and knowledge are more important for a successful project execution. Finally, the paper examines the role of organizational learning and corporate governance in identifying and subsequently, minimizing the negative impact of normalization of deviance behaviors on project-based work. (Kaliba et al., 2009), socio-cultural (Maube et al., 2008). The interviewees were selected based on their level of. It is fragmented, very sensitive to the economic cycles and political environment, and has a significantly high rate of business failure. The Ghanaian attitude towards public sector work is poor (Amponsah, 2010;Damoah and Akwei, 2017). To bridge this gap and to contribute to existing body of knowledge. They don’t even plan on building a sales team. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of projects is a very important aspect of project execution and management. The results indicated that: the top ten overall rankings for the causes in the order of Business failure, collapse and bankruptcy are common terms in the industry due to the many risks inherited in how the industry operates. Regulated gaseous and improved (with cyclone, filter temperature 47 ± 5°C, constant filter face velocity, high precision balance at all labs) particulate mass (PM) measurements were also conducted. statistically significant. Business failure, collapse and bankruptcy are common terms in the industry due to the many risks inherited in how the industry operates. Moreover, looking at the business landscape from a statistical perspective, most other small businesses failed for that reason too. COX-2 and wild-type APC (W-APC), This paper describes the descriptive analysis results that focused on the perceptions of the relationship between Project Management Planning (PMP) practices and project success for preservation projects of historical significance located in an urban context. The overall results of the study indicate that the respondents generally agree that financial group factors ranked highest among the major factors causing delay in construction projects in Ghana. Based on the formula, there were 722 registered members (N = 722). The findings indicate a significant disconnect between the perceptions of project success and actual performance of project delivery. Sherif Mohamed, Khalid Al-Hallaq and Adnan Enshassi, Update/Correction/Removal Results showed that M&E practices had a positive statistical significant relationship with construction project success criteria. Some authors such as Amponsah (2010). fail due to lack or inadequate resources. CIF allows to considering different perspectives, from the individual to the organisational level that affect communication in IT projects. JOIN OUR E-COMMERCE DIGITAL MARKETING NETWORK! A business is not a not an office. Core values are not compromised. If the African continent is going to grow buoyant, then all efforts have to be put in place to reduce the business failures looming on the continent. It is made up of three main things: Failure to Build a Business Team to Run Business Operations, Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Group said “, Gross Usage of Business Working Capital for Personal Purposes, Don Sexton, author of Marketing 101 noted that many business failures are simply marketing failures. (Accessed 26 Feb. 2010), Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, competence and creative conflict in public. These delay factors were further categorised into nine major groups. So let’s tackle the issue of business failures in Africa. exist to local IS improvisations in developing countries. They must understand that they are shareholders as well as employees of the company. The fact that a person has electrical skills does not mean they understand finance, accounting, sales, marketing, legal, taxation and many other components that make up a successful business. 6 Surefire Steps to Double Your Online Store Sales in 3-Months or Less! They do not target their efforts to specific customers or position their services on specific benefits. public. Design/methodology/approach The intra-lab variability (repeatability) was ∼ 40% and the inter-lab variation was ∼ 25%. Planning (9) Delays in payments and (10) Release of funds. This is the more important reason for African entrepreneurs to identify their weaknesses and bring other people on board to fill in their weaknesses. trailer The International Monetary Fund Annual Report indicates that Africa is 6th country in GDP growth chart of the world’s continent. Data was analysed using descriptive and multivariate analysis.FindingsThe study results showed that microfinance cost (β = 0.312, t = 5.457, p < 0.001), interest rates (β = − 0.191, t = − 3.204, p < 0.01), products/services (β = 0.328, t = 7.136, p < 0.001) and social support (β = 0.312, t = 6.631, p < 0.001) all had a significant impact on grassroots economic wellbeing. Respondents seem to expect too much support from the government. The results show that project management maturity is significantly related to all vertices of the iron triangle (time, cost and technical performance) dimensions of success. The Journal of Applied Behavioural Science, Vol.16, No.3; (Accessed: 5 July, 2012), (Accessed: 29 May 2012), International Journal of project Management. Keyword searches may also use the operators account for project delay (Assaf & AL-Hejji, 2006).