Speaker roles c. Anatomy of a basic speech 2. Fundamentally, the difference between BP and many other kinds of debating formats is in the kinds of speeches given. BRITISH PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE FORMAT This is a popular format in the UK and is used by many university-run competitions. Constructing an argument a. Mechanisms b. The Leader of the Opposition should argue against the PM’s claim… Also, they must define any key terms relating to the debate. Impact 4. The rules and structure of a debates a. BPD asks four teams of two people to argue about a topic Their speech will usually begin: ‘This House believes/proposes that…’. Motion types b. Model prep-time 3. Constructing a rebuttal a. There are eight speakers in this format: two teams of two people on each side. British Parliamentary Debating The British Parliamentary Debate (BPD) format is quite different from other formats. The PM will then introduce the main points, or contentions, in favour of the motion. If you have a section in your speech that relates to the point ... the teams may change the dimensions of the debate. How to approach a motion a. An Introduction into British Parliamentary Debating CONTENT 1. Each speaker gives a speech of up to five minutes (sometimes, longer seven minute speeches might be requested). How to choose the best arguments b. The PM speaks first, introducing the motion. CONCLUSION British Parliamentary debating is an exciting style. However, it … In the British Parliamentary Style, the Opening speakers on both sides are responsible for kicking off the debate.