Most often, what you will find in American stores are smoked Polish sausages, although uncooked sausages are out there if you look for them. And then the cut of the meat varies. And do note, you do not have to have equipment to make Polish sausage. Once upon a time, it was only served on the table of knights and noble families. This kind of sausage hails from Europe, specifically in the Polish (obviously) region. My kids love it! Polish sausage, otherwise known as Polish Kielbasa or simply Kielbasa in Poland, is a thick, link sausage traditionally made with pork. You can also find beef or turkey kielbasa in some locations. Making Kielbasa Sausage . You start with garlic and work from there. For the most part, Polish sausage is garlic based. The Polish Sausage or Kielbasa is not your typical sausage. Use this recipe to get started. While others call for only one. This is a quick and easy recipe that combines the sweet and smokey flavor of Kielbasa or Polish sausage with fresh sauteed vegetables and a tangy tomato sauce served over bow-tie pasta. By Dawn P. Slow Cooker Lentil Soup with Sausage A hearty but wholesome soup of lentils, sausage, and veggies prepared in a slow cooker. Some recipes call for different size meat pieces.