The Pacifica series are known for their outstanding play-ability they have to comfort contoured bodies and benefit from quality Japanese construction. Solid, chrome hardware and a hardtail bridge for added resonance finish off the guitar nicely whilst the budget-friendly price tag makes it affordable for everyone. It has EQ dials and volume control. Ibanez is also a great choice they make over 300 different electric guitar models and have a lot in the affordable price range to suit beginners. It is well made and has a GRX bolt-on maple c-shaped neck with rosewood fingerboard. Add a light basswood body, and you’re ready to rock for hours on end. Unfortunately, some use low build quality components, and manufacturing processes and ultimately produce instruments which are terrible by comparison. $824.99 $ … From our review of the best 9 all fall below the $200 mark, The Squiers are both very popular options and have been first guitars for many budding musicians, they also come in packages with everything a starter needs for the price. It has 2 vintage style single coil pickup and 3 way switching to provide the signature tones synonymous with the Fender Affinity Telecaster. This guitar represents all the things upon which the brand has staked its claim to fame: metal- and rock-ready performance axes with fast necks and bold humbuckers. The guitar itself has a maple 22-fret neck which bolts on to its Agathis body. This simplified Jazzmaster is a great starter guitar for punk, indie rock, grunge and other garage-infused genres. Fusing expert workmanship with affordability, the Epiphone Dot ES-335 is one of the best cheap electric guitars you’ll find on the market today. It's advisable that you change the strings right away because the strings on these guitars won't sound very good. If you are looking for the cheapest of the lot, it is the Ibanez GIO it is around 25% lower than it's competitors uses the same quality woods and comes with a gig bag and stand so is great value for money. The alder body proves you don’t always have to trade off for a cheaper wood, and while it comes in a polyureathane finish, the C shaped maple neck has a satin stain, for easier grip and a more comforting feel. In part two of our look at the chord shapes and sequences which define Paul Simon’s sound, we focus on his early years as a solo artist. Lists for £599. The words “cheap” and “expensive” in the world of guitars are volatile things, their definitions shifting around depending on your level of experience with the instrument, personal tastes and, inevitably, amount of disposable income. Pros: + Lightweight alder body + Good quality manufacture. So we have seen them reach an equilibrium where the majority of guitars at each price level don't really differ radically they offer the best available parts and construction for the given cost. It was a go-to for Gibson with their Les Paul Jr and SG's. They are constructed with mahogany bodies and have a bolt on style neck with a rosewood fingerboard housing 22 frets. In particular, this Les Paul Special is one of the best budget guitars we’ve played in recent memory, with the combination of two authentically-voiced P90s and a solid slab of mahogany resulting in an endlessly playable rock machine. The latest guitar news, reviews and features delivered to your inbox. This Starla Stoptail impressed us in our review of it, showing off an expressive, twangy character that evokes tones both Fender and Gretsch, while still retaining a characteristic ‘PRS’ feel. Pros: + Great tones. Why We Liked It - The Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 is a stat inspired instrument that delivers good tones and adds a touch of modernization to the shape with is contoured edges, it is low priced and makes for a great first ax. Sometimes the price reduction equals building quality reduction but not always the bigger the brand the less they want to risk their reputation on a sub-par product produced elsewhere with their name on. By checking the boxes you agree to receive the following from us via e-mail. They have all the essential Les Paul elements guitar players know and love but at a super low price. new destination. If you aren’t already playing metal, the Jackson JS22 Dinky will do its best to change that. We're way under the £200 price tag here, and for the shredders and jazz fans out there, the Jackson JS1X DK Minion Amaranth FB Gloss Black is a great option, whether you’re a beginner or pro player. It has a mahogany body and a set maple neck. Sometimes they use Ash to give the higher end a better sustain but they can be dimmed in the mids. It features an interesting shaped head-stock and bolt-on style neck which is loaded with a Tune-O-Matic bridge and string through body design, for great tuning retention. Other companies redesign their high-end models (or competitors high-end models) to reduce production cost until they have a guitar that has a lower price tag. Fans of the grunge guitar sound will love the poplar body construction as your guitar is snappy and resonant. As a novice electric guitar player, it might be worth looking at a set of electric guitar strings more suited to a beginner see our 10 Best Guitar Strings in 2020 article. Five years on from the King Of The Blues’ death in 2015, aged 89, a new movie featuring Wendell Pierce as BB is in the works. The words “cheap” and “expensive” in the world of guitars are volatile things, their definitions shifting around depending on your level of experience with the instrument, personal tastes and, inevitably, amount of disposable income. It looks – and, more importantly, feels – special, especially for a guitar that hovers around the $200 mark. It has a thinner alder body and C-shaped maple neck (which is unfinished), with a standard 9.5-inch fretboard radius and 21 medium jumbo frets. Sometimes the only thing they really differ on is their aesthetics because ultimately if there was a cheaper way to produce an electric guitar without compromising the sound they would be doing it already.