under: Beverages Tagged With: beverage, blackberry, brandy, colonial, cordial, gilstrap drugs, wine. Remove from water. This blackberry season, we were blessed with a bumper crop from our backyard vines. Thanks, Terra! The end result is purely wonderful. . How long can this last in the pantry? Have you seen the fruit pastille recipe using these gems? Who needs extra washing up? Enjoy all those wonderful blackberries. I’m hoping my three pints will last until next blackberry season! Being born and raised in Alabama and entrenched in southernism was a gift. That’s who I am and that’s what I’m all about. Thanks for stopping, Dyan! « “Southern Living Home Cooking Basics” Cookbook Review and Giveaway. We have so many….. You are so fortunate, Cami. Syrup and Biscuits - Jackie Garvin's Southern food blog, Southern food, simple life, sweet memories, Home » Popular » Beverages » Blackberry Cordial, September 30, 2012 by Jackie Garvin 34 Comments. I made the cordial back in mid-July during the height of blackberry season . In the midst of stifling heat, oppressive humidity, mosquitoes that will tote you off, we have blackberries. Ginger, it is very hard to find wild blackberry patches anymore. It was a popular drink during Colonial times and is simply spiced sweetened blackberry juice with just enough brandy to make it medicinal. I’d ask the farmer about the worms and see what he has to say.