Qiu Gui Su is a native Mandarin speaker who has taught Mandarin Chinese for over 20 years. Similarly, brother translates as gege, older brother, or didi, younger brother. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2007-2010 Best4Future Blog. 叔叔 (shū shū): the younger brother of your dad ... meaning of the different ways to call family members and relatives will put you one step closer to reading and speaking Chinese like a native! Mom's Advice: How to help children learn Chinese characters? Simply refresh the current webpage or press F5 on your keyboard for the refresh function. en-cn dictionary website Travel to China Comments. 1. The senior-junior order is considered honorable and respectful. Neither is there a different word for younger brother vs. older brother. In the Chinese language, age is a very important factor in the organization of the family. Learn the chinese character 弟 ( dì ) : younger brother.Writing, calligraphy, stroke order, history, etymology, calligraphic style, expressions. The Chinese words for older sister and younger sister are completely different in pronunciation and writing: jiejie is for older sister, and meimei, younger sister. brother-in-law: 姐夫 (jiěfu) elder sister's husband 妹夫 (mèifu) younger sister's husband 大伯 (dàbó) husband's elder brother 小叔 (xiǎoshū) husband's younger brother: sister-in-law: 嫂子 (sǎozi) elder brother's wife 弟妹 (dìmèi) younger brother's wife 大姨子 (dàyízi) wife's elder sister 小姨子 … Drop me your comments, ideas, suggestions or complains here, so that I can keep improving this program. What do you think? In the English kinship system, age is not a criterion in distinguishing personal relationships or grouping kinship terms. MKB September carnival: learning about culture & multilingualism, Stages of children’s second language acquisition, Perfect bilingualism vs. recipient bilingualism, More opportunities to study in China under the 100,000 Strong Initiative. Or you can view the presentation in an interactive mode: Chinese Learning for Babies (Lesson 1-Family Members): how to say sister and brother in Chinese. For example, this chapter reviews the words we learned in last post and reinforces them via repetition and combination. Due to the size of the program, content in the frame below may display blank. You can hear the words when they are spoken and follow the sound track): Click here to see the whole screen PPT presentation. How to say mom, dad and baby in Chinese? All rights reserved. This list of extended Chinese family relationships covers family members of the same generation or younger - cousins, bothers and sisters-in-law, and nieces and nephews. Related posts: In today’s lesson, the Chinese words I am teaching are older sister, younger sister, older brother, and younger brother. younger female cousin with different last name 伯父 bó fù father's older brother 伯母 bó mǔ father's older brother wife 弟弟 dì di younger brother 弟媳 dì xí younger brother's wife 儿子 兒子 ér zi son 父母 fù mǔ parents 父亲 父親 fù qin father 哥哥 gē ge older brother 姑妈 姑媽 gū mā father's sister 姑丈 Therefore, sisters are just that, sisters. Music is a great way to learn languages, for children and adults, Chinese lesson 10: body parts (eyes, ears, nose & mouth), Chinese lesson 9: family members (uncles & aunts on both sides), Chinese lesson 8: family members (grandparents on both sides), Chinese lesson 7: family members (sisters & brothers ), Chinese lesson 6: family members (mom, dad & baby). Peter. How to say sister and brother in Chinese? How to say aunt and uncle in Chinese? I hope that you and your baby like this series and learn Chinese week by week, month by month, year by year. The strokes that all Chinese characters are composed of are to be written in a certain order which has originally been defined by Chinese calligraphy. In the last post, I showed you How to say mom, dad and baby in Chinese?. i am also starting to publish “learn chinese book” in my country CUZ china is a future super power. Watch PPT presentation for the complete lesson. 16. Chinese Pinyin example sentence with 弟弟 ( didi / dìdi ) ⓘ Writing in Pinyin Before using this Pinyin example sentence, consider that Chinese characters should always be your first choice in written communication. If you cannot use Chinese characters, it is preferable to use the Pinyin with tones.Only use the Pinyin without tones if there's no other option (e.g. No comments yet. English: Brother-in-law - Older sister's husbandPinyin: jiě fuChinese: 姐夫Audio Pronunciation, English: Brother-in-law - Younger sister's husbandPinyin: mèi xùChinese: 妹婿Audio Pronunciation, English: Sister-in-law - Older brother's wifePinyin: sǎosaoChinese: 嫂嫂Audio Pronunciation, English: Sister-in-law - Younger brother's wifePinyin: dì xíChinese: 弟媳Audio Pronunciation, English: Older male cousin - Father's sidePinyin: táng gēChinese: 堂哥Audio Pronunciation, English: Younger male cousin - Father's sidePinyin: táng dìChinese: 堂弟Audio Pronunciation, English: Older female cousin - Father's sidePinyin: táng jiěChinese: 堂姐Audio Pronunciation, English: Younger female cousin - Father's sidePinyin: táng mèiChinese: 堂妹Audio Pronunciation, English: Older male cousin - Mother's sidePinyin: biǎo gēChinese: 表哥Audio Pronunciation, English: Younger male cousin - Mother's sidePinyin: biǎo dìChinese: 表弟Audio Pronunciation, English: Older female cousin - Mother's sidePinyin: biǎo jiěChinese: 表姐Audio Pronunciation, English: Younger female cousin - Mother's sidePinyin: biǎo mèiChinese: 表妹Audio Pronunciation, English: Nephew - Brother's sonPinyin: zhí ziTraditional Chinese: 姪子Simplified Chinese: 侄子Audio Pronunciation, English: Niece - Brother's daughterPinyin: zhí nǚTraditional Chinese: 姪女Simplified Chinese : 侄女Audio Pronunciation, English: Nephew - Sister's sonPinyin: wài shēngChinese: 外甥Audio Pronunciation, English: Niece - Sister's daughterPinyin: wài shēng nǚChinese: 外甥女Audio Pronunciation.