Unit plugs into 120 volt electrical outlet with UL approved transformer. Noise Monitors. Easy to start, easy to customize . or go to Classroomscreen Classic. Talk Light Provides Teachers And Students With A. Traffic light is computerized with adjustable sound level meter (which can be set from 40 dB to 120 dB.) All the tools you need at your fingertips. Talk Light Is An Automated Traffic Light That Monitors The Noise Level In School Cafeterias And Other Areas. All the classroom tools at your fingertips. TL - Traffic Light Noise Monitor Ideal for Classroom Management: Amazon.co.uk: Office Products. Three lights (red, yellow and green). Traffic light program is totally customizable with an adjustable sound meter and the Green light stays lit until noise in room goes above set level, then a flashing yellow light comes on as a warning with an optional audio warning. They may become annoyed or anxious and because of this, and learning opportunities may be lost. Pupils may not hear … A free classroom noise level meter, monitor and management tool. Launch Classroomscreen. A great resource to use during quiet i n dependent tasks. Choose from over thirteen widgets to support your class activities. It was written by a pair of teachers for teachers to use in the classroom … Bouncing balls react to sounds from the microphone. It's a common classroom problem.Once one child starts talking, the noise level will rise as everyone raises their voice to be heard.But noise levels can negatively affect both children and teachers. Some children struggle to concentrate when levels rise. Bouncy Balls - spheres bounce when noise levels increase. Display the instructions for your lesson in a clear and visual way. Here, I’ve put together my top three traffic light assessments that you can use in the classroom: Table cups. TwinkleTwinkleLittleStar Noise level poster. Silent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel Meter is a new app from the folks at Top Storey Apps. Originally intended for behaviour management but can be adapted for use anywhere. Perfect if your school kids are too noisy! Calmness Counter - unplug webcams and turn the volume of the speakers down, then increase or decrease the sensitivity of the sound to gauge noise level. Unit can stand on its own or be mounted on wall. Traffic light image is over 500 px tall and looks awesome when projected. Perfect for monitoring noise levels in classroom, daycare or at home. Traffic Lights. Product Features: Traffic Light Noise Monitor. New: Save your screen with Pro. FREE (15) A PowerPoint version of the classroom traffic light that you can copy across to your own PowerPoint presentations.