Routes. From San Francisco, you can catch the Baylink Ferry to Vallejo, then transfer to Vallejo Transit Route 85, which will take you to Fairfield. What are the best options? La distance la plus courte (à vol d'oiseau) entre San-Francisco et Fairfield est de 4.180,51 km. And unlike the options involving FAST Routes 40 and 90, this option is … The Bay Area is unusual among major metropolitan areas in its multi-polar nature. For your purposes, you should consider either (1) taking public transit the whole way, (2) driving outside of commute hours to the closest BART station, or (3) driving outside of commute hours to the Vallejo Ferry Terminal. As several others have pointed out, the commute between Fairfield and San Francisco is one of the worst ones in Northern California.It's truly unbearable. Probably will be making the commute (possibly only 2 - 3 days a week for now, but we'll see). Fairfield and Suisun Transit is a public transportation provider in San Francisco - San Jose, CA which operates Bus routes. Beating the rising sun to foggy Vallejo, the commute was a breeze. Fairfield and Suisun Transit (FAST) provides general public fixed route bus service through eight local and two intercity/commuter routes. The latest news about San Francisco and Bay Area traffic and commuting via car, BART, Muni, Caltrain, Uber, Lyft and more. All FAST buses are wheelchair accessible and most are equipped with bike racks. Can we define the service areas of the transit agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area using only commute data, and if so, what would it look like? Currently work in tech in SF, but will be moving out to Sacramento for personal reasons. Commute from Sacramento to San Francisco Options? Of all four options (plus the fifth shuttle option), this is by far the most scenic. Le point médian géographique entre San-Francisco et Fairfield se situe à 2.090,25 km de distance entre les deux points, le relèvement est de 68,98°.Il est situé ici : United States of America, Nebraska, Holt County. The commute from the Fairfield Transportation Center to San Francisco's Financial District is hardly a tough one at 6:30 a.m. - at least it wasn't Wednesday. The answer is yes, and it looks something like this: Here’s how I got there. Distance: 4.180,51 km. The Fairfield and Suisun Transit has 10 Bus routes in San Francisco - San Jose, CA with 234 Bus stops. My two-door coupe left the parking lot at FTC at precisely 6:18 a.m. Wednesday. Background.