One of the often-overlooked risks that Gate Safe comes across is that of ‘single point failure’ with swing gates, or put more simply, hinges failing.In my previous life as an automation engineer with a busy schedule I know it is all too easy to focus purely on the electronic repair you’ve been sent to carry out and not pay attention to the gate and its supporting structure. That makes them universally applicable – up to the highest safety category PL e. PSENsgate offers you high potential savings: all safety functions and operator elements are integrated, using just one ready-to-install system. Tip: On most gate motors there is a special outlet for Photo Safety Beams on the control board. PSENmech with guard locking is the safety gate solution of choice if you are looking for a particularly economical basic solution to guarantee safety on safety gates. When the installation is complete, always seal the ducts to avoid the ingress of water and unwanted visitors.If possible, try to standardise the core colours for your installations as this makes wiring up and fault finding so much more straightforward – and don’t forget to record any changes.Tidy wiring really comes into its own when you are carrying out maintenance and will result in a more seamless checking of safety circuits, including switching relays and verifying the resistance of safety edges – and ultimately ensuring the gates are left in a safe and compliant state. Safety edges on the closing phase of swing gatesGate Safe recently carried out a survey on some swing gates following a serious incident.The gates in question were double leaf swing gates, featuring an open infill tube and rail construction, standing at about 2.1m high and 4m wide. The lady noticed the gates moving but could not move out of the way quickly enough. Tidy wiring results in safer gates!How many times have you come across a control cabinet or box that when opened, deposits a large ball of wires into your lap? But remember gates move in two directions! Two further edges had been fitted to the walls that the leaves opened up towards, to prevent any crushing risk from the motors. Further information on cookies is available in our data protection statement. Rob’s tips are designed to deliver practical, effective guidance to ensure no detail is missed to ensure the safety of an automated gate or barrier. The risk of impact and drawing in exists just as much in the closing direction as it does in opening phase, as the above accident testifies. The guidance and recommendations on this website represent our interpretation of advice based on information from HSE, British Standards and relevant UK legislation. The main advantage of these safety devices is that they are less susceptible to false activation due to snow, rain etc. 7150 Commerce Boulevard Wear and tear in this load bearing area can also take its toll.Electro-mechanical rams often have the manual release as part of the gearbox, which can also jam or seize without the correct maintenance. They were automated using 24v rams in fully automatic operation, and photocells had been fitted inside and out. Pilz Automation Safety L.P. Also, remember that if you come across gates with inverted hinges these can pose even greater risks. If you then try to reduce the force applied by the motor and increase the sensitivity on the obstacle detection, the end result will be the gate has insufficient power to move. Can the gates be positioned to avoid crush hazards?Sliding gates: has the run back been fenced off? If the laser curtain is broken, the gate / barrier will halt and if required, will return. Supreform IP67 Waterproof Universal 10-30VDC Safety Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Beam Sensor for 12VDC and 24VDC Gate Opener, Garage Door Sensor Up to 40 Feet Sensing Range, Pre-Wired 6.6 Feet … NO SAFETY EDGES HAD BEEN FITTED TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE GATES.As a result of this omission the following occurred. Anyone involved in the installation of a powered gate (whether it is a swing or sliding gate, a rising arm barrier, a bi folding or telescopic sliding gate) must ensure it complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Non-contact safety for gates and barriers Gate Safe has long advocated that non-contact safety should always be the priority for gates and barriers however, before discussing the various options let’s first consider the basics. Photo Eyes, Safety Edges and other Sensing Mechanisms are designed to detect a potentially dangerous situation, such as a vehicle blocking the gate … Safety gate systems such as PSENmech with guard locking, PSENslock, PSENmlock and PSENsgate are used for guard protection. At Gate Safe, we often come across swing gates with no safety edges fitted to the bottom of the gate. This could either be by use of a key, a lever or a hydraulic valve, depending on the type of gate and motor used.The requirement for a manual release is to not only enable the opening of gates in the event of a breakdown, but more importantly, to free a person should they become trapped by the machine – clearly a much more serious scenario. The result is a modular safety gate system that fits your requirements. All content, trade marks, downloads and images are copyright Gate Safe GSSC Ltd. Website by Kikk | document.write(" Contact Webmaster for website issues");, Find out more about the Gate Safe Visualiser here. GSSC Ltd take no responsibility for any works carried out by the Gate Safe Aware Installers or for any installations carried out using the information and advice given on this website. THIS IS INCORRECT!On swing gates, the way the force is exerted along the gate differs to when it is applied ‘end on’ as per a sliding gate. It is not unusual for the mechanism to seize up over a period of time because it is generally not used in the day to day operation of the gates. To provide you with user-defined settings, the reminder list and the administration of the shopping basket on our web site, information on your visit is stored in cookies. The risk of single point failure has always been there, it is just that now it has been more formally identified. A web site dedicated to bringing you the most effective gate safety solutions available! The Gate Safe MOT provides a clear visual reference to indicate that a gate has been installed / maintained in line with best industry practice. It was only the quick reactions of a passing neighbour who picked the lady up and moved her, that prevented a catastrophe. As a result it is suitable for personal and process protection. They monitor doors in safety fences as well as covers and flaps. Anti-finger trap guards were installed to cover the reducing gap at the hinges. It’s also good practice to take a photo of the wiring after every visit to keep a log of the system. To conclude, designing out risks by mechanical means is the first step to achieving a safe installation. Gate Safe advises that photocells / light curtains and pressure edges should be installed on every gate or barrier and would never support the idea that force limitation is an acceptable form of safety when not relying on safety edges. Initially, the programming will - like all things new - be hard to get to grips with, but the more times you do it the easier it will become. Similarly, with sliding gates there may be a dead zone between the curtains either side of the gate.Lasers can also be used with barriers offering safety for pedestrians and cars and can additionally activate the barrier. When we talk to the installer, the excuse often given is that the motors are fitted with obstacle detection and therefore will be incapable of crushing someone. If used as a reversing device it will stop and reverse the gate all the way to the open position. However, four scanners would be required for a double leaf gate. Gate Safe is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1149261).Gate Safe and the Gate Safe logo are registered trade marks of GSSC Ltd. As one of our trainers, Rob also regularly meets other installers and the interactive nature of the Gate Safe Aware training often throws up intense debates in relation to various technical issues and these can often be translated into valuable advice. When a safety gate is opened, hazardous machine movements must be stopped in accordance with EN ISO 14119 and a restart must be prevented. This would provide the optimum solution for high risk sites, delivering four laser scanners projected forward from the scanner covering the full height and width of the gates, up to a span of 10m. The leaf struck her and knocked her to the ground and then carried on trying to close. For sites which feature children or the vulnerable, the safety measures requirements will naturally be greater than for a remote site with a deadman, hold to run operation.Photocells are the most commonly used device and they are a valuable tool in the gate installer armoury.