This was all done in the interests of breaking magic down into raw magical energy, which Alexander could use for his own ends. RELATED: 10 DC Superheroes You Didn't Know Were Parents. One of his favorite things to do is try and possess powerful heroes. Supergirl and Superboy discover that their respective abilities aren't stopping Eclipso, and they look to Henshaw for suggestions. However, the Darkness Within miniseries modified the character to be an evil and megalomaniacal entity. However, that power isn't without limitations. ADVERTISEMENT. The level is set when connecting that Super Power to a character. Luckily, Supergirl arrives and catches the plane on midair, saving everyone. Emil tells her that he is already aware of the situation as possessed citizens are attacking S.T.A.R. The absorbed heroes were freed in the end. Christians know this story from the Old Testament Tale of Noah and his ark, but it also appears in other religions and myths. Tess contacts Emil to inform him about the effect of Eclipso that is spreading all over the city. After that, the Professor gets back to normal. Le sorcier détenait une pierre noire magique dont Bruce Gordon s’empara durant le combat, juste avant l'éclipse, et se transforme en Eclipso. Labs, at the same time. Superman decides to end the fight by smashing the black diamond, shattering it to pieces. The Spectre has pulled off feats that are nothing short of amazing. Hercules. Her sanity restored and Eclipso purged out of her, a terrified Loring tearfully begs for forgiveness, screaming that she was crazy when she murdered Sue and that it 'wasn't me!'. He then absorbed these heroes into his own body, gaining their mass and also their inherent powers. The farther down his path they walk, the more he takes control. He doesn't just want to take over the world - he wants to destroy it and everything in creation to sate his terrible appetites. In the streets of Metropolis, a family tries to run away from the possessed people but fortunately Superboy arrive just in time to rescue them. SUICIDE SQUAD #5. There are very few beings on the face of the Earth who can go punch for punch with Superman. The Spectre, desiring revenge on Eclipso for his manipulations of him during the Infinite Crisis but rendered incapable of taking it owing to his present lack of a host, orders Dibny to punish Eclipso in return for his wife's life. Hank then utilizes probing cables that are part of his body to probe the minds of the Eclipsos and get a better idea of what they're dealing with. Also, find out about Eclipso weapons. When Lar Gand discovered Eclipso's palace on the moon and wandered inside, it inspired Eclipso to possess all of Earth's heroes and use them towards his ultimate goal, the conquest of Earth and revenge against God for imprisoning him inside the Heart of Darkness. Exactly how Eclipso's diamonds had returned was unknown. He writes for several websites, makes killer pizza, goes to Disney World more than his budget allows, and has the cutest daughter in the world. Eventually, Eclipso takes complete control adding his considerable power to enhanced abilities he has already given the hero he's possessing. Labs. At the end of this series, the black diamond is seen appearing in Jean Loring's cell in Arkham Asylum. During Adam's reign in Kahndaq, Alex becomes romantically involved with his teammate Soseh Mykros, the female Nemesis. Eclipso also manipulates and convinces Gordon not to throw away the gem using Mona as an excuse. Armored Characters + Spiderman . Emil discuss with his fellow scientists that they should find out what an Eclipso really is, as they didn't actually find anything on the internet and they now have to search for more information in books.