By subscribing you agree to the terms in our Privacy Policy. Mini fridges are perfect for a wide range of situations and locations where a full-size fridge would be either too big or too impractical. Well, you now have the answer! The iceQ mini bars are among the more popular ones to be purchased for this reason. The Husky 307L Triple Door Alfresco Bar Fridge has been built to ensure high quality and that you can sit in the comfort of your outdoor area with refreshments close at hand. You no longer have to worry about energy consumption too because the LG Mini Bar Fridge ensures that there is no cold air that would seep out of the fridge to maintain the cold environment inside due to its tight door seal. With its 123 liters capacity, you will never run out of storage spaces! Although it serves the purpose of it being small that you could fit it anywhere without any hassle, this mini bar fridge has a 2-door compartment where the other one serves as a freezer, and you heard it right! We’ve already seen how a compact fridge of this type can be neatly hidden away inside a cabinet, which looks far better in any office or boardroom. This mini bar fridge would always keep your food and drinks fresh because of its optimal door seal so all the coldness and stable temperature would be kept inside. Some credenzas are designed with a top that has a lip on three of the four sides, leaving the front open. They will hire a cabinet maker to design and create the furniture they require, and they may also request certain items to be integrated into the furniture. This is perfect for storing glasses or disposal paper cups, as well as other convenient snack items. Some will have holes in the back to help with this, and to ensure you can feed the power lead through to plug in your fridge. The main thing to remember is to allow for sufficient airflow around the fridge. You can read more about Shipping at Now with an extra space, you can put the excess grocery and leftover away. Another space-saver mini fridge that has a large capacity of 90 L is the LG Mini Bar Fridge.{0}, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-in.png, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-out.png, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-soon.png. The door can even be locked if its for a private office space. You don’t have to wait too long for your ice cream to freeze also! Store your groceries conveniently with the PowerPac 2-Door Mini Bar Fridge. A great deal right in front of you, so get it! Copyright © 2020 Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Also available though are glass doors, stylishly revealing the contents that lie within to tempt your guests! If you are one of those who stayed in rented rooms or dorms, having your own refrigerator will be more convenient. A credenza is basically a cabinet that has a large spacious interior. LG Bar Fridge GR-051SSF comes with rounded-edge door design, horizontal built-in handle, ice tray, mechanical control system and is environmentally friendly. You’ll surely feel nostalgic every time you open the doors of this refrigerator. Being small, it’s easy to clean and maintain. It boasts its low noise emission and the non-flammable refrigerant for you and your family’s safety. ... ELECTROLUX EUM0900SA MINI BAR FRIDGE (NET 85L) Special Price S$334. Registration No. Here’s the Farfalla Mini Bar Fridge to help you out! With its storage capacity, you have 2 liters of bottle rack and a separate chiller compartment for your ice cubes. We curated our recommended top 10 Mini Bar Fridges in Singapore, Product In-Stock: Furthermore, all these ten mini bar fridges are manufactured by the most trusted refrigerator brands so you can genuinely rely on their overall operation and efficiency. There are other brands out there as well, some of which provide larger mini bar fridges that are capable of being integrated into cabinets in this fashion. Give more room to your drinks and snacks with the Midea Mini Bar Fridge with a whopping 50-liter capacity! The glass door maintains the even temperature inside the fridge whilst allowing people can see what is stored inside without having to constantly open the door. Because of its technically smaller size, mini bar fridges can make your drinks cold faster than the usual refrigerators because the cold temperature is circulating in a small area. FREE DELIVERY Made from stainless steel, this bar fridge works best in sheltered area but can till handle the high temperatures of summer. Rating: 77%. You need to opt in cookie policy if you want to add to cart. There is even a small ice box inside for holding an ice tray. It also operates quietly that would not bother anything that you would do, even your sleep. A good example of this type of mini bar fridge comes from the reliable iceQ range. You don’t have to worry about your flat mates putting fermented tofu anymore. Most mini bar fridges are known for their optimum energy efficiency. Now its easy to clean up spillages. With so many advantages mentioned, let us show you which are the best mini bar fridges to buy in Singapore! Plus, you have fantastic color choices: cream, mint, and lemon. Yet there are other advantages too. Handy fridge freezers also let you store frozen meals for weekday work and school lunches, saving you precious time and effort cooking multiple times. 00 Regular Price S$399. The solid door ensures the unit looks smart and unobtrusive – something that might be required if you wish to maintain a professional and minimalist appearance in your office space.