Oh Lord, so often we travel through life without a care or worry, until something like this lands in our laps, and Lord I am sorry that I have not been as faithful in my prayers to You. It is important to understand in such situations that the success of surgery depends not only on the qualifications of the doctors, but also on God. My surgery can be successful because you have blessed the medical professionals with the gifts to carry it out. You have promised that, if I abide in you, I will produce much fruit. All rights reserved. Prayer for HealingPrayer for the SickMiracle PrayerPrayer for StrengthPrayer for ProtectionShort PrayersPrayer for GuidancePrayers for My HusbandPrayers for My SonPrayers for My Daughter, 30 Best Thanksgiving Prayers to Inspire Gratitude and Give Thanks for Blessings, How to Be Thankful, Even When You Really Don't Feel Like It, 10 Ways to Turn Thanksgiving into Thanksliving, 10 Christian Hymns That Need to Be Put to Rest, When Do You Thank God? There is a prayer for successful surgery , a prayer for recovery after an operation , and an inspiring prayer for healing and strength . Let’s speak about the topic which is about something that every Christian has had to deal with at one time or another, and that is the prayer for surgery to go well. Never leaving. Prayer for surgery Gathered together on this page are a number of prayers for those who are currently awaiting surgery. You are the God of peace, the great shepherd of the sheep. Your will be done. 9Source: Gregorian Sacramentary, 8th Century, Historic Collect for the Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany). Please look upon my physical needs at this time and restore strength to my body through this surgery. you know that we are surrounded by many great dangers,and because of our human frailtywe cannot withstand them. You never forget, you never fail and you never take back a promise. Let your glory be above all the earth. Give us health of mind and bodyso that we who suffer under sinmay overcome and win the victory in you; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord,who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,one God, now and forever. Prayers for Successful Surgery. In those moments, Lord Jesus, strengthen us to remember You. Can Loved Ones in Heaven Look Down on You? Our time here is so fleeting, but our belief in You, Jesus, sets us apart and ensures us life everlasting. Prayer For My Wife’s Surgery . So do a miracle in me! Please bless me I as undergo surgery. May they be given supernatural strength and knowledge. Let me feel your presence with me during the operation. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. Visit our most popular prayers if you are wondering how to pray or what to pray. As I have surgery, I remain in your loving presence. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. I said a prayer for you today, that God would touch you with His healing hand and give you the comfort and peace you need to get through. Fill my mind with peace as I present my request for a successful operation to you and as I approach the operation date. For You promise us: “Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.” (Psalm 30:2) Bless the surgeons and medical staff that will operate on us. Successful Surgery Prayer Heavenly Father, thank you that you are my ever-present help in times of trouble. May your peace be in my heart, your grace be in my words, your love be in my hands and your joy be in my soul. To hold onto You. Please ensure the success of my surgery, Lord. Give me a vision for what a healthy-healed-me looks like, and help me to go after that girl with tenacity and purpose. What are you facing today that we can join in praying for healing and peace over? How long shall I put up with you? Healing Prayer Faithful Father, thank you that you hear and answer my prayers. Amen. May I find the comfort I desire in you and the strength I need in your name. May you, the God of all grace, who has called me into eternal glory by Christ Jesus, make me holy, strong and filled with peace. Lord, calm my nerves and help me to to confidently relax in your peace. Amen. Let the majesty of the Father be the light that guides me, the compassion of the Son be the love that inspires me and the presence of the Spirit be the strength that empowers me. Verse 20 states: “So they brought him. Bless and heal me today through this surgery. Protect my physical body as the surgeon operates on me. You have promised that you are able to bless me abundantly. PRAYER FOR SURGERY TO GO WELL – is necessary, THANKSGIVING DINNER PRAYER Thanksgiving Day 2020, PRAYER FOR PENTECOST SUNDAY. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”  When Jesus saw that a crowd was running to the scene, he rebuked the impure spirit. May your faith be strengthened as God answers your prayer for successful surgery. Let this surgery be a success with no side effects and no need for rehab, do it for your glory, in Jesus name. To you be glory and honor for ever and ever. I beg for your mercy oh Lord to give her the patience and endurance to surpass all the pain she is having right now. Lord I come before you today I need your healing power to heal my loved one - that they may recover from a successful surgery. Abide in You Prayer Prince of Peace, thank you that you are perfectly faithful. Protect her from Satan's lies and discouragement and let her miraculous healing begin. Grow our relationship through this and may we come out of it with a stronger faith. Let me be held in your capable hands as I undergo surgery. May I trust in your plan - a plan that is for a good future! Surgery can be a scary thing, whether minor or major. Please comfort her and bring her peace. First, before we can pray for medical or surgical healing we must realize it is not the surgeon we have to pray for. Prayer After Surgery. Surgery, whether a minor or major one, can be scary and filled with anxiety. Physical Healing Prayer Heavenly Father, thank you that you are God, and there is no other, you are God, and there is none like you. When the ache of the unknown looms in front us as we place our lives in the hands of surgeons, prayer gives peace to our hearts and physically tired bodies. Hear my prayer and bring physical healing to my body. Be with our families and friends as they worry and wonder what the outcome will be. As we travel this road of uncertainty, send Your Holy Spirit to inspire our heart’s memory of Your sweet words of promise. The Bible says that all who are weary and burdened, should come to you, and you will give rest. We pray to feel Your healing hand upon us, Lord, and hear Your voice of peace and tranquility boom over the loud pain that throbs through our minds and bodies. Capable Hands Prayer Name above all Names, thank you that, by you, all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible. Supply My Needs Prayer Lord Jesus Christ, thank you that all things were created through you and for you, you are before all things, and in you all things exist. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. Father, praise You for this life. He is the master of Life and death. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. I felt the answer in my heart although He spoke not a word. Fill me with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit I may abound in hope. To you be honor and glory forever and ever. Recovery Prayer Generous Father, thank you that you made all things, and in you, all things hold together. Your word says that you will never leave me or forsake me, and that you are always with me. Lord I pray that you will really comfort her in the days ahead as she copes with the pain of surgery. You have said that whoever follows you will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Give wisdom and understanding to the team who is watching over him. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. You created me and my body rests in your capable hands. The Bible says that you will fight for me while I remain still, rooted in you. - Thanksgiving Devotional - Nov. 24, A Prayer for Thanksgiving Day - Thanksgiving Devotional - Nov. 26, Lift Holy Hands Instead of Shaking Fists - Daily Hope with Rick Warren - November 25, 2020, Sweet Girl Sings 'O Holy Night' With Her Daddy. Inspire Your love in their hearts and assure them that my life is in Your hands. Today I claim those promises over my friend. You have promised that you are able to bless me abundantly, so that in all things at all times, you will supply everything I need. You have said that you give strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak.