Ionic & Covalent Compounds Worksheet Write formulas for the following compounds and classify as ionic (I) or covalent (C): lithium chloride I or C ammonium permanganate silver nitrate zinc hydroxide carbon disulfide iron(III) phosphate copper(I) iodide tin(IV) fluoride The lons are held together by a strong attraction in a 3D array called a crystal lattice Which of the following correctly defines a covalent bond? Lithium bromide is a lithium salt in which the counterion is bromide. sulfide nitride potassium oxide lithium bromide chloride hydrogen (+), hydride (-) 10. You will be forced to decide between answer choices … LiCl - Lithium Chloride. More... Molecular Weight: 86.9 g/mol. 14) lithium acetate LiC2H3O2. 8) B2H4 diboron tetrahydride. The metal lithium an electron to form the cation Li' and the nonmetal bromine an electron to form the anion Br. 12) nitrogen N2. Lithium is a metal and has valency +1 (it likes to give electrons to become stable by octet rule). LiBr - Lithium Bromide. Concept introduction: Types of solid. Barium Bromide Compounds Ionic Compounds List Magnesium Chromate Beryllium … cobalt (II) bromide. 15) phosphorus trifluoride PF3 NaCl - Sodium Chloride. 2005-03-27. What is the name of the ionic compound formed from lithium and bromine? 2020-11-15. 7550-35-8. NaI - Sodium Iodide. ... Once you decide if a compound is ionic or covalent you know whether or not to use prefixes. Metal and Alloys Elements and Compounds Chemical … 10 Specialist Science - Simple Ionic Compounds. The Bromine atom accepts the electron and forms an ionic bond with lithium forming Lithium Bromide. Component Compounds: CID 3028194 (Lithium) CID 260 (Hydrogen bromide) Dates: Modify . Lithium bromide (LiBr) is an ionic compound. Ionic compounds are those that are formed after imparting and accepting electrons. 11) dinitrogen trioxide N2O3. Lithium monobromide. Which type of bond is the weakest? 13) methane CH4. Bromine is a non-metal with valency -1 (it likes to receive electrons) Lithium gives … Lithium bromide. The anhydrous salt forms cubic crystals similar to common salt. monkisduhmayne. View Set. ... Ionic bond examples include: LiF - Lithium Fluoride. LiI - Lithium Iodide. NaF - Sodium Fluoride. SiCl 4. Only COVALENT COMPOUNDS use PREFIXES! Lithium bromide (LiBr) LITHIUMBROMIDE. 10) P4 phosphorus. Expert Solution (a) Interpretation Introduction. b lithium bromide, LiBr; c sodium fluoride, NaF; d bromine chloride, BrCl; check_circle. For each of the following questions, determine whether the compound is ionic or covalent and write the appropriate formula for it. NaBr - Sodium Bromide. Comprehensive list of ionic compounds with no polyatomic ions. 168 terms. Also know, which one is stronger ionic or covalent bond? Create . lithium bromide +21 more terms . 9) CO carbon monoxide. Do NOT make the mistake of using prefixes with ionic compounds. 10 Specialist Science - Simple Ionic Compounds. Write the name of each of the ions on your notes. Interpretation: The given chemical substance either molecular solid or not has to be predicted.