As always with MTG, certain card combinations are more effective at ensuring victory while others are suboptimal or just lack synergy. Jumpstart cards on MTG Arena are legal in Historic. The official physical way to play is to open four packs, and then choose how to pair them and then play with two decks. Note that during preview season, card images in the decklists will not be accurate to Jumpstart (cards listed under "Other" are new Jumpstart cards). Everything. The problem is, Dinosaurs' creatures are just too valuable to be put into graveyards. It's Rakdos at its full glory and madness though definitely one of the most fun combinations in Jumpstart. $0.89, As low as: Not all of them are worth spending much time analyzing, but I wouldn't be shocked if a few of these cards end up being $50+ Commander staples at some point in the future. Rainbow is already one of the most avoided themes in Jumpstart since it doesn't have a clear plan regarding what it wants to do. Anyway, the Liliana theme benefits a lot from having a full graveyard while the Devilish theme thrives on sacrificing its own creatures. Jumpstart gives players more than forty 20-card theme packs where a combination of two theme packs can form a deck. That same strategy of amassing goblins with Muxus and overwhelming enemies is also available in Jumpstart. For the opponent? $0.07, As low as: $1.17, As low as: Some of the deck contents are slightly different from the paper release. The result, again, is two win conditions trying to compete with each other. Select your country in the list below and you’ll see only products available from sellers who ship to your location, along with the shipping costs for those sellers. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Moreover, removals and counters are not that many, meaning the deck can lose badly to aggro or beatdown decks with lots of creatures. For those who are tired of playing aggro and winning through beatdowns, they might want to try the notorious Teferi + Tree-Hugging combination. RELATED: Magic: The Gathering - The Top 10 New Commanders From Commander 2020. Oh look, Liliana and devils together again; what could go wrong? NEXT: MTG: 10 Cards No One Will Miss After Fall Rotation. Online Collectible Gaming Store, News, and Strategy for Singles & Miniatures There are a lot of Jumpstart themes to choose from in Magic: The Gathering. Legal Disclaimer. Meanwhile, Rainbow also won't benefit much from Lightning's strict red mana-base. On the black side, there are cards looking to mill and benefit from graveyards. Angels + Tree-Hugging makes this possible. RELATED: Magic: The Gathering - 10 Funniest Joke Cards In The Game. Magic: The Gathering Arena's Historic format is a red dumpster fire right now due to broken aggro combinations like goblins. Jumpstart Set Credits . Pretty much double the goblins, double the win rate. If a blue deck has to rely on pure beatdown to win, then it's going to perform suboptimally most of the time. Jump into Jumpstart on MTG Arena . $0.26, As low as: June 22 2020 . Jumpstart was released on MTG Arena on July 16th, 2020. It introduces a good way to start out with the game while also spicing things up for veteran players who are looking for a midpoint between constructed and draft. It's Selesnya at its best. The creatures are not that good and the deck is slow. Social. It's one of the most annoying goblin tribal decks to exist in a 40-card format and works just as well as its 60-card counterpart. $1.15, As low as: As low as It's a slow deck that relies on flyers and merfolk wizards. Players can expect clunky and unplayable opening hands with this combination as they have no synergy at all. Golgari decks are usually good but Dinosaurs + Discarding is just not meant to be. Find a Store. Such is the case for Spirits and Vampires in Jumpstart. Find. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. If that's paired with Lightning's rather expensive burn creatures and spells, then it can result in a bad time especially since that deck is hungry for red mana. These are two win conditions wrestling at each other for a chance to happen. It's too janky for a 40-card deck. $0.77, As low as: So, here are five effective Jumpstart theme combinations and another five to avoid. June 20 2020 . The result is a solid deck with a low mana curve filled with evasive creatures that also snowball into big threats later on in the game.