U.S. Pat. I love everything about this product..! Efficiently utilize every inch of closet space with customizable, adjustable closet systems, shelving, rods, and hardware. The two half shells are simply snapped together over the bar. Clothes Hanging. 7. Preferably the collar has no circumferential grooves so that the hanger hooks are retained in direct contact with the bar between adjacent collar units. (c) means for locking said clamping edges to one another to slidingly enclose said rod between said sections. Our perfect design is made of durable, thick foam that's flexible enough to offer one-handed application, with no need to remove the closet rod. 11. 5 shows an end elevation view of the collar of FIG. 4,729,482 which shows a rotatable round sleeve to fit on a square towel bar. Why start your day with a chaotic, disorderly closet where you can't find what you're looking for,and if you do, it's a wrinkly wreck? Available in a pack of two, these 1 that the axial length of the spacer may be selected to suit the type of clothing. They still work extremely well and I managed to use them even with the two sizes but I prefer the original Zanger spacers. Everbilt Pocket Door Track and Hardware Set (35) Model# 12610 $ 29 34. Furthermore, when the garments form a close stack the garment will be crushed and not hang "straight" resulting in wrinkling. 7 showing a "double" groove, and FIG. Typical dimensions are 23/8.increment. The two clamping surfaces or edges 24 and 26 opposite to the hinge are locked together by a notched clip 20 attached to section 16 and a mating hole 21 disposed in section 14. FIG. I had difficulty finding more and when I saw these on Amazon I snatched them up. No. For example, U.S. Pat. A spacing collar as in claims 1 or 2 wherein: (a) said locking means comprises a hook member attached for a first section, and said second section is adapted to engage said hook; and. We are all familiar with the clothes rotatingly dragging the hanger off the bar. I found this other product will do the same if you you are ok with the extra drop in height: Reviewed in the United States on 6 September 2016. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Snap closure means secures the two hemi-shells closed. At least one of the shells may be decoratively configured, e.g. The lateral length along edges 18, 18, may be varied to suit service needs, e.g., a longer hinge where the collar is to be frequently opened and closed. 1 and has a plurality of chambered circumferential grooves, 34, for receiving the hooks 13 of hangers. The outer surface of the collar bordering the grooves and ends of the collar are curved (rounded) so that the hook of a hanger tends to slide into a groove or off an end into contact with the supporting bar thereby securing the hanger in a spaced position relative to the other hangers. 1 shows in perspective three spacing collars of this invention snapped onto a clothes bar and with hangers in the proper spacing position therebetween; FIG. 9. When the collar is closed around the supporting bar, the clamping edges are held together in one embodiment by a clip and receiving hole, disposed respectively on opposing sides of the hemicylinders along the juncture line thereof. The hinge 19 comprises a thin strip or web which joins hinging edges 18, 18, of sections 14 and 16, respectively. ;ASSIGNOR:BLUMENKRANZ, STEPHEN J.;REEL/FRAME:005015/0497, Free format text: gravity will cause the fin to rotate under the bar. Xangar hanger spacers make perfect baby closet organizers, kids closet organizers, portable closet organizers, or additions to any custom closet organizer system. 5. The hinge need not extend to full axial length of the generally cylindrical side wall 36 of the shells. It is an object of this invention to provide a means for attaching a spacing-collar to a clothes rod which avoids the necessity of dismounting the bar, and the items thereon, in order to insert an end of the rod through an opening in the collar. Mix and match, color code, or pick your favorite hue. 5. A clothes hanger spacer as in claim 1 wherein said spacer includes indicia identifying a particular use of said spacer disposed in association with at least one exterior surface of said spacer. These work well for intended purpose but pricey. The collar may have one or more concentric grooves in its outside surface so that the hook of a hanger may be positioned in each groove. This description will clearly enable one skilled in the art to make and use the invention, and describes several embodiments, adaptations, variations, alternatives and uses of the invention, including what we presently believe is the best mode of carrying out the invention. The groove side walls may be narrower than the bottoms so that the hangers snap into the groove as shown at 35 in FIG. 1 shows three spacing collars 10 of this invention disposed in proper orientation on a clothes rod 12. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. 6. One side of the cylinder section has a straight notched ridge for receiving the hangers. Still other objects are evident from the drawings, specification and claims. (i) each section having a longitudinal extent and comprising an inner surface spaced from and partially enclosing said rod and an outer surface spaced from said inner surface to define a wall therebetween, (ii) the longitudinal wall of each section terminating in end walls projecting inwardly toward said rod and terminating just short of said rod to permit sliding engagement with said rod, and. long, and central aperture about 0.050.increment. Reviewed in the United States on 15 August 2016. Where a hinge is employed, a living hinge construction is preferred, as that may be molded simultaneously with the hemicylinders so that the living hinge forms a thin web between the two half shells. When they arrived I was surprised by two things. 10. The width between edges 18, 18, and thickness of the strip is selected to provide adequate flexibility for opening and closing the collar. Designed for Rubbermaid FreeSlide Wire Shelving, Prevents hangers from slipping off the open ends of wire shelving. 1 open with the bar removed; FIG. A spacer to maintain separation between garments on hangers hanging on a clothes rod being a collar having a clam shell construction so that the spacer can be opening for attachment to, or removal from, the closet rod thereby avoiding the necessity of removing the bar from the closet. A plan view of an opened spacing collar is shown in FIG. 2,868,389 describes a plurality of tubes that slide onto the bar so that each end of each tube may butt against an end of a neighboring tube. A spacer to maintain separation between garments on hangers hanging on a clothes rod being a collar having a clam shell construction so that the spacer can be opening for attachment to, or removal from, the closet rod thereby avoiding the necessity of removing the bar from the closet. Spacers have been developed which may be positioned on the bar in order to maintain each garment at a preset distance from its neighboring garments. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. When the collar is closed around the clothes bar, the edges which define the flat portion of the hemicylindrical boundary of each section come into contact and are retained in the closed position by a securing means. First of all, they come in two different sizes which surprised me. FIGS. Harvey 012007 Big Red Spacer for Closet Bend, 6 Inch OD x 4 Inch H Big Red Spacer for Closet Bend, Size: 6" OD x 4" H Closet bend spacer which keeps poured concrete away from waste lines and closet … 3) but may be polygonal (triangular, square, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal etc.) Break through the blur of a messy closet, tangled and frantic, to one where your clothes hang in perfect unison, each item just waiting to be picked. Closet and Storage. A spacing collar as in claim 3 wherein: (a) said end walls are rounded to permit said hanger hooks to slide onto said bar; (b) said rounded ends are apertured to receive said bar; and. 4,577,766 discloses a triple flange spool assembly (a tube with disks spaced laterally apart from one another). 6B shows in cross section A--A one snaplock embodiment, and in cross-section B--B a second embodiment; FIGS. The invention is directed to a spacing collar formed from two generally identical sections, each of which is a hemicylinder. For example, we prefer a spacer outside diameter 2 3/8.increment. The grooves are spaced from one another at a distance corresponding to the necessary distance between garments. There was a problem completing your request.