Social Interactions: When they’re not breeding, shrews are solitary animals that live and forage alone. taken to get rid of shrews or you will have to deal with their odor. (I advise you not to attempt this one). The land we are on is old farmland & use to be hay pastures. After a gestation period of about 21 days, a female shrew will give birth to 2-10 young. It must stay in constant motion underwater, or it pops back up to the surface. Last night a particularly large shrew (who understandably was stressed out) bit me as I tried to save his life (which I did). The shrews had formed a chamber at ground level which I am assuming was a breeding chamber. decided to look up an article for my kids to learn about it and came upon yours. Voles are usually more than 4 inches long, with longer 1 1/2-inch, furry tails. The trailer alone was scary. He described it in his book The Wilderness Hunter: “It was less in size than a mouse, and as it paddled rapidly underneath the water its body seemed flattened like a disk, and was spangled by tiny bubbles, like flecks of silver.”. Human bites are rare and are usually received only when handling a shrew. This may may lead some to How do I get rid of it? Nice Post. I relied on a store of shrew facts, many of which now appear in this blog. or kill traps. Gift to all of us nature nerds. As much as I wanted them gone, I had no desire to kill them. It’s a very good informative article about shrew. Theodore Roosevelt (yes, the president) observed a water shrew catching a minnow in North Idaho. Birds and small animals must always I had to relocate a shrew that lived in our garden, to both protect her from feral cats, and to reduce the insectivorus competition for the local hedgehog that still likes to live here (it’s incredible how many insects a single shrew eats per day!). I’m not fond of the fact they paralyze something and then eat it alive!!!! At first I took them to be voles but on closer inspection the sharp noses spoke loudly shrew. Any thought? They probably wouldn’t let me have it back anyway….Maybe it died. Shrews I have to wash my clothes 3 times in order to get clean smelling. Then it strikes quickly and with great precision. This is an interesting read. wow did I get answers!!! This was the subject of my MS work. I also encountered The Taming of the Shrew in college class and enjoyed it immensely and would like to know how you compared Kate to the little critter. But there was no success in this that I could identify. There is a meter of compost above ground level. Sure am glad your teacher directed you to the world of nature AND gave you an A. Once bitten, the prey stays alive for three to five days to be used as fresh food. Altering the shape of crickets by gluing on additional body parts from donor animals revealed that the jumping legs but not the head are key features in prey recognition.”. Snap When a shrew decides to live inside a residential building, steps must be we live outside of Pgh. I would love to have more info. Hopefully I can find the hole it used to get in the house and seal it up. Your job sounds wonderful! Could it be a weasel? If you haven’t already, So, that explains why I had so many shrews in my yard the years I had foxes living under my barn. The vast majority of shrews go about their business, rarely encountering Which reminds me we do feed the jay birds with nuts during the day. The common shrew (Sorex araneus), also known as the Eurasian shrew, is the most common shrew, and one of the most common mammals, throughout Northern Europe, including Great Britain, but excluding Ireland. I now recognize I’ve misidentified what was a shew for a mouse. Thank you for taking the time to write this article! Phone: 630-933-7200Email:, Police: 630-933-7240Email: police@dupageforest.orgContact Our Board. I laughed and told him to leave it alone and be grateful for him living in our old farmhouse, that chances are he(the shrew) would most likely keep our home mouse free for the winter. If you encounter a swarm, look for shrews scurrying along its tail edge.”. They live across most parts of the world except Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and parts of South America. I continue to wish for more like him, every day. I’m not surprised that he had a love of shrews, given his accomplishments as a conservationist, naturalist and outdoors enthusiast. These were not water shrews, but other species that fell into the water and became prey. trap. Yes but could it be a snake or a mice that has took some peanuts that are not in the shell and put all of them in the living room in a perfect circle, Amazing. Though both animals are small, shrews are identified by their elongated snouts and miniscule eyes. What an informative and interesting read! The Least Shrew enters bee hives and destroys the larvae while the Northern Short-Tailed Shrew damages ginseng roots. Thanks Annie, much appreciate. My cat has a dead shrew on the porch about every other day! Order: Soricomorpha But the vole is a RODENT almost exclusively vegetarian whereas the shrew is a wild carnivore more related to a mole or a hedgehog. I am glad you enjoyed the story. The short-tailed shrew even has toxic saliva, which it uses to immobilize its catch. The northern short-tailed shrew may be the most common mammal of the eastern United States. I was filming it, and all the time it was sizing me up to eat me. Thank you for the kind comment. (Looked nothing like a mouse though) It was shocking because now I’ve been trying to research if it were even a shrew because I’ve never heard nor seen the coloring. The next morning it was gone. They often destroy grain products.