Young scholars discuss with each... Learners utilize a new language to discuss dates and birthdays. Teach your class how to talk about sports in Italian! In this presenting lesson plan, students share their newspaper creations with peers and receive feedback. Students read a story about a girl and her first date with a hard-to-please boyfriend. 104 To Be/To Have 105 Regular Present 106 Modal Present 107 Adjectives 108 Possessive adjectives / Pronouns 109 Irregular Present 110 Present Progressive Learners write about their ideal mate and share with a partner.... Young scholars discover alternative medicines from around the globe. Every possible grammar topic is covered here, from adverbs and adjectives to … Young scholars write a story about past events and translate it into English. Students create a chart and... For this reading comprehension and vocabulary worksheet, students read a text about the history of National Ice Cream Day. Students then read a biography of composer Alban Berg and answer 10 questions. They investigate a large collage created by the teacher of foreign language advertisements and discuss the content with classmates. Students discover the essential items to properly groom for a nice event. In this number sentence instructional activity, students listen to the teacher ask them a question in a foreign language that has some type of number combination for an... Students design a travel brochure. Students work in groups to write authentic... Students practice interviewing and answering questions by creating a mock talk show. Students participate in a game where... Students examine the impact of movies and television. In this grammar worksheet, students fill in the blank in each sentence with either "other", "the other", or "another". Page has a link to additional activities. A series of worksheets follow that include matching, filling in blanks, and unscrambling word spellings. This online, interactive worksheet has 15 multiple choice questions. Students listen to a dialogue in order to comprehend verbal directions in Italian. In this descriptive words lesson, students utilize newly learned vocabulary words to describe what a classmate is wearing. Students... Students study their national and family heritage while working in groups. They work in pairs practicing giving directions to each other. In this creating a story lesson plan, students use new language and number words in their story. The class conducts a survey to determine the... Students read short texts and discover people's likes and dislikes. Italian Grammar Practice is a collection of 45 worksheets, each of which deals with a different point of Italian grammar. 101 Gender 102 Plurals 103 Articles. In this grammar worksheet, students discover that careful choice of adjectives can make a piece of writing more interesting and powerful. Students complete three activities for subject and object pronouns. In this music history learning exercise, 1st graders learn about the concerto as a form of instrumental composition by reading an informative paragraph. Students draw a map to show the location of community buildings and practice providing directions from location to location. Students react to the lesson afterwards and... Students write positive sentences about their classmates. In this communications lesson, students view a classic clip of an older T.V. In this positive environment lesson, students brainstorm and create a list of positive behaviors for a good environment. While there are only 14 questions, this could be a quick review of this topic. Although this is a worksheet about a tv show, there is some language skill-building present in the worksheet. Italian grammar lessons shouldn’t be either boring or hard!. In this ELL lesson, students complete a project while the teacher takes photos. The teacher evaluates each presentation. In this personal history project, students examine the family shield or crest of the teacher while preparing to create and share their own with the class.... Students investigate the format of a typical newspaper. For example, "Which street is the Central Library on?". In this newspaper lesson plan, students share their work with another group who critiques it. Students complete 6 sentences. Students will then use different verb tenses to complete 8 questions about the story. For this nouns and adjectives worksheet, students read six sentences and identify the nouns and adjectives. Enhance your foreign language students' skills to describe a house. In this grammar worksheet, students fill in the blanks in ten sentences with subject and adjective words listed in the word bank. In this vocabulary skills activity, students examine 8 sentences and fill in the blank in each of the sentences with "other, the other, or another.". The variety of worksheets practically insures that any Italian language issue you have is covered here! In this grammar rules lesson, students analyze word parts to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words. Enjoy! After watching an excerpt from "The War", they answer reflection questions about the Japanese being put into internment camps. Students practice using transportation vocabulary in a foreign language. Students work alone or in partners to complete 144 questions. The phrases learned are I need and I don't need. Each worksheet contains a number of different exercises to practice the grammar point in question. In this foreign language lesson, pairs collaborate to develop a Time Capsule which they present to their class using their target language. Based on their level of language acquisition, learners create commercials, make questions, become... Students practice ordering food in a new language. Students fill each space with "can," "could," or "be able to.". Exercise Italian Indefinitive Articles. In this article writing lesson, students read sports-related articles, complete a graphic organizer to help them see the format of a newspaper article, then they work in... Students investigate editorials. 01: Articles 02: Plurals 03: There is/There are 04: Verbs in the present tense 05: Like – Piace / Piacciono 06: Adjectives 07: Adverbs 08: The Past 09: Direct and indirect pronouns 10: Prepositions 11: Reflexive verbs 12: The Impersonal Form With ‘Si’ (part 1) In this ideal home lesson, 5th graders illustrate and describe their ideal home. In this pronouns learning exercise, learners learn to write with pronouns in a research report to make their writing smooth. In this mock interview instructional activity, students view pictures of famous personalities and determine which of these personalities they would like to interview. Students review activities from the "My Home" unit. Students engage in a role play where two people are bargaining for various items. In this grammar worksheet, learners choose the appropriate article or no article at all for twenty sentences to make each one grammatically correct. PowerPoint may be in English or changed to... Fifth graders explore media. Exercises for various levels. In this ELL lesson, students look at pictures of people eating and describe what they are doing. See this example 3) association text - text, identifiable with (T). After reading a description of rooms in a house in their target language, they work to answer corresponding questions correctly. This is the ideal first set to buy and covers all the essential points of Italian grammar. This collection of Italian grammar worksheets with exercises is mainly aimed at Anglofons students with basic level of Italian (A1-A2). Italian grammar lessons shouldn’t be either boring or hard!. In this ELL lesson, students watch a silent video with people greeting one another and make predictions about what they are saying. Students participate in greeting new people. Students write a paragraph... Fifth graders create a quiz. In this greetings lesson, students greet people after modeling by the teacher. Learning Italian online: Italian grammar exercises and worksheets In this ecology lesson, students read scenarios, discuss them in groups and decide if they are eco-friendly or not. In this fictional characters lesson, students hear information about a character then ask and answer questions.