Gortyn Out of Hand. Posted October 1, 2018 by Blaine Smith in Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guides, Game Guides. I've set a travel location in the village but the Followers just move straight there without engaging civilians (as per manual they should attack on sight) Thanks for any help There are no love opportunities and romances for you in Makedonia. Romances in Makedonia. In this location you will find only one ancient stone tablet. Facebook. Usually i am checking for underground cultists in caves. 1. He possessed relatively few temples and shrines in the ancient world but was honoured with special rites in times of war. 1 year ago. Ares was the Olympian god of war and battle. If you cannot find any camps on your own, we have found two locations where you can find plenty of huntresses at once. She wants you to kill some Followers of Ares, who are hiding in caves throughout the Zeus’s Playground region. Return to her to get a reward for your troubles. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Legendary Weapons Guide. Hints: Followers of Ares have been terrorizing the people in Messara; They have been spotted in caves around Zeus's Playground; You have to visit two caves: Cave of Rhea and Gerontospilios. Camp of the Bow Bearers is located in Phokis, north of Kirrha. Find and Kill the Followers of Ares in Messara 0/10. Anything with Ares in the name is a good bet. Another woman similar to the one that was yelling for her husband in the docks is now outside the Temple of Athena Poliouchos. Next World Atlas Lakonia Prev World Atlas Arcadia. Not sure. JOIN FOR UPDATES. They will always be Followers of Ares sites. Not all their sites have an objective listed like that, but a lot of their names can be clues. If it says "bandit leader" it's a normal bandit site, and anything … His cult appears to have been centred in the northern regions of Greece such as Thessaly, Thesprotia and Thrace. A civilian wants you to start a war. Join the gaming community. Hi I'm trying to create a quest with Followers of Ares moving into a Village and attempting to kill all the Civilians they encounter (and set it up for defence by Alexios/Kassandra. That's the standard term for the boss of each group, and they'll be there whether you have an active quest to kill Followers or not. This Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Birds Of A Feather Guide will tell you the exact location that each of the maps leads to, so you can. There's a ruin on the north coast of central Achaia that has quite a few, and a temple in eastern Achaia as well. See/Add Comments. It is located in a location called Xerxes's Sacrifice of the Nine. A "clan leader" objective always means the location is a Followers of Ares site.