You need to make some decisions for yourself for MAXIMUM VALUE – but there’s always a trade off. I get 106 with 357, so it might be lower like 353…) How do you reach 371 CP? how well do you know the old abilities and the new ones? Am I wrong? Sometimes, we could have put that CP into something else more important in our rotation. I am not taking credit for the base of the roation… it was originally posted here:, Comfort Zone * Inner Quiet * PbP* PbP* Ing II SH II RS RS <— any progress fails? As soon as the Eat From the Hand II action drops….+. 2 Star Recipes (e.g. All the other ones were much simpler. FavThemes. Your rotation does not complete the synth for those. Yeahp, that’s 9 Hasty touches. First of all, these rotations are downright magical — tyvm for them! This is only relevant in end-game due to the items you need to submit for the Master Recipe Books. Then We will move that info here so that it never gets lost. PrudT). Level 70 – 71 It is not necessary, but I like it. The total synthesis required was 3x Piece by Piece and 4x Careful Synthesis II with no Ingenuity used. The 3-star rotation is for items with a difficulty of 445 or less, so it will not work for the 3-star tokens like Intricate Silver Brocade with a difficulty of 801. It may be good news for you, but I think they removed even the only challenge in Ixali, making it extremely boring now. I’m trying to HQ Spicy Tomato Relish. Check if you have 71CP at least, Great Strides (SH~4) Bait 1? Level 60 Star Crafting Rotation Guide~ × Level 60 Star Crafting Rotation Guide~ Start; Prev; 1; Next; End; 1; Seifer Arumashi; Topic Author; Offline; Officer Guild Craft Slave More. While it’s listed as 2-star, it’s quality req is much higher (check notes in that token section). However, depending on your Craftsmanship, you may need to spend that extra CP on Ingenuity II in order to complete the synthesis. Thus, it is not necessary to acquire a whole set of the i320/i325 Ala Mhigan crafting set. In other words, you need to complete level 65 class quest for every class in order for every class to own this. Your email address will not be published. RS2), Patient Touch (level 64) (6 CP) (a.k.a. The above non-specialist macro is good that it involves zero RNG, but it's not quite strong enough if you are crafting from pure NQ mats. FS-spam Phase (Take all Trick of Trades freely until CP is maxed): - Keep spamming Flawless Syn (FS) (at 90% success rate) while refreshing CZ whenever it falls off. It will get more or less halfway to sucess. lemme just finish the caster bis :D. I can’t wait for you to add a 4 star rotation on how to obtain the new master book 2. Please visit the data chart in Ch28 for quality prediction calculations, and then use the graph in Ch8 to predict the final HQ rate. When I was playing with this rotation I did have active Eat From the Hand II and I was sitting at 401 craftsmanship, so I can’t tell myself right now (it’s still active and, frankly, it’s nice to have 401 craftsmanship, not gonna cancel early ;). The original rotation utilized another "Observe+FocSyn" at the end instead of the CS II shown below. We are Gamers. Then Hasty Touch x3, Masters Mend. 4 Star Recipes (Chigusa Ingot / Evergleam Ingot etc. FocT), Initial Preparation (level 69) (50 CP) (a.k.a. When all else fails, just do leve/GC turn-ins to level way beyond where your quests are so the crafts become negligibly easy. © 2020 Level: 11 Jobs: CRP, BSM, ARM, GSM, LTW, WVR, ALC, CUL Oct 16, 2020 Crafting. Looks shitty? Note: Once you figure these out and get really good at improvising to get these books, you will find that the 4* crafts to make HQ are a joke and a less CP intensive version of this rotation (hint, you can swap out PbP for a bare synth that requires 0 CP) can be used to get 100% HQ with minimal HQ mats and landing BB on any condition except a poor. I feel like I still have to learn how all the abilities work and when to properly use them. However, if you hit IQ, and then proc a ToT, IQ is 18 cp, whereas ToT recovers 20. is okay, but preferable. It's just what the RNG is like. Out of nine Hasty Touches, I would say the very least I would gamble with is 6 successes. Thanks so much.