[19] Controversy ensued when the company's Star Trek Discovery phaser toy was cancelled just months before its scheduled release date. [17], Released in September 2000, the figures were based on the characters of SCTV and Strange Brew fame, Bob and Doug McKenzie. Only 4 left in stock. [23] In February 2019, it was announced that McFarlane Toys had secured the rights to create 6"-12" collector figures based on the various comic books, movies, cartoons, live-action TV shows and video games featuring DC's characters. These figures are due out in Fall 2020. Buy Dark Nights: Metal Grim Knight DC Multiverse Action Figure at GameStop. Series 5 featured McFarlane's Twisted Christmas. McFarlane - DC Multiverse Dark Knights Metal Earth - 32 Batman ActionFigure £19.99. and were tacked to cardboard backs. In 1998 McFarlane introduced the Movie Maniacs line of figures. 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DC Multiverse is an American action figure toyline from Mattel (later by McFarlane Toys).Primarily consisting of 6-inch figures, the line is based on properties owned by DC Comics.The line was launched as a continuation of Mattel's DC Universe Classics line, and utilizes the same scale, sculpt and articulation style. [2], The company has produced original works, giving a grotesque twist to fairy tale stories such as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and historical figures. Series three would further push the boundaries of character selection into fantasy, with Edward Scissorhands, straight action with Shaft, and back into cult/sci-fi with Escape from L.A.. The fourth series featured Twisted Fairy Tales. In 2017, McFarlane Toys inked a deal to produce action figures and role play items based on the popular Star Trek franchise. Each character was sculpted with the same crosshatch style from Sendak's original illustrations. The latest features Batman from the Batman: Arkham Knight video game, and Deathstroke from the Batman: Arkham Origins video game. It refers to a villainous Mechanoid Army. For the first five series, the figures were broken into these clans: Eternal Dragon Clan, Fire Dragon Clan, Komodo Dragon Clan, Sorcerer's Dragon Clan, Water Dragon Clan, and Berserker Clan. [24] In a subsequent interview with IGN, Todd McFarlane confirmed that the new figures will target the same collectors who bought other 6" superhero toy lines, such as Mattel's DC Universe Classics or Hasbro's Marvel Legends. [9], McFarlane had been a long-time fan of the horror genre and decided to produce his own perspective on the classic monsters with the "Todd McFarlane's Monsters Playsets" line in 1997. [1], This set features several highly detailed six inch dragon action figures and a slightly larger and more expansive "boxed set" figure. [18], In 2005, McFarlane acquired the rights held by rival manufacturer Playmates Toys to produce figures based on the popular Fox TV series The Simpsons.[12]. Check out the photo after the jump. Each toy in the first line came with a regular-sized comic (although with fewer pages than the standard 22), which were individualized to the character.[1]. [12] Release of new KISS products from McFarlane continues to the present day. Last month, Todd McFarlane teased upcoming DC Multiverse figures including The Grim Knight from The Batman Who Laughs storyline and a version of Doomsday. Series 35 was out by July 2008[5] and was called "Robot Wars". [26], McFarlane's Dragons are a line of action figures which were launched in 2005 under the "Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Action Figures" section of McFarlane Toys. We will update when more details and images are released. [12] Despite three figure series based on cartoon versions of the band (two incarnations of the Yellow Submarine figures in 1996 and 2004), no figures of the real-life band members have been created by McFarlane Toys. [10], McFarlane continued the idea of generating new versions of classic stories and characters, releasing a shocking line subtitled "Twisted Land of Oz" in 2003, which featured vicious or sadistic versions of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz characters created by L. Frank Baum. The second series of figures expanded the character base for the line into the realms of cult and action cinema, with a figure based on the title character to The Crow. [1], In 2004, the third series, subtitled 6 Faces of Madness, used historical killers and madmen as its theme, generating vividly detailed figurines of the 5th-century conqueror Attila the Hun, American "Wild West" gunslinger Billy the Kid, the "mad monk" Rasputin, the British serial killer Jack the Ripper, the Hungarian "Blood Queen" Elizabeth Bathory, and the real-life inspiration for Dracula, Vlad the Impaler.[1].