Request these additional visitor guides selected below. defined in the Oxford English dictionary as a phrase or form of words written in memory of a person who has died In 1881, as postmaster and mayor of Tombstone, as well as the editor and publisher of the Epitaph, Clum ventured farther into politics with a self-proclaimed goal of ridding the town of corruption while creating peace and wealth for its citizens. Clayton is shocked by the question. Searchable listings of Tombstone RV parks and campgrounds. Since that time, it has showcased the research of western writers and historians with stories devoted to western exploration, mining and ranching history, outlaw and lawman history, Native American history, the U. S. Army and warfare in the West, western women, frontier photography, and western personalities, among other topics. In 2005, it presented for the first time a sketch of the O. K. Corral gunfight hand-drawn by Wyatt Earp shortly before his death. While there, Clum had the distinction of being the only U. S. authority to capture Geronimo, the renegade Apache, although he was later released. Corral, The Epitaph has been a leading voice documenting the rich history of the American West. Part of the whole Tombstone experience, most of the old town has been preserved in place, including some old businesses like this (now musuems). Ironically, ownership of The Epitaph fell to former political adversaries. That edition carried ads for the daily stage line to Tucson (fare $7), a butcher who sold fresh sides of beef for 7 cents a pound and a machinist who repaired guns and sewing machines. The paper became an independent periodical in 1891 with Stanley C. Bagg as publisher and editor.  |  A Tombstone newspaper, the Epitaph, headlined its account of the event: ... Today’s Tombstone (pop. TOMBSTONE. Description based on: Vol. Although an inquest into the shootout determined the shootings were justified, public opinion in Tombstone was with the outlaw Cowboys. Came as part of the OK Corral $10 ticket. The local edition was produced by journalism students on a biweekly basis during the academic year until 2018. Located on Fifth Street between Allen and Fremont Streets behind the Crystal Palace Saloon. By the Depression, it had become a semi-ghost town, with less than 400 residents. 1, no. “Simply has to. Tensions between the factions—the Earps and the "cowboys"—escalated to a violent showdown near the O.K. Points of Interest & Landmarks, Mysterious Sites, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks. He did not finally surrender to the U. S. Army until 1886, bringing the Apache War period to an end. Looks prominent o. With Tombstone (population 1,600) healthy again--350,000 people visit the town each year, and last winter’s tourist season was the best ever--Clayton, like Clum before him, sees a future for the town and the paper. Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Are the prices for this place or activity, I enjoyed visiting the Tombstone Epitaph because of the historic information and newspaper equipment - printing press and ink plates. Please choose a different date. (over 25 years). We have been to Tombstone dozens of times, but never stopped in here. After Clum left, The Epitaph remained a going concern, though it could never regain the standing it had prior to 1886, the year Tombstone's silver boom began to crumble as silver prices fell and the mines filled with water. 12 pm to 5 pmOpen every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Learn more, First Issue Walk in and you will learn about how they printed the epitaph. It turned Democrat when Harry Woods took over as editor in 1883. Corral ®, The Epitaph has been a leading voice documenting the rich history of the American West. Corral, as well as Clum’s coverage of this event in the Epitaph, is a testament to the extreme political division among Tombstone’s citizens at that time. The Epitaph covered the Oct. 21, 1881, gunfight at the O.K. After a rebound, the storied studio is facing a string of challenges during the pandemic. The Epitaph keeps history alive in Tombstone : There have been changes, but Arizona’s oldest continuously published newspaper is still telling the stories of the West. Search America's historic newspaper pages from 1789-1963 or use the U.S. His wife, Mary, died in childbirth and was buried in the boot hill cemetery--among unruly men who had met their fate by gunfire or at the end of a hangman’s noose. Arizona’s oldest continuously printed newspaper, the Epitaph is still in circulation today. The Tombstone Epitaph, 11 South Fifth Street. In a tent just off Allen Street he set up shop and, on a used hand press, cranked out the first edition of his newspaper, the Tombstone Epitaph. Searchable list of Tombstone tour companies, guides and outfitters, rental companies and more. The longest running Theatre in Tombstone, Az. ‘Getting worse each day’: 1 in 145 L.A. County residents can infect others with the coronavirus. Still published today, the Epitaph is Tombstone Arizona's oldest business, and Arizona's … External Link Disclaimer | They also have a small museum which can be walked through in about 10 minutes, A must see. Bagg also owned the rival daily Tombstone Prospector, and in 1893 the weekly edition of the Epitaph became the Sunday edition of the Prospector. The national historical monthly is published by Tombstone Epitaph, Inc., an Arizona corporation. According to William H. Lyon, in his book, Those Old Yellow Dog Days, Frontier Journalism in Arizona 1859-1912, Clum’s friends “thought the name alone would kill the paper,” yet “Clum took pride in his morbid creation” and felt that the Tombstone Epitaph would serve as a journal which represented and built up mining, Tombstone’s founding industry. See our full. Inside of Tombstone's oldest continually operated business, visitors can watch a free video presentation on printing in the 1880s, view a Washington flat bed press on which early issues of The Epitaph were printed, explore a large museum devoted to the era of "hot metal" printing, see rare photographs and other early Tombstone newspapers, and learn much about the life of John Philip Clum, the frontiersman who started The Epitaph after Tombstone burst on the western mining scene after silver was discovered by Ed Schieffelin in 1877. Why not visit and learn more? “The Epitaph,” said Clayton, a former East Coast newspaperman and advertising executive, “is part of our Western heritage.”. Everyone is born. All Rights Reserved and. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. Cochise, At James Bond studio MGM, questions mount about the company’s direction. Everyone dies. Box 1880, Tombstone, AZ 85638, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 19:15. We spent a few minutes looking at the old printing presses and learning a little bit about the history of the newspaper and who started it. And the town itself faded quickly after the mines ran out. Clum chose the name for the paper because he felt that every tombstone had to have an epitaph. It ran every day except Sunday under the editorial direction of James J. Nash and later became the Daily Tombstone, renamed in 1886 the Daily Tombstone Epitaph. Click on any additional guides you would like to receive. The Tombstone Epitaph, 11 South Fifth Street,Tombstone, AZ 85638. Click on any state to see what's available. “Tombstone,” editorialized Clum of the silver-mining town whose population was closing in on 10,000, “is a city set upon a hill, promising to vie with ancient Rome, in a fame different in character but no less in importance.”. Showcases historical printing equipment. Today, The Tombstone Epitaph … Again, thanks to Horace Bell’s book: “Commenting on the story in the Arizona paper, a Los Angeles paper in … Added to the mix, another Republican paper entitled simply the Tombstone was created in 1882. Tombstone's future seemed tied to its relatively mild desert climate, the emergence of automobile tourism in the 1920s, and its sometimes violent history.