When Guard Scorpion puts its tail up, just wait (or heal if needed); don't attack with either character, or you will face a strong Tail Laser counterattack (deals around 70 points damage to characters in the Front Row and hits all of your characters to boot). Speak to the woman holed up in the bathroom twice, and give her the medicine. In addition to less page-changing, certain links do not seem to work in paginated mode due to technical issues beyond my control. Big Bomber can only be used during Air Buster's first four turns; after that, it can only use Rear Gun and Energy Ball. ├ Return to Rocket Town and Cosmo Canyon Now go to the pharmacy (the building south of the one with the "ITEM" sign). Nintendo Switch Game Controls. (Note: From here on out, you'll notice some choices in dialog that allow you to act kindly or meanly towards some of the characters (especially two female characters for whom you have not seen naming screens yet). Fighting the first group will pit you against 2x MP; the second, 3x MP; and the third group, 3x MP (you will face an "Attack from both sides," meaning enemies will be on both sides of you). Do so (head west), unless you want to fight monsters in the Train Graveyard (to the east); unless you're playing a perfect game or want to grind for some other reason, follow the others into Sector 7. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. Once you have control of Cloud again, feel free to talk to everyone in the bar; when you're ready to continue, try to exit, and Barret will practically run you over. ■ Game Information and News He pretends that sorcerer is his favorite Dungeons & Dragons class in public but he secretly loves bards. After the conversation, Aeris will make a flirty comment if you run towards the door (you can also talk to the man in the suit, but it won't do anything). Once downstairs, you can just run outside. If you gave her Digestive, you'll get Sexy Cologne; Deorderent will earn you Flower Cologne, and Disinfectant will just get you plain ol' Cologne. Air Buster is the first boss to use FFVII's famous "boss theme" music, and also the first one where the game doesn't hold your hand. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 January 2020, Fantastic game, I played the originals back in 1997 and 1999.. After two rounds of Search Scope->Attack, it will then raise its tail and enter "counter mode;" while its tail is up, Guard Scorpion will not attack, but any attacks you make against it will result in a powerful counterattack against both your characters with its Tail Laser. (Note: You'll be seeing these alerts throughout the walkthrough. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. When one appears, it means you're about to miss something unique (and typically valuable), so be sure to read these.). As with other Final Fantasy VII ports, the Switch port of Final Fantasy VII allows you to use cheats by pressing buttons in battles or in the field. Early-game, this tends not to be as much of an issue, because most of the time the next step up will be an improvement (or at worst the same) for all three characteristics. ■ Walkthroughs List When you're ready to continue with your game, follow them. You'll be allowed inside; when the receptionist goes to get Corneo, run up the stairs and through the far left door to find yourself in a basement with Tifa. The kids to the north will trigger comments regarding the game's Limit Break system, then men at the back of the room will have Cloud talk about battle mechanics, and the woman near the Save Point will educate Cloud on using Save Points (and treasure boxes, heh; she's the only one here who teaches Cloud, and not the other way around). This means that Square Enix will either need to seriously cut down the file size of the game or make players download a large portion of the game alongside a physical cartridge, as Switch cartridges currently max out at 32GB. After she's done talking, talk to her again (the game won't let you leave, even through the wide-open front door). The game is set in a post-modern world, where high technology and Mako energy reign supreme. After the scenes, go back to Corneo's Mansion. ├ Reno, Rude, and Elena ├ Heretic Hojo Equip your new purchases, and make sure you have at least 280 Gil (if you don't, fight some battles in the highway section or sell off some of your Potions/Ethers) then head north into the large mansion. If you're trying for a Perfect Game, you'll need 99; this is the only place you can buy these, so do it now (you won't be able to after you board the train). If you got the Silk Dress and had a middling performance on the other tasks (not poor enough to have Tifa but not good enough to have Cloud), Aeris will be chosen. Go to the inn (the southwestern building on the southern screen. ├ Reno Back in control of Cloud, equip all of your offensive Magic Materia on Aeris (any Materia, but not equipment, that were on Tifa and Barret during the Air Buster battle have been unequipped and will be in your inventory), then approach the broken platform to the stairs to have Cloud jump over. In this new car, feel free to speak to the other passengers. Amazon directly manages delivery for this product. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 1,100) The Switch version is similar to the PS4 release ├ Chocobo Ranking and Locations In the dresser is 5 Gil. You'll wake up in a flowerbed in a church with a pile of splinters around you and the flower girl from the beginning of the game squatting over you. Characters behind it can still be hit with Rear Gun, but the attack only targets one character and is its weakest attack (it deals around 65 damage a shot). This will give you two Potions (note that you can't get more than two Potions this way; it doesn't matter if you examine one soldier twice, or each soldier once, you'll still just get two Potions). Unable to add item to Wish List. Talk to the fat man just west of the entrance (on the screen with the Pharmacy and the inn) to receive a Member's Card Key Item, then you can watch Aeris try to rip off the begging men. Other than that, its attacks are rather unassuming; they're more powerful than the regular enemies, sure, but for a boss having most attacks deal 60-90 damage a hit and only hit one character when your three characters could each easily have 300 HP or more at typical levels is simply unimpressive. To get some, first go to the diner in the middle of the southern section. The original PC version is largely identical gameplay-wise (except for the control scheme), but the PC Re-Release and PS4 versions have some important differences, which are detailed here. North of the Seventh Heaven bar is Johnny's house. ├ Aerith (Aeris) Gainsborough In this new screen, just take another ladder down. Exit the town to the southwest, then go back to the fork and follow the path west. Since there's nothing else to see here, go inside the small building just west of the Weapon Shop. Drop down to the main area using the slide. If Nintendo announces a more advanced version of the Switch, then that could help Final Fantasy VII Remake's chances a great deal. Now head to the bar. As things stand right now, it seems unlikely that Final Fantasy VII Remake will come to the Switch due to technical limitations, but a lot could change in a year and fans shouldn't give up hope just yet.