So I downloaded Matchington Mansion or whatever it’s called because the adds where you fix broken appliances around the house with designated tools seems like a lot of fun. One ad for a game called Sweet House showed a cartoon woman appearing before a … Another fake ad, this time being for Matchington Mansion, showed a cat being chosen to stop a rat infestation only for the rats to put the cat in the oven and the room to go up in flames. Bring the mansion to its old glory while interacting with characters along the way. After searching around, I can’t seem to find anything like game’s advertisements. 8 Best Games like Homescapes You Must Play. Manor Café is a match-3 puzzle game very similar to Homescapes in its plot. 47 Best Games Like Matchington Mansion: Butterfly Garden Mystery: Scapes Match 3 Story,SirBound,Click This!,Bloomberry match-3 story. Merge fruits & decorate!,HelpTheBall,Neicon_DroneTest,TicTacToe - and its various variants,Bike Survival Run (BETA),Flor Arco Iris,Cut The Chain As for the match-3 part of the game, feel free to get your free Matchington Mansion Download without a second thought because you will feel right at home with its mechanics. Matchington Mansion isn't the only game trying to take a bite out of Playrix' apple; Family Zoo (Plarium, Aug 2017), Home Design Makeover (Storm8, Feb 2018) and My Home - Design Dreams (Zentertain, Aug 2018) have been making attempts, but have all reached nothing but a fraction of what Firecraft Studios has accomplished. Manor Café. Enjoy the amazing animation and 3D graphics. All the classic power-ups are here, so you can easily set up stunning combos if you have played any other match 3 games before. So if you are a frequent player of Homescapes and want some change, or simply put, if you are looking for some Homescapes alternatives games, then you may find here a list of 8 best games like Homescapes: 1. I was met with a match-3 game and I honestly hate those games so I quickly removed it. Before the free-to-play Super Bowl ads of 2015, people doubted the validity of this strategy, dubious about whether the games could garner enough mass appeal to make a $5 million ad worthwhile. Games Like Matchington Mansion Most Played Games Like Matchington Mansion Play a match 3 game that helps you redecorate a mansion.