active or inactive hurricane season for the coming year. Blog at In 2013, the Atlantic was inactive both in basin-wide activity and landfalls (see the second figure, panel B). The most active part of the Atlantic season runs from Aug. 20 to about the first week of October. Abstract. On Oct. 24, it will be exactly 8 years since the last major hurricane of Category 3 strength or greater made landfall. The absence of a major hurricane in the U.S. this season means the continuation of a record-long streak. Bottom Line: The finish line to hurricane season is in sight and we could yet set records for activity. An inactive hurricane season can just as easily have a major hurricane make landfall as much as any other season, and this forecast should not be taken as a reason to write off the season. 2019 Masters Tournament (Dane) 2019 U.S. Open (Dane) 2019 Open Championship (Dane) 2019 PGA Championship (Dane) 2019 Thomas More vs. Alabama football game (Dane) An active basin-wide season does not necessarily translate into an active landfall season, nor does an inactive season in parts of the basin necessarily translate into an inactive season along the coasts. Our early April statistical and statistical/dynamical hybrid models show strong evidence on nearly 40 years of data that significant improvement over a climatological forecast can be attained. We also … We would never issue a seasonal hurricane forecast unless we had models developed over a long hindcast period which showed skill. By Jennifer M. Collins and David R. Roache. As of the morning of September … It only takes one to make a quiet season a bad season.” woodj44 Government, Hurricane Season, Jamaica, Tourism Leave a comment October 17, 2019 October 22, 2019 2 Minutes. For the 2020 hurricane season, despite there being 20 named storms, the ACE has been very close to normal to date. The statistical peak occurs on Sept. 10, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami. This is only three shy of the record setting 2005 Atlantic Hurricane season – which technically didn’t even end until January of 2006. The Inactive 2009 Hurricane Season In the North Atlantic Basin: An Analysis of Environmental Conditions . The 2009 North Atlantic hurricane season was below normal when considering overall hurricane activity; however, activity was seen to vary sharply from month to month. Entering November 25 named storms had already occurred.