In addition to that, all of the cards above are less than a dollar if not a small bit more, meaning they could most likely work price wise. , : Target Blinkmoth creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn. Op mentioned the possibility of there being supply shortages in his post. They'll be replacing Waves of Aggression and Unbreakable Formation. Since infect is an all-or-nothing sort of archetype, even when running the less aggressive versions, the most important characteristics that you need are speed, protection, and evasion. Now sorry if this is a bit rushed, I am short on time, but you may want to think about some of the following cards, with graveyard recursion, tutors to graveyards, and good sac cards! I could be wrong, but how do you ignore the idea that you could sell your player base all of the exact same cards a second time because you force them to migrate over to a different client. Pyrohemia It is also less than 50 cents, making it a great include for a budget deck. How competitive you want to be is always up to you. Additionally, I've seen a lot of equipment lists popping up that use Colossus Hammer, Kor Duelist, Sigarda's Aid, and Kor Outfitter to see some success. by atingtdm, Deus ex Terra The result is that most red infect decks rely on gimmicks like using Razor Swine's first strike to wither enemy creatures, generating infinite mana to pump into an unblocked Ogre Menial, or putting Phyresis on something like a Spikeshot Elder to bypass combat altogether. Because they are lands, your opponent cannot use a Counterspell or equivalent to counter you putting it into play. Also, good idea with Ghitu Encampment although I'd probably go with Blinkmoth Nexus, Inkmoth Nexus, or Mutavault since they tie up less mana. Artist: Jung Park. Contact | Rarity: Rare. Privacy statement | All Sets: Card Number: 145. : Blinkmoth Nexus becomes a 1/1 Blinkmoth artifact creature with flying until end of turn. by Behgz, Winota's Horde - This Is Sparta!!! Generous Gift is also an amazing removal card that I have in my best deck and it's pretty good too! This isn't Eldrazi Tron, you will never have 10 mana. I think even without Blinkmoth's +1/+1 ability, it would still be better than Inkmoth simply because it can deal damage. Hydra's Growth It can only ever start producing tokens turn 6, and whilst I am often delaying my first Winota cast until turn 5/6 in testing. Darksteel Plate Otherwise Treetop Village, Faerie Conclave, and perhaps even Frostwalk Bastion are good enough to test ;). Certaintly worth considering. ). 0.25 - 999.99 This site © 2020, LLC Press J to jump to the feed. by Mortlocke, Colourless mill by Boomy, Landed Elite I really like Outmaneuver and Soul's Fire as ways to take advantage of infect in red. Expansion: Mirrodin Besieged. Vigor Field of Ruin blew-up a Gaea's Cradle. This will also allow you to run 20 lands or fewer, opening up even more slots for gas. Khalni Ambush Inkmoth sees play in Affinity too, though not as often. This ability to get into play around your opponent's control is … Obuun first, 1/1 artifact creature land - blinkmoth. Your instant tricks definitely fall in this category. This is both a call to the conversation and a shoutout to these other Winota builders! Ramping into Arcum by turn 3 to go off on turn 4 is super important in this deck’s consistency. There's too much financial incentive involved without having to design new cards, they would just be porting over existing cards. Guardian Idol. The best dual tapped manlands are really Celestial Colonnade, Lumbering Falls, and Creeping Tar Pit, abuse the heck out of them! Apostle's Blessing is probably the best in your colors. Savage Ventmaw has been spot-removed prior to combat every time thus far. Supply isn't as abundant, and the card has always been a staple, so price difference is what it is. Phytohydra, get back monarch I put that in initially to have just a potential source of infect, but not sure if it's worth it. Do +1/+1 counters stay on man-lands when they're not creatures? It's played in more decks, so there is more demand. The Ozolith At the moment I don't play a sideboard on this deck since it's more "for fun" deck. Blinkmoth is played in affinity, where it does actual damage. I am not sure this is the deck for it sadly. Expansion: Darksteel. Types: Land. Just like with creatures, I wouldn't run any spells that cost more than 2 unless they can win you the game like Soul's Fire can. Green offers two of those things in spades but can struggle with evasion. Help | Dromoka's Command Misc. Storm's Wrath I enjoy playing magic on arena and mtgo, but as far as mtgo is concerned i don't feel comfortable investing too heavily into that digital economy specifically because I'm worried that Arena will absolutely take over and crash the digital economy built around MTGO. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Additionally, the times where this deck pivots and manages to go for a manland win is very rare, like 1/100 rare.