This means that when a body of mass is decelerated it loses mass and energy and when it is accelerated it gains mass and energy. In the general interpretation, k E=MC 2 defines the relationship between mass and kinetic energy. You can help with a tax-deductible Natural Uranium-238 contains only .7% Uranium 235 which is said to beused as fuel. group operating under Section 501(c)(3) One individual has even pointed that quotations from the 1905 document and Einstein’s contemporaries as well as interpretations of the Relativity equations clearly and concisely describe a confused and obviously erroneous theory. Why? The filtrate then is treated with anexcess of sodium hydroxide to precipitate uranium as ammoniumdiurate which is strongly ignited to prepare U3O8. 6, (1939).[.5.] Old theories, concepts, etc should always be challenged otherwise scientific knowledge stops being built upon and instead becomes a religion, this is why many of the old guard deride the new because they are afraid of being shown the flaws in their thinking and cannot handle the bruising of their egos. Skeptics seem to forget that Einstein’s equation has allowed us to do many of the things. Gamma radiation is a form of energy likemany other forms of radiation originating from chemical reac-Hajra: Earth Shaking Experiments Vol. 4 0 obj O. Hahn, A Scientific Autobiography, Appendix I (CharlesScribner’s Sons, U. K. © 2020 The Living Universe. Energy is intensity. When photons are produced by atoms they are made from equal pieces of positive matter (proton) and negative matter (electron). There is only pure “mass-energy”. Comments? These days, college is expensive and not the best choice for everyone. [16] G.E. Einstein made three basic mistakes in his interpretation of the E=MC2 equation. January/February 2010 GALILEAN ELECTRODYNAMICS 13Some Experiments that Shook the WorldSankar HajraCalcutta Philosophical Forum, Salt Lake, AC -54, Sector-1, Calcutta – 700 064, INDIAe-mail sankarhajra@yahoo.comIt is generally believed by the physicists that various experiments/demonstrations/applications –experiments of Hahn-Strassmann, Walton-Cockroft, Fermi’s Chicago Experiment, the explosion of the LittleBoy and the Fat Man, the commercial reaction of nuclear fuel – prove i) conversion of gravitational massinto energy, and ii) usability of Uranium and other radioactive elements as proper fuels. There is no way to convert ordinary matter into photons except in the extremely small quantities produced by atomic radiation. Further, the theory also predicted an increase in mass with velocity. It seems to hold up pretty good. We do not know the ingredientsused in those bombs. More >>. According to her, in the3.5-hour Curie-Savitch mixture, neutrons have divided Uraniuminto two parts. To consider the Curie-Savitch experimentto be an example of nuclear reaction for getting a greateramount of energy, Meitner and Frisch must prove that ¢ E > E ,where E is the energy spent to make Curie-Savitch substanceand the moving neutron and ¢ E is the energy given off by thereaction. How is it possible to ascertain the loss ofgravitational mass in the Curie-Savitch substance from Aston’sassertion that there is difference in packing fractions betweenuranium and the elements in the middle of the Periodic Table?Destructibility of gravitational mass should be well demonstratedby destruction of a good amount of gravitational mass atsource. You most beyond question beget made this blog into something thats susceptiveness check and important. miles of the town. It has never been proved wrong. 18, 92A, [1959]. 48, 52, 54 (Andre Deutch,London, 1963). while determining the energy of light. of Energy 4, 435 (Elsevier2004), ..[30] Encylo. For the uninitiated, E=MC2 is also the name of one of Mariah Carey's most popular albums. What if Einstein's E=MC2 was wrong? By failing to give the photon mass, he was unable to divide Planck’s constant into its component parts h=MλC. ThisU3O8 is reduced to UO2 by Hydrogen. He also usedsome parameters whose degrees of accuracy are not known.Chadwick’s calculation was at first 1.15 a.m.u. This mass increase/decrease for all matter is proportional to each body’s kinetic energy relative to a common position of rest for all matter. �;�3�2XV'��!8�ti�,lr:���١�/�dq[2���q�'�T�1�O_��}O&|� ��͟+� �Z0|.\�&cA�>�� d�w�vFi4��MH�D+8i�,*�!Gi�7P&~���'&jhB f�o�f�;ӡ Because of this, it is extremely difficult to experimentally establish the location of the absolute rest frame. This is readily apparent in that they refer to the Newton’s ‘Law’ of Gravitation whilst Special Relativity (SR) and General Relativity (GR) are given the polite attribution ‘The Theory of’ or simply SR ‘theory’ and GR ‘theory.’ Einstein would continue working on the ideas of Special Relativity until producing the aforementioned even more controversial treatise. Energystored in the huge amount of carbon used in the pile wasalso not considered. In physical theories prior to that of special relativity, mass and … Krishanan, Elements of Nuclear Power, p.57 (Gandhi Centre of Science, 2002).