However, Batman plants false evidence to suggest that he anticipated Karlo's attempt to take his DNA and tricked him into taking a fake sample. During this time, he sees Clayface spending intimate time with Helena. In issue #23, False Face gets his hands on a shapeshifting formula that transforms him into Clayface. [81] Later, the Joker, infected this portion of Clayface with Joker Venom, morphing it into an entirely separate killing machine he called Clownface. He then blocks out the memory, and attributes her death to suicide. For example, in Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, the doctor replaces Two-Face's iconic coin with a die, and then a tarot deck. The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, famously known as Arkham Asylum, has played an important role in many DC stories. [4] In their original script printed in both the 15th Anniversary (2005) and 25th Anniversary (2014) editions, Morrison remarks on several details behind the genesis of the work: Len Wein ... had written a few short and evocative paragraphs on the history of Arkham Asylum [in the DC Who's Who series] and it was here I learned of poor Amadeus Arkham, the hospital's founder ... [Arkham]'s themes were inspired by Lewis Carroll, quantum physics, Jung, and Crowley; its visual style by surrealism, Eastern European creepiness, Cocteau, Artaud, Švankmajer, the Brothers Quay, etc. Preston acquires medicine to control his pain and now feels it only in his mind. Therefore, here are some interesting facts about this place. [27], In the film Batman Begins (2005), Jonathan Crane's entrance to the Arkham Asylum's cellar with Rachel Dawes mirrors the Joker's own entrance with Batman in the novel. Hilary Goldstein of IGN Comics said, "Arkham Asylum is unlike any other Batman book you've ever read [and] one of the finest superhero books to ever grace a bookshelf." They suggested that Karlo hadn't turned himself into Clayface at that point. A stunted, emaciated Preston Payne appears in the graphic novel Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean. The cell contained a female mannequin, white hand-prints, and excess Clayface goo. Batman apprehends him during one such robbery, which reveals his secret to the world. #ComicBytes: Interesting facts about Shazam! But there are times when the Caped Crusader himself gets incarcerated in Arkham (voluntarily, of course). Critical is fine, but if you’re rude, we’ll delete your stuff. Please do not put your URL in the comment text and please use your PERSONAL name or initials and not your business name, as the latter comes off like spam. Later, Karlo stole and injected himself with experimental compounds that transformed him into a mass of living clay who can alter his composition to mimic anything... or anyone. [66], Following the Final Crisis storyline, Cassius attacks the National Guard on the roadblock, but when he was approached by General Immortus's team, he is able to recognize one of the team, Human Flame. Have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation! Clayface mimicked several security personnel, left Arkham Island, and fled to an unknown location in Gotham City. The poster for that movie could be scanned to solve one of the Riddler's Riddles. Batman, while he searched for Sharp, came across a cell behind a clear wall with no bars. Orphan intervenes, saving her life by putting the real bracelet back on. Since someone will forever be surprising in Uncategorized. After believing to have seen the creature himself (a bat), Arkham cut his mother's throat to end her suffering. [33] Karlo also tells Glory about the potential cure, although she refuses to forgive him for what he did to her. [6] They explain, The construction of the story was influenced by the architecture of a house — the past and the tale of Amadeus Arkham forms the basement levels. He kidnaps Lois Lane as part of a plot to destroy Batman and Superman. Batman eventually stops Karlo by trapping him in a security system that can only be deactivated with Karlo's original DNA, reasoning that he has changed too much for his original DNA to be present in his system. Batman took out Joker's snipers and entered the theater to face Joker who demanded that he give him the cure. [68], The seventh version of Clayface, Todd Russell, debuted in Catwoman (vol.