Don’t take my word for it. Use a buyer persona template to help define your ideal users’ challenges and problems, as well as what motivated them to look for solutions. They create some of the best text ads which truly compel users to buy their products. The title includes both an exact price and a percentage discount, and the description draws attention to “20,000+” products. While the second refers to the specific date or time that this incentive expires. Using redundant headlines will restrict the system's ability to generate ad combinations. All rights reserved. Boston, MA 02199. Note: you can keep your Ad Quality Score – the “estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages. On the Web, you have 3-8 seconds to capture the reader’s attention before they decide to continue reading or move on. One of the hardest things in Google Ads is writing a headline that makes an emotional impact. Single Grain is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps great companies grow their revenues online. To add a Location Extension, set up a Google My Business account and link it to your Google Ads account. onFormReady: function($form, ctx) { They can actually work, but they can also fail miserably. Keyword + benefit. Now we can slice and dice this same formula a few different ways, with a combination of the (1) location, (2) keyword, and (3) value prop (in the extended headline). Hence, adding a message extension to your ad works wonders. Google claiming that sitelinks increase conversions by between10 and 20 percent. In a test performed by WordStream, it was found that a numbered headline helps. PPC headlines have a huge influence on the success of your campaigns, and they need to be well-optimized for your specific goals and your audience. Most large scale campaigns are run by huge agencies that have big budgets and a lot of resources to deliver incredible results. Then click the Ad extensions tab and go to “Sitelink Extensions.” From there, just click + to add an extension and fill in the URL and text you want the sitelink to show. We offer services for both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Our next ad is from Click, a UK company that specialises in SEO services. Progressive is one of the top insurance companies that offers both property and vehicle insurance. This would insert your keyword in the headline as they get triggered. You can choose an ad rotation setting in your Google Ads dashboard, such as “Optimize” or “Rotate Indefinitely”. The Call Extensions feature allows mobile searchers to call your business directly. The description underneath the ad is fairly short but there really isn’t much more to be said. Click here to learn more and get started. “A text ad is a form of marketing communication that advertisers can use to promote their product or service on the Google Network.”. Since they are not offered on any price comparison websites, Direct Line is often cheaper than other insurance providers found online. Sometimes the best way to promote your brand, products, or services is to focus in on features that differentiate you from the competition, or highlight features you know that users are searching for. A countdown creates an imminent threat of loss, tapping into psychological principles to increase clicks. JBL are an electronics company that has produced headphones and speakers for decades. Creating blog post after blog post is time consuming and difficult for those who wake up early to slog through it every day, sure. Just me? No? In Secrets of Great Salespeople, Jeremy Raymond writes: “A research project showed that when a battery was claimed to last ‘up to two hours’ customers predicted that it would last, on average, 89 minutes; when the claim was presented as ‘up to 125 minutes’, customers’ predictions rose to 106 minutes.”. We saw the pain point be the focus of the headline in the strategy above; here, the solution is featured in the headline, and the problem is elaborated on more in the ad text. YouTube Video Ads offer AI-powered targeting methods, ad formats that allow brands to archive action-driven results, and tracking capabilities for marketers to review their advertisements' progress and feasibility. Searchers seeking clinics, consultancy firms, click-and-collect stores, or anything where face-to-face interaction is still valued prefer to be shown local results. Although video ad campaigns are extremely popular these days, particularly on Facebook and YouTube (although they're on pretty much all social platforms), you shouldn't discount the efficacy of text ads. Thousands of your peers will read your work, and you will level up in the process. They even include today’s opening hours, consolidating the impression that searchers could drop by the office if they need to. Google deems the phrase “click here” inappropriate, along with all other “generic” calls to action. That’s the nature of high-end vs low-end products. They all compete locally for business. This adds a good trust factor to the company as users generally react positively to high score ratings. However, it’s also what everybody else is doing: Who would you rather go for in this example? You don’t know which ones will be the most powerful until you make then live. Although Apple is a very well known and established brand, there are two main reasons why they run ads. Er. Influencer marketing, case studies, and webpage testimonials are well-known examples of social proof at work. Use your main money keyword right at the beginning of the headline and follow it up with your USP (unique selling point). or product SKUs. You want to make sure you’re not making a ridiculous claim. If you do not choose this setting correctly then you will end up running ads on locations that makes no sense and all your budget will be drained in days or even hours (if you don’t have a daily budget set on your account).