While the princesses attacked Scopria and Emily they stopped when Scopria asked for their help to save Entrapta from Beast Island. In the first two seasons, Adora tried over and over again to convince Catra to leave the Horde and join her, but Catra was consumed by feelings of betrayal and anger towards Adora. Alias Likewise, in "In the Shadows of Mystacor", Glimmer is very caring of Adora, not holding the mistakes she makes over her head and instead she comforts her frequently. Adora goes to Madam Razz and after much effort; she leans the truth about how Mara sacrificed herself to save the planet from the Heart of Etheria. After that Entrapta comes to rescue them from multiple monsters with a giant robot she built. Later, Adora's true destiny and birthright were revealed to her. Catra and Hordak flee before her, and Shadow Weaver and Glimmer work together to transport her and everyone else back to Bright Moon. The woman is the Sorceress. Adora and Catra have been described as the "core relationship and the core conflict of the show." When they were attacked by Horde ships, Adora realized that they were tracking them trough Catra's chip so she brought bought Entrapta to Catra's room to remove the chip. With the Horde purged from the village, the citizens pledged themselves to the Rebellion. Horde Force Captain Adora was initially ruthless, tricky, smug and selfish. She completes her ensemble with a knee-length red cape. In the season premiere, Adora and fellow rebels gather for the coronation of Glimmer as the new Queen of Bright Moon. Adora does not remember any of the events beyond "The Sword: Part 1", only in this reality she successfully completed the invasion of Thaymor and returned as a war hero. They all had a tight bond with one another - despite Catra being her best friend - while in the Horde. After spending time thinking about their past Adora decides she can't leave Catra with Horde Prime even after everything she's done. [3], Adora awakens from her slumber without the memories of the previous day's events. Glimmer gives Adora, Bow Huntara and Perfuma a mission to retrieve Mara's ship from the Crimson Waste. Eye color Adora struggled with having a normal body that does not have super powers. Glimmer keeps going out on her own without telling anyone much to Adora's chagrin. During a tremor, Adora summoned She-Ra to save them from a collapse, which Swift Wind felt though their sacred bond. Relative(s) She appears to them and explains everything. Their friendship isn't all serious, however, as they are shown to joke and tease each other. They are both reckless and headstrong, putting what they believe in above all else. Her sleeves are golden, pointed pauldrons that stand of their own accord. Human Later she helped capture a clone and tried to question him, but left him behind to help their base which was under attack. Current She-Ra Adora prepares to become She-Ra to destroy it, but is unable to do so due to the infection setting into her wounds from Horde Prime's virus. Their relationship, however, is completely changed after the Horde attacks Thaymor, and Glimmer begins to trust Adora as she learns that Adora was initially unaware of the Horde's true intentions or princess propaganda. The Siblings revealed that they are after the same thulite crystals that Adora is looking for but the constant earthquakes have blocked the way. Back on Etheria, their relationship hits a few bumps again, thanks in no small part to Shadow Weaver's machinations. Promptly named 'Best Friends Squad' by Bow, their friendship and common goals make them the leads of the series. Shadow Weaver and Castaspella join the rebels in their hidden base and says that they have discovered that if they activate the fail-safe at the Heart of Etheria all the magic that has been stored there will be set free. She-Ra tells him about the woman she saw in the sword. Adora doesn't even try to hide the fact that she and She-Ra are the same person and everyone, including her enemies, knows this. Adora and Glimmer at odds with each other. He and Adora have a close connection to one another. In the final battle she wept when Shadow Weaver died saving her and Catra from a security monster showing she truly cared for the sorceresses. After trading blows and pleas to stop the attack, Netossa joined and began defending the town from Spinnerella. Having never seen Etheria the way many people had, she was blind to the Horde’s ruling methods... which were harsh and cruel and abusive. Season Two ends with Shadow Weaver standing menacingly over Adora's bed. Yellow Dislikes They created the Sword of Protection and Mara preserved it for her because Adora is one of their kind. Obsessed with proving her worth to the Horde and beating her former friend, Catra's various plans to defeat Adora become bolder, riskier, and more violent, and at times put the very existence of Etheria at risk. His kindness to Adora doesn't stop at that, however, as he comically over reacts to learning that she doesn't know what 'parties' or 'aunts' are. As this happens, Bow and Glimmer come after her and assure her that they will accompany her to the Heart, which cheers her enough to be able to recall the She-Ra form once again. This got her attention and she attacked her friends. Darla discovered the crystals needed for fuel on a nearby planet. Skills Once back on Darla Adora then asked to go back and save Catra; Bow and Glimmer agreed to save her "Best Friends Style". While Glimmer and Bow handle that, Adora is sent to fix an outpost by Light Hope in order to bring her to full computational capacity. She instantly took a liking toward him and took him back to Bright Moon. Sculpted by the Four Horsemen, these toys are updated versions of numerous characters from the franchise. Specifically in "System Failure", when Glimmer remarks about a boulder that needs smashing and Adora is quick to oblige.