He worked as a senior researcher at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan, for three and a half years, and Southern Methodist University (SMU), USA, for another two years. The coating incorporated with 10g/L SiC particles exhibits excellent infrared emissivity property at 600 oC, which has the emissivity of more than 0.80 over the whole waveband of 3-20 μm. �?B�b�ះc�'�|L3�D3�c�@��am�� ����G���@=^�o�l�j�`�&���$��2t8�\�G��\�b�cy\k+��3?ܫdo�?�=�|��ͻO���da���#��R)�_*~���QKͫ�FW�d��1d�1)Vx*�Z$M��c^`�h|m�� 5��zGP���j�`����. The emissivity coefficient - ε - indicates the radiation of heat from a 'grey body' according … He received his BS (1988) from Wuhan University of Technology, MS (1991) and PhD (1994) in materials science from HIT, China. In fired heaters and tubular reformers, the necessary thermal energy to drive the endothermic processes is provided by burning a fuel/air mixture and transferred to the process by three heat transfer mechanisms: radiation, convection and conduction. [2] Z.W. Then he has a position as a lecture in HIT, and shortly got the Award of New Century Excellent Talents in the Ministry of Education due to his good academic achievements in 2008. The measurement system employs a PbS detector, in conjunction with a sensitive galvanometer. An emissivity of 1.00 implies that the material is 100% efficient at radiating energy. The exact emissivity of a material should be determined when He went to Manchester University for one-year visiting research supported from the China Scholarship Council in 2012. A team of researchers led by Prof. Yaming Wang and Prof. Jiahu Ouyang from Harbin Institute of Technology in China, developed a variety of high emissivity ceramic coatings on metallic surfaces such as TiAl[1], Ti[2], Nb[3] et al by microarc oxidation (MAO) method for thermal protection. �тi����E�20Q���w���4�u�P��O e�A�O�0���RUŢC �� ,�����XUȭ�g���p\��Jd��#�.S��K�� ���O|�.������\���;�%�����y)Fl'ktQqRUb5� ��ʕx�Rߍ;���� High emissivity surfaces are able to radiate energy across a broad wavelength band lessening the interference of the CO2 and H2O in the flue gas. Typical Productivity Benefits Raging From 2.5% to 5%. At process heater operating temperatures, new ceramic fiber linings, for example, have emissivity values of around 0.4. Current Applied Physics, volume 11 (2011) pages 1405-1409. Guo. Environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of natural resources and the health of our planet. By using this website, you agree to the use of these cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Wang, H. Tian, X. E. Shen, L. Wen, J.H. Insulating fire brick (IFB) and castable materials have emissivity values around 0.6. We provide high emissivity coating systems for every type of refractory, from dense, high alumina brick to lightweight castable refractory and ceramic fiber modules or blankets. Wang, Y.M. Advances in Engineering Copyright © 2010 - 2020 All Rights Reserved, High Infrared Emissivity Ceramic Coatings for Metallic Thermal Protection Systems. An emissivity of 0.20 implies that the material radiates only 20% of that which it is capable of radiating. The service is supported by a superior Health & Safety Program, yielding a safety record better than industry standards. The SiC particles distributed in the oxide matrix influences the phase constituents and surface morphologies, and finally enhances the infrared emissivity of the coating. Emissivity Value. In their work, high emissivity ceramic coatings incorporated with SiC have been successfully formed on Ti2AlNb alloy by microarc oxidation. For more information, please see his homepage http://homepage.hit.edu.cn/pages/ouyangjiahu. Guo, Y. Zhou, J.H. Most materials, however, have relatively uniform emissivity throughout the wavelength range in which thermal imagers operate. Zhan-Guo Liu received his BS degree from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) in 2003. An Nb2O5-SiO2-Al2O3/NbSi2/Nb5Si3 multilayer coating on Nb-Hf alloy to improve oxidation resistance. In addition, the addition of SiC particles reduces the volume of clusters structure and the diameter of micropores, however, increases obviously the number of micro-pores in ceramic coating. In addition, the team also develops a variety of high emissivity coatings on Al [4] and Mg [5] alloy radiators for enhanced radiating heat dissipation of high power devices. Xu, L.X. %PDF-1.2 %���� Insulating fire brick (IFB) and castable materials have emissivity values around 0.6. Ouyang, D.C. Jia, Y. Zhou. Zou, H. Tian, L.X. [5] Y.M. We observed a statistically significant positive correlation between the amount of ceramic-bearing fibers added to the fabric and the increase in emissivity. He has authored or coauthored more than 100 papers in refereed journals, with SCI indexed citation of >2000 and H index of 28. At the process heater operating temperatures, new ceramic fiber linings, for example, have emissivity values of around 0.4. Ceramics international, volume 39 (2013) pages 2869–2875. The basic technical requirements for the coating to protect metallic TPS include a spectral emissivity of higher than 0.8 over a broad waveband to maximize re-radiation and good high temperature protection against oxidation of the underlying metallic substrate. Laser impact welding for joining similar and dissimilar metal combinations with various target configurations. Now he is an associate professor in Materials Science at the Institute for Advanced Ceramics, HIT. Typical high emissivity coating applications in steam methane reformers show productivity benefits (as energy savings, or production increase) ranging from 2.5% to 5.0%. The thin film high emissivity coatings are inert, non-catalytic, and water-based, offering a complete environmentally safe process improvement. Rx���������l�e�\���a�X���@q�$'Q�Mg6��w����v>Y̽1>��pz�x�r�)o�Ϳ��|��|/��|v�>���;"����-����ͧI4�|����,�P��?��n��"�!�^45O��7��t�̣��(��[�f"�壬�Lj��gٞq��J0����yQ�XZ&��T�����}v���:�Zӷ�k,ʚ�aR�c����e���D�#��x˸fg�Bl�B*���׵����[�� kT)��5SՆ2F�{��b�]���N�d��L��Qi�D{wgtEdQ��2��E}o1��5E�T�ٺ@�b%�E-�R�g0�iŶ�Q��� Dai. The mechanism of this interaction has an appreciable effect on the overall efficiency of radiant heat transfer. Furthermore, they elaborated the emissivity enhancement mechanisms. \��A���K�>�1���EQ��4����wv>�L���Q}��2�9�@�9{(Ԯ�������@�F�b��� The chemical composition, microstructure and emissivity enhancement mechanisms of MAO ceramic coatings incorporated with or without SiC particles were investigated. The effect is to “superheat” the furnace atmosphere, or flue gas, resulting in wasted energy lost to the stack. Emissivity is a measure of a material’s radiating efficiency. These materials have been designed with structural considerations and insulating efficiency as the primary requirements. Cetek Ceramic Coatings, however, with emissivity values above 0.9, have been designed specifically to supplement the radiation characteristics of the refractory surfaces. Emissivity coating application results in: Cetek pioneered  the use of high emissivity ceramic coatings applied to the refractory surfaces in radiant sections of fired heaters and tubular reformers. He holds 13 patents and a book chapter entitled “Plasma electrolytic oxidation of aluminium and titanium alloys”. [4] Y.M. Current Applied Physics, volume 11 (2011) pages 1405-1409. The introduction of SiC into the Na2SiO3 electrolyte leads to a significant change of coating microstructure. Guo, J.H. He joined the faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at HIT in 1994. Spectral emissivity data are shown for several alumina bodies and for three rare‐earth oxides, erbium, samarium, and gadolinium, up to … H��W]s�F���H�( ���Õs�d�"�'�q%VV��\�"X@4��g��d��ʥ-��====��\��у�I6�=�f�~M�So6e��/�� �a��z��b��N/b>���pz�0`���[��|�