The lion is a wild animal. 8.The weather is_______ we should go for a walk. Here we provide all adjective rules and adjective words that are used in the adjective exercise. To download/print, click on pop-out icon or print icon to worksheet to print or download. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. (1) pleasant                (2) more pleasant      (3) pleasanter             (4) pleasing, (1) good                      (2) more good             (3) better                     (4) more better. But gold is (heavy) of all the metals. (f)You are the (bad) boy I have ever seen. (wild – adjective of quality) 3. 2.Ruby is________ than many other gemstones. 18. (b)Roopak is (honest) than any of his friends. Exp:  ‘Happy’ shows the quality of the child; hence it is an adjective of quality. 20. (1) playing                   (2) playing                    (3) playing                 (4) playing, (1) some                      (2) few                          (3) large                      (4) small, (1) pardon                   (2) pardonable            (3) pardoning             (4) pardoned, Download the above Exercise in PDF (Printable). (1) wise                     (2) wiser                      (3) wisest                     (4) more wise, (1) value                     (2) valuing                  (3) valuable                        (4) valuably. (g)Lead is (heavy) than silver. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Adjectives quiz, Ab6 gp pe tpcpy 193605, Lesson plan by lauren mccoy lesson adjectives length 50, Adjective, Grade 3 adjectives work, Work 3 identifying adjectives, Name date grammar work adjectives describing people, Date proper adjectives practice l. Found worksheet you are looking for? The careless man forgot to lock the door. (b) Distributive: each, every, either, neither. You are here: Home > English grammar > Kinds of adjectives worksheet. Posted by Manjusha. The main kinds are: (a) Demonstrative: this, that, these, those. Most criminals are no violent. Neither key opens the door. (1) precious                (2) preciouses              (3) more precious     (4) most precious, (1) most beautiful      (2) more beautiful      (3)  beautiful              (4) more beautiful. (a) cleverer                 (b) more honest. 19. Who is the first person to climb Mt. The following sentences … Exp:  ‘Pretty’ shows the quality; hence it is an adjective of quality. Worksheet will open in a new window. Call us: Click on the image to display our PDF worksheet. You have no sense. (1) courageous           (2) more courageous (3) most courageous  (4) courageousness. The foolish crow opened his mouth to sing. Exp:  ‘Twelve’ shows how many months; hence it is an adjective of number. (1) tall                         (2) taller                      (3) more tall                (4) tallest, (1) brave                     (2) bravest                 (3) braver                    (4) more brave. (1) eating                   (2) eat                          (3) ate                 (4) eatable, (1) trouble                 (2) troublesome         (3) troubled        (4) troubling, (1) much                   (2) many                     (3) more              (4) few, (1) spiced                  (2) spicy                     (3) spice              (4) spicing. 2.No _____terms are allowed inside the theatre. Adjectives in English have a special place.There is a vast study of Adjectives.Understanding adjective meaning is not difficult with edumantra.Here we provide all adjective rules and adjective words that are used in the adjective exercise.With the help of some adjective examples, we will provide adjectives worksheets and adjectives quiz that will explain how to use adjectives … Kinds eof S ntences Ru le Name _____ ©2002 by Evan-Moor Corp. 6 Grammar and Punctuation, Grade 6 • EMC 2716 Write All About Tt 1 Practice writing each kind of sentence below using the given topics. (d)No (few) than three thousand boys failed in the board exam. (i)Patel was one of the (great) statesmen of the world. (Kind – adjective of quality) 2. 7.John is _______ than his younger brother. 5.This is the _______ building of the town. (1) refreshed               (2) refresh                   (3) refreshingly          (4) refreshing, (1) dirt                         (2) dirty                       (3) dirtiest                   (4) dirtly. Exp:  ‘A lot of’ shows how much water; hence it is an adjective of quantity. Exp:  ‘Your’ shows possession; hence it is a possessive adjective.