The peg tuner is the traditional tuner for the ukulele and allows for a more traditional intonation. Pepe Romero UT1 – too Bright and powerful for this canon of a uke. It is pre-strung with Premium Aquila strings. The laminate finish of this model ensures that you won’t have to worry about temperature or humidity swings. The most common and accepted string for the tenor ukulele is Aquila Nylgut. Nonetheless, it seems to be a wonderful gift for children who are interested in plucking away, albeit not well crafted enough for anyone who is truly interested in learning the ukulele or continuing with their studies of it. The Cordoba 32t-ce all solid Spruce/Rosewood tenor was my 1st uke purchase from The Ukulele Site. : ), Strings I’ve tried on the Cordoba 32t-ce: (All strings tested with LOW G), D’addario Carbon – clear, loud, very bright, GHS Sara Maisel – Rounder tone, Lush, clear, great, strings are fatter, shorter sustain. It is completely satisfying. Finish is great, the sound is even better than I have expected. The fret ends are sometimes a bit sloppy. You can tune it any number of ways but from the factory it comes tuned ADGCEA. Many ukulele players opt for this size instead of its smaller counterparts (or even the classical guitar). This is a nice starter ukulele for anyone interested in picking up the instrument. It is truly a phenomenal value especially after the team’s fantastic setup. No finger noise at all compared to rectified nylons….you know…that “hiss” sound. It is setup with pre-strung premium Italian Aquila Nylgut strings and geared die-cast chrome tuners. Music HM-127ZW+ Tenor Ukulele is the strongest contender. However, that’s not to say this isn’t a good uke at all. There’s nothing like a fretboard that plays smooth as butter with great intonation all the way up the neck. This model has a rich, warm sound with a smooth action. Since that time, it’s still there – sound is bright and amazing. Tension is high though and the A string is quite shrill. It’s inexpensive and still gives that traditional ukulele sound. When searching for the best tenor ukulele, it is important to keep in mind several important things: All of these elements will have a definitive impact on the tone and depth of the instrument, as well as its durability and life. They may require some filing in order to make it more playable. The best string set for each uke is an ongoing quest for many players. The real draw of this instrument seems to be more about the items that come along with it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The tuners are geared and metal with pearl buttons, allowing for less slip when playing. I have a number of resources comparing and talking about strings. This series was done with guidance from renown guitar and ukulele maker, Pepe Romero Jr. Their all solid wood instruments and while not “cheap”, are still quite a good bang for your buck. It is more easily manageable and comfortable to play. Music HM-127ZW+ Tenor Ukulele (Editor’s Choice), Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Tenor Ukulele, The 7 Best Electric Ukuleles of 2020 (Reviews), The 7 Best Bass Ukuleles of 2020 (Reviews), The 5 Best Small Bass Practice Amps Under $100 (Reviews – 2020), The 3 Best Orchestral VST Libraries (Reviews – 2020). A GK Studio flamenco guitar, a Cordoba Mini-M, and a tenor 32T-CE uke from the same line as the ones shown above. So, it may take some time and adjustment before the tuning stays consistent. 20 Best Tenor Ukulele Reviews and the Best Tenor Ukulele Brands. Or like an ukulele with two lower strings. The other series we carry from Cordoba is the Mini. So I appreciate you pointing that out. This provides it with a very elegant look. what a tremendous awesome resource this is for our community! The Aquila Carbonblacks feel like fence wire under my fingers, Aquila BioNylon LG – sweet and mellow, No sustain. The craftmanship is superb, the wider neck is great for fingerstylists, the cutaway is just uber cool and functions well, and…the included L.R Baggs 5-0 pickup is one of the best I’ve heard. However, this is for those with a more advanced ear to the intonation. Considering the consistent quality of each product, the most traditional ukulele sound, the instrument with the least hassle, and the biggest bang for your buck, the Hola! The Gretsch T9120 Tenor Ukulele is a mahogany laminate uke, pre-strung with Aquila Nygluck strings and weighing in at about 3.6lbs. Music HM-127ZW+ is 27 inches long, 1.2 pounds, and available in a laminate zebrawood or mahogany body, with a satin finish. Nevertheless, most beginners and even intermediate level players enjoy this model and are able to work with this instrument in order to make it more personable for them. Fremont Bari-tenor trebles + Fremont Soloist – For Baritone tuning using the soloist as a Low D. It works! The Cordoba 32t-ce all solid Spruce/Rosewood tenor was my 1st uke purchase from The Ukulele Site. Like the Enya tenor ukulele, this Cordoba has a cutaway sliced into the soundboard’s left side, further boosting your playability down to the frets beyond the 12th. I’m checking out the Cordoba review page first since the 1st uke I bought from you guys is a Cordoba 32t-ce, one of the nicer high end ones. Worth Brown Fat – Mellow nice but lacks brilliance on this particular uke, Worth clear LGHD – Great but tension is high, Worth clear FAT LG – Beautiful tension is high, LIVING Waters LG – Beautiful best tension, D’addario Nyltech + worth clr LG – nice and clear, very punchy attack and very forward, D’addario Custom Extruded nylon + worth LG – muddy and muffed, Aquila Carbonblacks + Worth Clear Fat LG – clear + overly bright. As an owner of a Cordoba concert ukulele, I can attest that Cordoba makes quality, beautifully sounding instruments. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So it’s basically a baritone sized guilele and it really sounds and feels great. This means that the saddle is not squarely seated, and off by about an eighth of an inch. In general, the setup is accommodating to the average player, and once tailored to personal specifications. After that, reviews of the nine best tenor ukuleles of best ukulele brands given below will help you know about the features you need.. 1. A ukulele made of laminate will not have as deep or as rich a sound. Fremont Bari-tenor + Worth CH LGEX (extra fat 4th) – Works for Low E. Too floppy for Low D. PHD Low – Too bright and too forward projection. The tuners are geared and metal with pearl buttons, allowing for less slip when playing.