Verlagerung im Minimalismus This playful trend brings a certain cheer and cheekiness to your brand identity as a whole. täuscht das Auge) im Logodesign eine echte Renaissance erleben. Proceeding from this social phenomenon, there is a growing demand for funny emblems, awakening in people sense of humor and stimulating not to be upset over nothing. This trend is directly related to the continuing popularity of text logos. It will be more relevant for companies that are giants in their field and have already managed to earn an excellent reputation. Overlapping elements Where this trend can get complicated, however, is when a brand’s message relies heavily on color selection to express its identity. Whether they are holding, pointing or reach out - you can be assured, hands will be all over our logos this year. In 2019, expect to see logos adapt to their audiences in flexible, creative ways. I have used this site in several time. Logo Design Trends That You Should Be Aware Of In 2020 Now that we’re well into the new year, we thought it would be nice to do a quick audit of some of the top logo design trends making their mark on the web. “It gives just enough to create an anchor, without weighing down the imagination.”. Luckily, artistic logos and logo illustrations will be among logo design trends 2019. Thanks for sharing Great article. Logos sind traditionell eine kleine Leinwand, bei der Designer all ihre Vorstellungskraft nutzen müssen, um ein eindrucksvolles Bild dessen zu zeichnen, was oder wer die Marke ist und wofür sie steht. Try to find yourone. 9 logo design trends that will be huge in 2019 — 1. And for the second - to understand the level of the finished product, which the performer offers. Since creative possibilities are endless, each design is unique and therefore captivating. Die Verlagerung hin zu abstrakteren Konzepten erweitert den Effekt minimalistischen Logodesigns und macht ihn effektiver. The illustration for Kabooter cleverly mixes a delivery driver on his scooter with the silhouette of a dove. Many logos are now being created in a circular design to naturally fit the environment where they will be seen most: social media profile pictures. 99designer Bruno Vasconcelos’s lively logo for greeting card aficionado House of Gumdrops weaponizes color to not only communicate the company name but also to appeal to it’s mostly-female demographic. this could help your journey creating a designs. They remind about the synthesis and integration of knowledge, which are important components in the development of any quality business concept. Such brands can afford to ignore any individualism in the logos because their recognizability is based on other factors. So, if you really want to step up your game, here is an idea you could use. Something went wrong posting the comment. Amazing article it really helped me achieving better results.. “Minimalism is less a style than a weapon; clearing away noise so a message shines through, clean and naked,” says 99designer Ian Douglas. The French term “trompe l’oeil” translates to “deceive the eye” and that’s exactly what this logo trend is all about. 5. Minimalism has been a pretty steady trend for the last few years, as it makes the logo look clean and simplistic but still impressive. 4. Dieses Jahr werden wir mehr Kreative sehen, die den Trend der überlappenden Elemente zu schätzen wissen, indem Designer Deckkraft und stimulierende Formen nutzen, um auffällige Bildmarken, Wortmarken und mehr zu kreieren. 2019 werden wir Marken sehen, denen Authentizität wichtiger ist als Bekanntheit und die darauf hoffen, dass ihre Identität die Zeit genauso überdauert wie die von Stella Artois. Are you really serious about your Business? Logos, die das Auge täuschen. #9. No way. Seine Wahl, helle, orangefarbene Punkte auf den Wangen des Jungen zu verwenden, sagt uns, dass das Kind lächelt und glücklich ist. Gleichzeitig bleibt die Botschaft, also der transportierte Inhalt des Logos gleich, schließlich sollen alle Logo-Versionen ein und dieselbe Marke repräsentieren und eine übergeordnete Einheitlichkeit aufzeigen. Staying in the leading positions for so long, there is no way that they won’t make their impact on logo design trends 2019. Such options look good if they are combined with bright colors and geometric shapes. 160over90’s overlapping logo for Woodmere Art Museum pulls double duty as a modern lettermark representing the letters WAM and as an abstract architectural design depicting the peaks and valleys of a building. Das Designs ist aufgrund seines künstlerischen Touches einprägsam – bis hin zu den ikonischen roten Stiefeln – und es ist die unglaubliche Detailliertheit des Logos, die erfolgreich eine Identität herausbildet, die leicht wiederzuerkennen und auf einzigartige Weise auffallend ist. Logos that include vintage textures, artisanal touches, precise line work and even a specialized crest are the focus. Die Wahl der richtigen Farben hilft Marken dabei, wirkungsvoller zu kommunizieren. Update 11/12/2020: Logo Design Trends 2021 are now out! This year gradients and interesting color transitions have not lost their relevance. Enjoy a few amazing examples of geometric logos. #4. Beim New-Age-Geometrie-Trend dreht sich alles darum, geometrischen Logos ein wärmeres Aussehen zu geben. 7. And especially, it looks logical in combination with the original massive font. Avanti-Avanti Studio schuf für das Ciutat Flamenco Festival eine Markenidentität mit einer ähnlichen Technik. Name, E-Mail-Adresse und Website im Browser speichern für spätere Kommentare. Die interessanten, neuen Wege, auf denen Designer Logodesign verbessern, indem sie mit bekannten Stilen spielen und Farbe geschickter einsetzen, machen 2019 zu einem elektrisierenden Jahr für Logodesign. 9. This, in most cases, would be a letter or two. 99designer Greeninblue‘s illustration for Red Shoe Stories embellishes the traditional characteristics of a rooster, such as its large feathers and perky comb, with clusters of hand-drawn dashes and an exaggerated silhouette. I complemented that by using primary colors with a modern twist.”. Different shapes of color planes Thanks for sharing your insights on packaging designing. A square conveys stability, and so on. Die Praxis, ein Logo zu kreieren, das als zeitloses Element der Geschichte einer Marke dient, ist für Designer nicht neu.