Heart-EartH Anime debut When Dr. Faker Duels against Yuma, Kite and Shark, he appears to take on a more android like appearance as half of his face becomes metal and the rest of his body transforms into that of a heavily built cyborg. English name He occupied a room with a machine known as the Sphere Field, which extracts the energy of the "Numbers". In Taylor Gorrell's Numbershots, Dr. Faker plays a Baryon Deck, focused on Rank 12 Xyz Summoning, such as his own Number, in order to combat any potential Xyz Monster threats. Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [9], Five years after making his pact with Vector, the "Numbers" appeared and Kite began to gather them. [16] Mr. Heartland urged him to stop the tournament due to Kite's defeat, but Faker insisted it was unnecessary. Dr. Faker then ordered Mr. Heartland to "slice them down" when they come to the WDC finals. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Structure Deck: Exodia's Flame; Sea Serpent's Revenge; Dawn of Chaos; Structure Deck: Robots of Death; Shroud of Darkness; Seeds of Victory; Unstoppable Swarm Dr. Faker When Vetrix removed his mask and showed a holographic face of Hart while showing that the two are linked together by causing Hart pain, Dr. Faker becomes infuriated and shouted Byron's name while ordering his men to protect Hart, but found himself unable to do anything as Hart's room was sealed.[15]. [12] He believed that if Astral collected the "Numbers" first, he would recover his memories and attack Faker. Faker revealed he had made a deal with a being from the Barian World. … "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" 2. He seemingly saw Hart Tenjo as nothing more than a weapon, but he lets his facade slip when he showed great concern when Hart's powers were taken by the Vetrix Family. [2] He founded it with the intention to help poor children, but also intended as a place that everyone can have fun.[4]. The two began to glow red and Faker reads the hieroglyphs below their feet, "when two souls are offered up, the door will open" ("Deliver two souls for mysteries untold" in the dub). English voice Yu-Gi-Oh! Dr.フェイカー [7], When Kite accused Dr. Faker of hiding the truth about the "Numbers", the latter explained that he needed Hart's strange power to attack the Astral World, and that he fell sick because he used too much of his power. [20] With this "Number", "Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon", Faker turned the tide of the Duel again, restoring his Life Points by easily dispatching the "Chaos Numbers" of both Yuma and Shark. As his form warped into that of a child, Byron took the name "Vetrix" and swore revenge. [28][29] For that objective, he used the brothers Kaito and Haruto Tenjo.[28]. Dr. Faker Dr.フェイカー. Chris stayed behind, leaving Byron, Kazuma and Faker to travel to the destination. Dr. Faker However his true ambition was to destroy the Astral World to fulfill his pact with Vector in order to cure Hart's illness. Heart-eartHDark World Faker revealed that all of his actions were motivated by a desire to save Hart and the true nature of his pact with Vector. Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [21], He and Hart then watched the Duel between Yuma and Kite. It was also originally believed that he did not care about his sons Kite and Hart, only considering them as trivial sacrifices for his goal, to destroy the Astral World so that the Barian World can give him the power to rule the Earth. Vetrix proceeded to interrupt Heartland's speech, telling him that he will crush them. Kite Tenjo (son) Faker is responsible for the mutation of Vetrix into a child, and for the disappearance of Kazuma Tsukumo. "Number 10: Illumiknight" 6. Publish your own decks and get feedback. Shark, Kite, Tori and Orbital 7 united and fought a litterbot army deployed by Mr. Heartland. Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis, Maximillion Pegasus (Pegasus J. Crawford), https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Dr._Faker_(Millennium_Duels)?oldid=2937662. "Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder" 9. He asked if the all the finalists have arrived and Heartland told him that a Duelist named Vetrix has yet to appear. They reach a dead end, with Faker remaining slightly behind them. Upon his loss to Yuma, Shark and Kite, Astral obtained all of Faker's remaining "Numbers".[30]. Arclight suggested they ask Kazuma Tsukumo for help. Faker teared up that Vetrix would forgive him for what he did, and apologized for his past actions. Kite wished to take the burden from his father's shoulders, but Vector appeared and possessed Faker, insisting they continue the Duel. Faker's youngest child, Hart Tenjo, was born a very frail boy. With that new data, they determined where they needed to go. Kazuma agreed to help them. Shinji Ogawa He told Astral he was looking forward to the finals the next day and returned Yuma's Deck to him after dropping him out of the room. He was an adventurer who was also searching for the same door. Faker alongside Byron and Quinton find out missing pieces from Kazuma on their research. After examining their theory, he told them what was wrong with it. Male Dr. Faker ZEXAL and the father of Kite Tenjo and Hart Tenjo, and the founder of Heartland City itself. ZEXAL episode 13: "" [11], Dr. Faker revealed to Mr. Heartland that the reason for time stopping in Heartland was that waves from the Astral World and another world were passing through Earth. Browse the cards and the thousand of decklists submitted by the community. [8] Though Kite was unaware of the pact Faker made with Vector, he underwent training and was chosen amongst many other Duelists to become a Number Hunter and save Hart. Dr. Faker is the the creator of Heartland. Millennium Duels. He also did not seem to care about friendship as he was willing to sacrifice Kazuma Tsukumo and Vetrix in order to achieve his ambition, though he was later shown to deeply regret this. In the present, he seemed to be a cruel and malicious man, but during his Duel with Yuma, Shark and Kite, Faker revealed that it was all a facade and that everything he did, he did for the sake of his sons. Dr. Faker (Dr. (ドクター) フェイカー Dokutā Feikā), is an opponent in Yu-Gi-Oh! Kite Tenjo (son)[1]Hart Tenjo (son)[1] As their Duel continued Dr. Faker listened in silence when Vetrix started about how he lost everything while he was lost between worlds, and how the only thing he has is revenge. Vector sustained Hart's life with his powers as Faker worked to complete the Sphere Field Cannon and collect the "Numbers". In the past, according to Astral, Dr. Faker used to be a kind person as he built Heartland for children. Dr. Faker collected a total of fifty[30] "Numbers" via the Sphere Field, taking them from Yuma Tsukumo and Vetrix after their match in the finals of the World Duel Carnival. [24] As Kite was about to die, he comforted his saddened family by saying he had no regrets and told Hart to care for their father before the screens blacked out. Dr. Faker resembles a basic evil scientist-like character. Knowing Hart could not survive without more aide than Faker could provide, he became obsessed with finding the door to other dimensions, wishing to use their power to sustain his son's life. Dr. Faker collected a total of fifty "Numbers" via the Sphere Field, taking them from Yuma Tsukumo and Vetrix after their match in the finals of the World Duel Carnival.Among those taken were: 1. Taking his muscular, cyborg form's build, Faker's skin turns different shades of red and wings sprout from his back. In the beginning he instructs Kite to collect the "Number" cards as it is believed that Faker wants to conquer Earth by destroying the Astral World. Faker sacrifices Byron and Kazuma to open door to Barian World. [26], Some time after Yuma's and Astral's Duel, he started working together with Vetrix and their revived sons to research parallel worlds once again. He welcomed both Yuma and Astral, whom he could clearly see. "Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja" 8.