Internet connection through satellite, phone lines or through cable or Television should be accessible for all especially to the people in rural areas. the collection and use of users’ data and what best practices exist to ensure that data is used to bring benefit and not to harm? Here are the four main themes of the FII project: ... More on Internet Governance View all . What are current challenges and concerns re. It also maps the development and application of core principles of network design for the Internet. Are views and concerns changing and is there a need for new mental models and mindsets? issues have to be removed and proper infrastructure is required to establish e-governance. 1. The World Economic Forum launched the Future of the Internet Initiative (FII) in 2015 to help strengthen trust and expand cooperation on internet-related challenges and opportunities. NEW DELHI: As an emerging cyber power, India needs to engage seriously on issues of internet governance, said Carl Bildt, former PM of Sweden. issues related to the development, diffusion, operation, and governance of the Internet. Prof. Mueller's "Top Internet Governance Issues to Watch in 2009" Intro video from JZ's 2004 iLaw Course - watch from the 38th minute onwards. In addition, we've selected three current topics to provide some background on the types of issues that "Internet Governance" might touch on. Internet governance refers to the rules, policies, standards and practices that coordinate and shape global cyberspace.. This book provides an exposition of key issues in the development, steering, and management of the Internet. It has drawn attention from the wider Internet community through discussions on Internet names and numbers (domain names such as .amazon, .wine), the Internet of Things (self-driving cars, drones affecting air traffic safety) and other current issues. 2. The ICT facilities need to be developed and should be available to one and all citizens. Suggested Background and Readings. 3. Internet governance comprises of both issues: of freedom, privacy, access to knowledge and other aspects of the internet affecting human rights- what is known as internet public policy, as well as technical governance, one of whose aspects is the management of CIRs, and of which ICANN oversight is an important part. In order to trigger a discussion on a wide range of issues related to Internet freedom at global, regional and national levels, UNESCO has organized a series of workshops in past WSIS Forum and Internet Governance Forum meetings since 2006. On November 15, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings hosted a forum on the policy issues and challenges of Internet governance. What opportunities and challenges will the internet bring? These principles are essential to ensure an open, transparent and inclusive Internet worldwide. The critical Internet infrastructure is no longer a dry tech-geek topic. Much of its focus is on the governance of the infrastructure for Internet communication, particularly data transmission protocols, protocol addresses, and corresponding domain names. The IGF represents the UN’s response to the fact that, unlike traditional media, the Internet is inherently global (rather than national or local) in its orientation. InternetGovernance:&Challenges,& Issues&and&Roles&&—&A&Taxonomy& Discussion WSIS+10&Workshop& 9June2014