Whether you just have one avocado that you need to use or want guacamole but have no one to share it with, this is the recipe for you. Nobody believed me that it would taste good, but they had to eat their words hehe, Avo free?! Cook the asparagus and peas according to package directions, then combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until very smooth. We could have bought some frozen avocado pulp, but it tastes so artificial that we refuse to use it. Avocado and Guacamole Recipes. Well, Kevin aka Mr Doubtful, gave me the "look" when I told him what I was making. You have to blend peas, cumin, onion, and garlic in a food processor until you get a smooth cream, then add the lemon juice and the olive oil and continue to blend. Thanks Kim! Erythritol carbs will not be included as it has a glycemic index of 0 (meaning it does not spike blood sugar) and it's not metabolized. Sign up and receive the latest tips via email. I just always have frozen veggies here :). "All recipes and their respective images are original and the sole property of Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen © 2011-2018, with all rights reserved. Taste and add chili, salt, and pepper, then blend for a few minutes before serving. Asparagus is a very good source of fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as chromium, a trace mineral that enhances the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream into cells. Ch, Late Shift: What if you were the protagonist of th, Split – Inspired by the true story of Billy Mill, Split – a masterpiece of tension and acting plo, Eugene Stepanovich Kobytev The word “guacamole” literally means “avocado sauce,” so it doesn’t make any sense to try to make it without the avocado—any more than does making tomato sauce without tomatoes. I shared a room with my brother in the beginning of my childhood, and even when we did get our own space, I still had to walk through his room to get to mine. I wondered how many people shared my allergy, and am amazed by the numbers! Now can I take a hot second and gush about something else that makes me uber happy? What else does anyone think I could use? I have been a busy girl subbing this wonderful new combination in many of my favorite dishes like. It is for this reason that some restaurants have found a creative way to replace guacamole: in its place, they propose a sauce they call “mockamole”. This is why eating asparagus may help protect against and fight certain forms of cancer, such as bone, breast, colon, larynx and lung cancers. Copyright 2020- anfalidrissi. Thanks Anjali! Avocado prices are soaring: compared to a year ago, they grew by 129%: demand continues to grow, but production is limited. Well, I will tell you how, you take some of those tender bites of asparagus, pair it with a small amount of lovely, sweet, green peas, some onion, jalapeno, garlic, Greek yogurt, and spices, and TADA you have one amazing dip full of all of the great flavors your have come to expect from good ol' I will try this recipe with grilled asparagus one day! THAT makes this planet conscious, little wannabe homesteader, food blogger a happy happy girl! In its place, it has produced “a mockamole made from different green vegetables that we consider delicious. You can use a slightly less ripe avocado with this recipe because you want the cubes to hold their shape. I am so glad that this recipe can help them (just like me) enjoy an old fave again!! But mainly I have been piling it mile high on all of my favorite Mexican dishes with a huge smile on my face! I think this is a great idea. I am so glad! While I'm a huge fan of the real stuff, this is a great alternative! Dang, I am not sure. This dip is music to my ears. I haven't had guacamole is SO LONG due to avocado insensitivity. 1. Sorry! Thank you for this! Use of this site automatically constitutes your agreement to these terms.". All over the world, and also in Italy. For a bowl of mockamole serve a cup of thawed frozen peas, a teaspoon of ground cumin, three tablespoons of chopped onion, a large chopped garlic clove, a tablespoon of lemon or lime juice, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil , half a teaspoon of ground chili pepper (or a fresh, chopped jalapeno pepper), salt and ground black pepper and, if desired, also fresh chopped coriander. Loving this veggie packed option instead! “Currently they are not only cheaper than avocados, but when they are transformed into the cream along with Mexican tomato, coriander, garlic, and jalapeno, they take on a bright green hue that resembles real guacamole”. Yes, I feel for anyone that has to suffer through a guac free party :) Now she can enjoy along with! Privacy Policy Recipe Index, 8 oz asparagus (34-36 skinny spears, ends trimmed), 1 cup plus 2 tbsps peas (or 5 oz frozen, thawed). My cousin is actually allergic to avocado and always wants guac at parties. I keep walking by them in the market thinking maybe I should try them again but always talk myself out of it. Then.....he took a bite.......Haha I saw the light go on and his face transformed from a frown to a very shocked smile as he went back in for another bite. Asparagus is packed with antioxidants: It's one of the top ranked fruits and vegetables for its ability to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals. As a result, we cannot produce or sell guacamole “. I just haven't tried any other veggies. Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Avocado-Corn Salsa. My boyfriend has to direct me away from the avocados quite often, but after two ambulance trips I had to come up with a way to enjoy guacamole safely :). I'll have to tell her about this recipe! It has a color and appearance very similar to guacamole, it is creamy and perfect for tortilla chips, but the taste is completely different from the classic Mexican recipe. Check out my new blog, Live as the main character Yet I believe this recipe is awesome! Another anti-aging property of this delicious spring veggie is that it may help our brains fight cognitive decline. I think it would be amazing with grilled asparagus too. I was in Mexico recently at a health and wellness spa and they used peas in the guacamole to cut down the fat a bit. But one of the first mockamole recipes was the one proposed by the Creative Loafing website and taken from the Meatless Monday cookbook, several years ago: the main ingredient is frozen peas (this solution, among other things, reduces calories by almost three quarters and fat of 34 grams). Nutritional information is provided as a courtesy and is approximate only. Avocado prices are skyrocketing: demand is growing and production is limited. You don’t. My mom can't eat avocados any more either (not an allergy just really bad heartbun and stomach issues or something) and she's always left out of the dip party. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutritional information given for any recipe on this site. You rock. Avocado prices are on the rise due in part to increased global demand, a reportedly bad growing season, as well as unfavorable geopolitical headwinds—namely tariffs on Mexican imports from the current administration. Net carbs are the total carbs minus fiber. ” Chaco mockamole is prepared with broccoli, peas and other green vegetables, as well as different spices. We make the mockamole, SMOOTHIES: 10 REASONS FOR DRINKING THEM EVERY DAY, Sesame, mint, and coconut: the variations of chutney that you don’t expect, Almonds, the secrets of a prodigious seed. There's so many people who are sensitive nowadays so this is a great workaround. I think my son was a bit miffed at the Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, but the guac they loved hehe. Even as I was shoveling chip fulls of it into my face, the look was still there. Thanks Liz! Oh it is soooo hard, but atleast now I can enjoy one of my favorite dips!! As a result, we cannot produce or sell guacamole “. When I have watched the bee population in my area dwindle to close to nothing, and have had to actually hand pollinate some of my veggies to get them to produce, the news of a company I love sharing my concern, and actually doing something to rectify the issue, well it makes me even more happy to support them, and everything they do! For those of us that can't indulge in guacamole due to avocado allergies, this version will make you feel like you aren't missing a thing. How do I make guacamole without an avocado? It must be hars to be alergic to avocado! What an awesome recipe! Im allergic to asparagus too! I’ve never really lived alone. Chacho, a Tex-Mex chain, had to warn his customers in July: “Avocados are temporarily unavailable. Oh yes, if she misses guacamole as much as I did she will love this!! can you use canned asparagus and canned peas? What a great idea!! If you like this recipe please leave a comment! Love this idea! All Rights Reserved. Bullying: defeating it and making society grow Now, let me tell you the nice little surprises that come along with eating asparagus. Of course with tortilla chips. Check out my new blog, The Society and I Am not Okay with This canceled f, Why it is normal not to always be happy: sincere a, #Guacamole without avocado?