Centuries have passed since the catastrophic war that almost cost the human race its complete annihilation at the hands of the deranged Colonel Schwarlitz Longhener, leader of the DonPachi Corps: a military squad of starfighter pilots known for their combat prowess and emotional detachment (as a result of the inhuman training they are subjected to - the first game being a prime example of it, with the trainee actually slaughtering comrades posing as the enemy); whatever remained of his genocidal army was gathered, transported to the Moon and sealed within a network of caves, left to rot away as the nightmares faded into legend. The super limited edition included the game plus both the arranged and standard soundtracks, a steelbook case, a full-sized art book, and stickers. The star and medal items are pretty much worthless in comparison to the other aspects of the scoring system. If a player can collect all ten bee items in a stage without dying, the last item will have an additional x2 multiplier. Patches were eventually made with Cave and Microsoft stepping in to aid the patching process. Thank you so much! Holding the laser weapon over a large enemy will hold the meter steady and slowly accumulate hits. Type A, fast with concentrated front fire piloted by Shuri (red) CV: Type B, moderate speed with subshots following movement, piloted by Hikari (green) CV: Type C, slow speed and widespread fire piloted by Maria (blue) CV: Type D, a unique fighter exclusive to the Xbox 360 version piloted by Saya (purple) CV: This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 16:08. When the meter is filled, a hyper item falls from the top of the screen, unless the player is currently in a boss battle. After the player destroys the ship that carries them, they stay on the screen for a while, following a predictable rectangular movement then they disappear from the screen after a while In Black Label, if the player starts a stage of the second loop without any extends, if he clears the stage without dying, he will be awarded an extend during the transition to the next stage. Simulation (training) mode, with a replay feature. But for the other stages, there are many similarities. The maximum bomb stock is : Whether the player is pressing the bomb button while using shot or laser, the bomb will be different. Maybe you can find some written guide about it. Feedbacker - 661.369.700 - A-E - 2-2 - 2499 Hit, Feedbacker - 713.556.520 - A-E - 2-3 - 2509 Hit. The final way to fill the Hyper Gauge is to collect a bee with at least a 20-HIT chain (see the “Bees” paragraph). In all cases the player becomes invincible for a short period. 5-0 entered the 2nd loop,approximately 290M(if FC the 1-5,maybe I can get 400M) Homestay Akira), Clover-TAC, This page was last edited on 26 November 2020, at 17:52. Dodonpachi Daioujou has a hidden ranking system, one that makes the game harder as the rank increases. Using a hyper while there is an uncollected hyper item will transform it into a large star (which gives 10.000 points). This variant was a limited edition release. If he presses the bomb button while using laser, the bomb will take the form of a big laser that will deal a lot of damage to anything in front of the player ship. Inc.'s 5pb.Games Division #2 would bring this game to the Xbox 360 platform as an Xbox Live Arcade title. It's the sixth chapter in CAVE's DonPachi series. Twinbee [Konami, 1991] 2-ALL . CAVE later ported the game to iOS under this localised name.[2]. For each life lost and bomb used, this bonus decrease, so to maximize the score, it is best not to die and bomb at all if possible. The bees in each stage must be collected without dying before the boss (basically, collect the "2x bee" in at least 3 stages). Changer ). I have written a guide about getting good at shmups. Survival. Stage 1 may not be the best as it differs quite a lot from Black Label. A doll is chosen after a fighter type is selected. 形WLシリーズの構成 リミットスイッチ 形WLシリーズは、4種類(②③④⑤)の構成品の組み合わせでセット形式となっています。セット形式がなくても、構成品の単品形式があれば、それを組合せて使用することができます。 But holding the laser on a big enemy can preserve the chain. The Xbox 360 version was plagued at released with bugs and problems that rendered the game highly inaccurate and glitchy. Pressing button 2 activates a hyper if one is available, or uses a bomb if no hypers are in stock. DOJ introduced the Hyper System to the series, which allowed the player to give all of their firepower an enormous boost in strength, in exchange for increased game difficulty. We are not limited to what are known as STGs or Bullet Hell in the hardcore shmup world, although STG games are and always will be the bedrock of our community. There are two versions of DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou that were released to the arcades; White Label and Black Label. If a bomb is collected while the stock is already full, instead of seeing the number of bomb displayed, the player will see the message : “maximum”. Holding the laser weapon over a large enemy will hold the meter steady and slowly accumulate hits. DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou (怒首領蜂 最大往生, Dodonpachi Saidaiōjō) is a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game released by Cave in 2012. (White Label Only) When finishing the first 5 stages with more than 350 million. In all cases the player becomes invincible for a short period. I think STG Weekly made an episode about it which could be a good source of information to start with. A Japanese region-free release was released on May 30, 2013. Hastily, the remaining humans of Earth revive the ancient DonPachi Corps to fight Hibachi's army of mechanized people. It is also possible to gain hyper by using the laser on big enemies and bosses, it gives even more hyper by pointblanking them because the aura is also touching them (note : pointblanking can also give more hits).