Here we will offer a brief explanation of what they are, how to avoid or get rid of them from your motorcycle and above all, why they are such a talked about issue within biking circles. Actually, they are nothing to be concerned about and quite simply hold cosmetic value. Photo by Lance Oliver. There is a distinct color change and you can always recognize the ‘new guy’ to the motorcycling world by their evidence of chicken stripes. These are, in reality, just vanity metrics and shouldn’t be used to determine your lean angle in each turn. © 2020 Frontaer Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Please reference our International Shipping Policy for details. Chicken strips carry a pretty negative connotation, since the name comes from the rider being perceived as too “chicken” to lean the bike over in turns. These small and natural rubber extrusions are known among bikers as “Chicken Strips”. Like the owner of this Cagiva, I'd rather go explore than try to get a knee down on the street. Unless you live in the mountains or have access to race tracks regularly, expect to see strips quite evidently. Total Motorcycle Forum: 20 Years, 350k posts, 315 Million Readers See what our customers are saying about us: Earn $5 for every qualified $100 you spend. The same can be said of regular bicycle tires. We are also participants in other affiliate programs and may earn a small commission if you purchase through our links. Earn Now, just because a motorcycle tyre has developed chicken strips, it doesn’t equate to the motorcycle never being leaned over. I started this site along with two other friends and fellow roadhogs, Lee and Normberg. Most street tires end up looking something like this. If the smooth rubber at the edges of the tire never touches the road, strips develop that look and feel different from the worn center tread. On the other hand, it’s not advisable to start leaning your motorbike over on fresh tires. As an Amazon Associate, Frontaer earns revenue from qualifying purchases. It’s actually a case of most motorcycle tires looking like this, so don’t feel so defeated if you’ve got your own strips along the sidewall. Our goal is to provide the best possible shopping experience to every enthusiast who visits RevZilla. RevZilla photo. To a certain extent this may indeed be true in that the degree of biking skill required to lean deeply into corners and also the risk of having an accident whilst doing so are high. I’ve never seen Gold Wingers or dirt bikers chalking "LEAN MORE" on the edges of the slow guy’s tire. There are a number of ways in which you can attempt to avoid having chicken strips on your tires, however, as we mentioned above, it is far from a simple exercise. While these may lead to some playful banter among the group, they are really a natural occurrence which you should try not to overthink. Chicken strips are just something you’ll encounter in motorcycling, and they sure aren’t how I’d judge a rider I just met. Editor Lance says, “The only time I've seen street-legal front tires fully scrubbed to the edges was on Supersport bikes raced by MotoAmerica pros.” Do not concern yourself with this particular poultry. Even an amateur riding a moderate pace at a track day will usually wear the rear tire all the way to the edge of the tread. You should be focusing on enhancing your skills, not just debating the nature of motorcycle tires. Redeem Some bikes might scrape pipes, pegs or bags before the tire can even reach its edge. Used as a measurement of a rider's skill in most cases. Return any unused item within 90 days for a full refund. Well, your motorcycle might have them. Try a track day or an advanced skills course. We would say more than 80% of riders never lean their motorcycle over enough in the corners. Gift with Confidence! This commonly causes tension among bikers with the accusation being leveled that those whose tires possess chicken strips are not leaning enough into corners for the fear of falling off. And if you do see chicken strips on a front tire, it’s probably just had a tire rotation from the rear to the front (though that rarely happens, as we evidently know). All the surface gets used. Enjoy your own ride and stay safe and within your comfort zone, instead of pushing yourself to impress others. In this article we will discuss a topic which has attained cult-status for many riders around the world. or create an account This is a commonly used reason, although the significance of its role may be overstated. That said, there are a number of variables which can also determine the outcome. Together we document the state of the motorcycle industry, our travels together, and other random things. Overall you should question very carefully if the ends justify the means in this case before proceeding.