Myfairlady, I had a nuchal scan 25 weeks ago (am now 37 wks pg) and my results were pretty bad (1:44). 39. oh and another story- a friend came back with a very large nuchal fold measure- her son is XY/XO mosaic (in other words some of his cells are missing a Y chromosome)- absolutely no effect on him at all (could have been sterile- but all appears to be fine). Husbands are always slow on the uptake with disability (speaking as someone with a severely autistic child- so with lots of friends with disabled children). DeaDaughter,... We preferred not to opt for invasive testing but I know many others who have done and all has been well. I'd love to talk to you more, here, via email, on the phone or in person if you like. How do you feel hon', in your heart about all this. I don't feel sad at this point, just want to get the facts straight in order to make well adjusted decisions. 40. The majorty get there in the end though - my dh was fantastic once he got his head round the idea (although to be fair not all do get there). P.S could someone please explain the abreviations used? when you see the genetic counsellor write stuff down, it's easy to forget things. I have recently been through a similar experience (I am 37). Check out the special needs section there are plenty of people there who can also give you advice etc. We decided against any further testing - for the very simple and personal reason that the test result would not change the outcome. I had the just the scan, was happy with the results so opted not to have the blood test as well thinking if it skewed the results negatively I would worry more but maybe unecessarily. 1/100. Researchers offered a caveat about the figures. The findings are significant because people with Down syndrome are generally not classified as being at a high-risk for coronavirus, like people with underlying conditions such as hypertension or diabetes. Good luck - what ever you decide. I know it's nothing conclusive but 1 in 3 is terribly high. These numbers are rounded and approximate. 2, Part 10: A “serious concern” about cell free DNA screening, Down syndrome & National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day/Month — Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing, Happy Anniversary for Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing — Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing, Counting Blessings During One of the Worst Years Ever, Ch. The first 48hrs after were the worst as everytime I had the slightest twinge I thought I was going to lose the baby. AIBU to get so mad at needy/manipulative women? 1/100. good luck, wow, that was the first message I ever posted on mumsnet and I am overwhelmed at the response, thank you so much! “COVID-19 Mortality Risk in Down Syndrome: Results From a Cohort Study Of 8 Million Adults”. Guess you have some straight talking to do with your dh/p. 1/30. I have a 2 yo with down syndrome( amazing wonderful, cheeky little girl) I had no nuchal fold test etc but at 20 weeks they detected what they call a 'hard marker' for down syndrome - a heart defect - in essence it meant that it would have been very rare for our baby to be born without down syndrome. For the abbreviations, click on the blue 'acronym list' link at the very top of the page. 1/45. I'm sure whatever decision you make it will be done by first surrounding yourselves with all the facts etc. I think at the end of the day you have to have the final say whatever that decision is- if you did decide to terminate then it would be you who would have to go through that - not your husband. Try and look into all the options,and as ronniebaby said check out special needs thread. Do we have the amnio and the CVS, would we terminate if results were positive? Was the 1 in 3 result from just the scan or combined with blood tests? Onwards and upwards, everything happens for a reason x Hope you make the choices you want. This can make it difficult to understand whether you are at risk of having a baby with Down syndrome. I was over two months pregnant before I even realised it so the day I went to the Drs for the first time I was also told I had to decinde there and then about the CVS - I didn't even know what it was! 1/140. I am 36 and dh is 35 and had the same result as you 1 in 3 for DS, they think it was because I was an "old" mum (I also have a dd who I had when I was 30). Abraham–a MaterniT21 test is never positive or negative completely for Down syndrome–there remain false positives and false negatives. 1/65. Will look at special needs section. Researchers, led by scientists from the University of Oxford, studied 8.26 million adults, including 4,053 diagnosed as having Down syndrome, from Jan. 24 to June 30. Aren't all the people on here lovely? 1/60. if the answer is no then you may not even want to go ahead with the test at all. Sorry, myfairlady, also meant to say Good Luck. Am glad Thomcat has posted here for you. I mean that so sincerely. Hi myfairlady, just seen this for the 1st time. tallbird, sorry i missed your post earlier. “These estimated adjusted associations do not have a direct causal interpretation because some adjusted variables may lie on causal pathways, but they can inform policy and motivate further investigation. Thank you Fimbo for your encouraging story and your kind offer.Thank you all I feel immensly supported. For instance, a Downs baby can have some very mild problems and go on to lead an almost "normal" life or it can be severely affected and suffer lots of problems. I know I would have been very hesitant too.... having met 2 kids with DS, I would keep a DS baby now... can't say if I would have before. 41. Her DD is absolutely fabulous - and I sometimes wonder if she would have terminated if she had known. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. \"There have been theories about whether it's due to how well the mother metabolizes folate, but there are just as many studies saying no as studies saying yes,\" explains Kenneth Rosenbaum, M.D., founder of the div… Get updates on how your baby develops, your body changes, and what you can expect during each week of your pregnancy by signing up to the Mumsnet Pregnancy Newsletters. Just I'm thinking of you today, please let us know how you get on. “However, it is associated with immune dysfunction, congenital heart disease, and pulmonary pathology and, given its prevalence, may be a relevant, albeit unconfirmed, risk factor for severe COVID-19.”. So, even if you do go for diagnostic tests and they return a bad result, all is not lost and your baby might well just need some extra help. I know when I was in a panic, it was Patau syndrome that really worried me. You'll find support and friendship here! In the end though it was a very easy decision because we realised that we wanted and would love the babe regardless of any special needs so testing wasn't really necessary. I asked for a nuchal fold test and the Dr had never heard of it (this was in Denmark not UK). Hope that makes sense, in a bit of a rush. DearHusband Once again - I understand that this is a worrying and stressful time for you but you simple need to decide what is best for you and your family. All rights reserved. Annals of Internal Medicine. My nuchal came back with a 1 in 11 risk - I was equally shocked, as my previous result for my dd when I was 33 came back as just under 1 in 2000.