An active food lover and blogger, he has embarked on a culinary journey to present everything from traditional dishes to vegetarian, vegan and even paleo options! Tried this recipe today and it was great! The third point was carraway seed which is typically Hungarian and combines with the sauerkraut and vinegary flavours. My grandparents were from what is now Eastern Slovakia but I was always told much of the food they prepared was Hungarian! Cut out the thick part of the cabbage leaves, making them easy to roll up later with the filling. Although the taste wasn’t awful – it was definitely not to my preference. Hi Cathy, I usually just buy my cabbages just a few days ahead, but now I’ll pay more attention and pick those perfectly sized heads when I see them. Layer some cabbage rolls on top, keeping them 1/2-inch or so from the sides of the pot. 2 pounds (1kg) sauerkraut, Into the pot goes: Take off the heat, add 2 teaspoons of paprika, stir. Allow at least 24 hours for the cabbages to defrost in the refrigerator. While the leaves cool, prepare the stuffing. You don’t need a slow cooker for our recipe – we bake our stuffed cabbage in the oven. If you want, you can add caraway seeds to season the stuffing, and if you don’t have marjoram, feel free to use oregano instead. I found that soaking for 15 minutes got rid of most of its flavor and I like a slight sour taste to the dish. Using your hands, combine thoroughly, making sure that the seasonings and rice are evenly distributed throughout the meat. I learned from a polish lady to prepare pork neck bones a day ahead (crockpot), and this has become another layer of flavor to my pot. 7oz (200ml) sour cream Set aside and let it cool a bit. Yet one more variation to consider. 8 %, tablespoons freshly rendered lard or 2 tablespoons oil, paprika gravy (see recipe in this cookbook). Elise – I just made these last night for dinner and they are absolutely incredible. (I prefer the oven to the stovetop.). Repeat the above process with the other head of cabbage. 1 cabbage, pickled or fresh (see recipe) They are typically served with a sour cream-based sauce with plenty of sauerkraut. It’s the first time I ever made it. I used the freezer method for the cabbage and following your directions I was able to make the rolls so they didn’t fall apart. Cabbage leaves are stuffed with ground pork, onions, garlic, egg, rice, and spices, and braised in a tomato sauce. It’s no wonder this dish never goes out of style. Read more about our affiliate linking policy. It sounds like you made some smart substitutions and I’m sure you captured all the essential flavors of the dish. my grandma came from hungary when small girl. The addition of oregano is purely a matter of taste, but it is NOT a seasoning used in Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage and I wouldn’t be inclined to add it to the ingredient list. Since the cabbage leaves need to be tender and soft in order to roll them, I fear they would break down too much under pressure. Once it’s done, turn off the heat and sprinkle the onion with sweet paprika. It’s a classic Hungarian dish that takes some time to prepare, but the result? Add the onion and sauté until soft and translucent, 3 to 5 minutes. True to their name, stuffed cabbage rolls are little bundles of cabbage leaves that have been stuffed and cooked with a mixture of ground pork, onions, paprika, and other spices, and braised in tomato sauce. She uses croatian vegeta stock instead of the paprika/tomato based sauce. 25.3 g I will definitely give it a try. Roll the cabbage leaf around the filling, using just enough pressure to make a firm roll without splitting the leaf (see photo above). I am thinking about altering this for a South Beach diet friendly version. Sounds delish!! The only difference is that I always cook mine on the top of the stove in an appropriately sized enameled pot. We’re here to help you put dinner (and breakfast and lunch) on the table with less stress and more joy. Stuffed cabbage freezes well too. Using your thumb and middle finger on either side of the roll, gently tuck the ends of the cabbage into the meat mixture, forming a dimple on each end (bottom right photo). Mom always did this because there was always a green pepper in the fridge which needed to be used. Also, my friend’s Hungarian grandma suggested I mix up pork *and* beef for more of a bite, which I did tonight. Hi Gloria, To do this, turn each leaf outer side up and insert the point of a paring knife just under the thinnest part of the center vein and slice toward the bottom of the leaf, being careful not to cut all the way through. My Hungarian grandmother always cocked this on top of the stove, the cabbage was boiled and the leaves removed, one by one, and then trimmed once cooled. Stir, thus avoiding it to be lumpy. To ensure easy rolling, you want to slice off the thickest portion of the center vein of each cabbage leaf (top left photo). Remove the cabbage from the water and let drain until it is cool enough to handle. Saute the garlic, onion and ... cool. I spent some time exploring the site and plan to order a few things. Hi Liz, 2 tablespoons of duck/goose/pork fat or vegetable oil They’ll last about a month in the freezer. Remove core from, Saute the garlic, onion and ... cool. Hope you enjoyed the stuffed cabbage – Happy New Year to you as well! It's fine for them to be close together. Please try again later. this way when you put the rest of it together the following day. Hi Mike, Using a paring knife, trim away the extra cabbage on the sides, leaving about 3/4-inch of unfilled cabbage on either side for tucking in. No oregano here either, but I surely added my Hungarian Paprika! In the morning the leaves are all soft and wilted.They are very easy to work with to fill. they said the sauce was not tart. If I am busy just let it run ten minutes let it cool then remove the leaves. Finally, spread the remaining half of sauerkraut on top, fill up with enough water to just cover it, and cook (covered) over medium heat. Next, prepare the cabbage leaves. Hi Donna, 4th, 1 egg’ll do the job. Set aside the trimmings to be chopped and added to the cooking pot. Steam the chopped onions for about 3-4 minutes. I see no problem though, with using bacon in my next batch. A few extra grinds of black pepper can't hurt though. Kielbasa, if I have it goes in too. With one exception: we don’t put sour cream in sauerkraut, we serve as a topping on rolls. Thanks for sharing the info. In the summer we use fresh cabbage but from fall to spring we only use sour kraut ,chopped and whole leaves topped with the tomato juice. Cut out the tough white base of each leaf. I use tomato soup ,Fresh canned if I have it, any other tomato sauce if soup is not available. You can purchase good Hungarian Kolbasz from Bende Inc. in Illinois, look it up on line. Required fields are marked *. I made it again this afternoon and I’m looking forward to making it again and again. I’m so glad you found the recipe helpful in creating your own version of the dish. Hi Elizabeth, I do a very, very quick rinse of the sauerkraut. When you are ready, slice up the leaves that you haven’t used and add them later to the stuffed cabbage pot. She’d put them in a separate small casserole, cover them with a bit of the chopped cabbage/sauerkraut/tomato mixture and bake them alongside the pot of cabbage rolls. I used this as a base recipe. Season with salt, pepper and ground caraway. 1/3 pound (150g) Hungarian smoked paprika sausage (lángolt kolbász, if you can find it) I buy it and put it right into the freezer.The night before I’m making them I take it out of the freezer to thaw. Hi Peter, Set aside and allow to cool. Hi Lou, I core it, throw it in the pot, and before you know it, it starts to fan out like a flower and it’s a cinch to unfurl. I’ve tried freezing the cabbage, yes, it’s much easier, but I find it is a little “leathery” in my rolls. Be sure to place a shallow pan under them as they release a lot of water as they thaw. We always have Cabbage Rolls on New Years Day, using leftover Christmas ham. Adding the bacon on top is also new for me, they are baking right now so looking forward to trying in a few hours. The freezer method is much easier, but you do need to plan two days ahead. Add the garlic and cook half a minute longer. No garlic in mine but 1/4 to 1/2 c parsley. Add another, thinner layer of chopped cabbage, then more cabbage rolls, repeating as needed, finishing with a layer of chopped cabbage.