Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall. (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall. (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall. ), 3-in-1 Cherry Jubilee Tree - Different cherry varieties grow on each of the 3 limbs! (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall. With our brand new eBook, featuring our favorite DIY projects for the whole family, we really wanted to create a way to not only show our appreciation for the growing Gardening Know How community, but also unite our community to help every one of our neighbors in need during these unprecedented times. But sour cherries, delightful in pies and jams, do best as fruit trees for zone 4. ), 3-in-1 Apple Jubilee Tree - Different apple varieties grow on each of the 3 limbs! Japanese Lilac Tree – A small tree with a powerful impact, the Japanese lilac is loaded with blossoms and fragrance, although some people don’t find the fragrance as pleasant as the more familiar lilac shrub. ), Cortland Apple Tree - One of the slowest to brown after slicing! Flowering Crabapple – As if the delicate beauty of crabapple blossoms aren’t enough, the blossoms are accompanied by a delightful fragrance that permeates the landscape. Many have showy clusters of spring flowers as well. Ornamental trees enhance your property while adding to the resale value. Hardy ornamental maple trees for zone 4 include these beauties: Amur maples have fragrant, pale yellow spring flowers. Tartarian maples feature clusters of greenish white flowers that appear just as the leaves begin to emerge. Sign up for our newsletter. (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall), Red Delicious Apple Tree - Fruit delicious as it is beautiful! ), Double Pear Twist Tree - 2 varieties of pears growing on 1 tree! Maples – Known for their flashy fall colors, maple trees come in all sizes and shapes. The leaves turn yellow in the fall and the display isn’t always brilliant and showy, but just wait. ), Double-Apple Twist Tree - 2 varieties of apples growing on 1 tree! ), 3-in-1 Asian Pear Jubilee Tree - Different Asian Pear varieties grow on each of the 3 limbs! Growing Zone 4 Cherry Trees The best and most prolific fruit-growing regions in the country offer at least 150 frost-free days to allow the fruit to mature, and a USDA hardiness zone of 5 or above. (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall. (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall. Our suggested cold hardy flowering trees offer more than just spring flowers. Obviously, zone 4 gardeners can’t provide those optimal growing conditions. (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall. It has cream-colored, six-inch spring flowers that bloom before the leaves emerge. ), Halls Hardy Almond Tree - Cold tolerant almond tree! ), Shinseiki Asian Pear Tree - Heavy producer of sweet snack-sized fruit, thrives everywhere from tropical to cold climates! (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall), Black Pearl Cherry Tree - Among the largest and sweetest cherries! This article offers ideas for planting ornamental trees in zone 4. (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall.). Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. ), Beverly Hills Apple Tree - Grows in warm climates like California and Florida! As a thank you for joining our campaign, we’ll gift you our brand new eBook,. The attractive fruit persists on the trees long after the leaves fall. You won’t be disappointed when you plant one of these beauties. (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall. Pagoda Dogwood Care: Learn About Growing Pagoda Dogwood Trees, Shantung Maple Care: Learn About Growing Shantung Maples, Olive Preservation Guide: How Do You Brine Olives, Thanksgiving Flower Decor: DIY Floral Thanksgiving Arrangements, Garden Thanksgiving – Reasons To Be A Thankful Gardener, Zone 4 Deciduous Trees – Choosing Cold Hardy Deciduous Trees, Bushes That Grow In Zone 4: Growing Shrubs In Zone 4 Gardens, Galangal Plant Info – Learn About Galangal Plant Care And Usage, Cold Hardy Lavender Plants: Tips On Growing Lavender In Zone 4 Gardens, The Bountiful Garden: Bringing The Garden To Thanksgiving, Overwintering Containers And End Of Season Cleanup, Must Have Winter Shrubs – Top 7 Shrubs For Winter Interest, Enclosed Porch Garden – Indoor Gardening On The Porch.