Most elementary schools also have a parent organization that works closely with the school and, in turn, the assistant principal. Dr. Bryan Denton, Principal In larger school districts, there may be multiple assistant principals per school, each specializing in a specific subject area, such as history or math. Ms. Willis served as the Career Development Coordinator at Stuart W. Cramer High School and Instructional Management Coordinator of Hunter Huss High School until 2018 when she became Assistant Principal. Prior to joining Hunter College as a full-time Lecturer, Professor Perez served as an Adjunct Lecturer at Hunter College since 2018. Elementary school assistant principals also interact more with parents than their secondary school counterparts. Ms. Willis is a member of NC Principals & Assistant Principals Association and serves as the Treasurer for the BSA Troop 323 in Cherryville and is a member of Cedar Grove Lutheran Church. If you’re a teacher who aspires to be an assistant principal, you’re in good company. This marks my sixteenth year in education! Greetings! Assistant principals can work at elementary, middle, or high schools. I believe it takes a collaborative effort between the school, student, parents, and community to educate our students and I am excited about doing my part to “Grow their minds.” Imani Irving Perez has served in early childhood and special education for over 10 years. He graduated from Cherryville High School in 1993. Mr. Oliphant has served communitites in Harlem New York, Statesville and Charlotte, North Carolina before joining Gaston County Schools. Chris Dixon, Assistant This leadership position includes interactions with students, teachers, other administrators, board members, and parents. One major difference for elementary assistant principals is a better ongoing focus on instructional leadership. Hunter College Campus Schools Main Number (includes access to Campus School Director, Admissions & Elementary School) 212.860.1400 in Middle Grades Math Education from Georgia Southwestern State University, and an Ed.D. According to, the average salary of an assistant principal falls between $53,000 and $101,000. Many spend more time with disciplinary actions and less with instructional leadership. Although behavior issues and disciplinary actions are still a part of an elementary assistant principal’s day, they are often less frequent and less time consuming. Note: The French word "collège" does not translate to the English word "college," nor does it exactly translate to "high school." While days are fast-paced and often unpredictable, the assistant principal has a meaningful and influential role in educational environments. Telephone (03) 489-3823. Ms. Willis served as the Career Development Coordinator at Stuart W. Cramer High School and Instructional Management Coordinator of Hunter Huss High School until 2018 when she became Assistant Principal. SPEDE 768: Fostering Dev in Young Children w/ Diverse Abilities: Historical, Political, & Inclusive Perspectives, Developing Evidence-Based Practices and Interventions to Serve Children with Dysgraphia and Improve Writing Instruction, Critical Literacy in Early Childhood, Early Literacy, Teacher Development, New Literacies Studies, Hunter College Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). Looking beyond Hunter College High school? They conceptualize the goals of their school and identify objectives for instruction and extracurricular programs. Before becoming an administrator in 2018, Mr. Hilburn taught Math at both the middle school and high school levels and CTE Technology Education courses at the high school level. Elementary, Middle, and High School Principals, Occupational Outlook for Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School, Psychology Teacher: Job, Education and Salary Information, Special Education Teacher: Job, Education and Salary Information, Health Teacher: Job, Education and Salary Information, School Principal: Job, Education and Salary Information, Art Teacher: Job, Education, and Salary Information, Adjunct Professor: Job Outlook, Education, Salary, Master’s in Trauma Education and Trauma-Informed Care, Meeting with parents to discuss student behavioral or learning problems, Coordinating use of school facilities for day-to-day activities and special events, Working with teachers to develop curriculum standards, Developing and maintaining school safety procedures, Evaluating teachers and learning materials to determine areas where improvement is needed, Coordinating and planning class schedules, Assessing data such as state standards and test scores, Ordering and approving equipment and supply orders, Maintaining systems for attendance, performance, planning, and other reports, Supervising grounds and facilities maintenance, Walking the hallways and checking in on teachers and classrooms, Responding to emails from teachers, parents and community members, A desire and capacity to work with children and young adults, An ability to uphold rules and regulations, Flexibility to work in different environments, including but not limited to: classrooms, offices, buses, field trips, parent-teacher-faculty meetings, and official functions, Bachelor’s degree in a teachable subject — including student teaching practicum, Successful completion of state-required testing and certification for teaching certification, At least 3-5 years teaching in the classroom, Completion of a master’s program in administrative field, Successful completion of administrative testing and requirements for school administrative license or certification, Higher salary relative to other education professionals, Able to implement your vision for the school, The role is usually a precursor to becoming school principal, Spending time with children and making a difference in their lives, Disciplinary issues can consume many hours in the day, Schedules over 40 hours a week are common, The politics involved with students, parents, teachers, and other administrators. Most states require assistant principals to take continuing education courses in order to keep their certifications current. ... Kamillah Dawkins is the assistant principal for grades 7-9, while Maysa Perez Antonio is the assistant principal for grades 10-12. Hunter College High School is a secondary school located in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Principals and vice principals typically need a master’s degree and several years of teaching experience to qualify for employment. I chose a non-traditional route to start my career in education as I have a BBA in Accounting from Georgia Southwestern State University, a M.Ed.