I'm 15 years old and I had a girlfriend of about 5 years.. “No mother should see her child die. Stay strong. I felt so bad and my heart sank and there she was before my eyes, dying . She explains: “Since she was born Freja had a small mole in the middle of her back, no bigger than a press-stud. 5 years has been too long to experience such strong emotions. It is the strongest possible message to send in these communities. The charity’s Sarah Williams said the risks are “very real” in Britain – “even in cloudy weather”. Freja seen in party gown before illness took its final hold, Subscribe to Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, Dad diagnosed his cancer on Google in 15 minutes after five GPs missed it for a year, Woman's joy after discovering hidden room in her house behind a wardrobe, A woman shared a viral video on TikTok after discovering a secret room behind a wardrobe in a bedroom, more than three years after originally moving into the property, Mum-of-three's heartbreak as she can't afford £5 to send daughter on school trip. the best thing you can do is talk to someone go right now talk to anyone you need some comfort in your life from family and friends you need to be there for her family you need to go and let all your emotions out or you're going to explode. No girl will undergo this pain and suffering again,” he said. I will send out a town crier to inform the villagers, gather the woman of the village, and explain that this must stop. There she is my girlfriend of 5 years held in my arms dead.. But two years later she started getting crushing headaches. At hospital she told me I had to take her home, screaming with pain, scratching her head like she was possessed. This can make them more than three times as much money as doing FGM. “Next afternoon the doctor sat me down and told me ‘this was it’. Emmanuel seemed, on the surface, heartbreakingly untouched by the circumstances surrounding his mother’s death because of a practice that is meant to be illegal in the country he hopes to rule one day. But it was sunny or even cloudy summer days in England when perhaps I wasn’t quite so diligent. Last modified on Wed 20 Sep 2017 19.30 BST, “I held the body of a pregnant woman who died in my arms on the way to the hospital because she refused to undergo FGM during childbirth.”, Gift Augustine is describing what she says was her most harrowing experience working as an anti-FGM activist in Nigeria. During these last few years cancer had rampaged through Freja while we carried on, blissfully unaware. Get your answers by asking now. This is not something a 15 year old should have to go through but I do know you will make it. PFA’s Heroes programme supports community activists in the field, covering their salaries for 10 years so that they can focus on their critical work - Gift and Abu are PFA Heroes. My Boyfriend Died Suddenly, and the Grief Is Overwhelming My Boyfriend Passed Away Suddenly, and This Is What Grief Feels Like. He managed to save over 200 girls from being cut. I’m planning to have sex with my boyfriend for the first time. Forever young and beautiful’. His daughter described the last moments she spent with him in hospital after doctors said there was nothing more they could do, To find out more about Teenage Cancer Trust go to teenagecancertrust.org – and to make a donation to Freja’s appeal go to. I kept saying sorry, how I’d always love her. Which is it, she died in an accident or from a mysterious cold in her room? Meanwhile, inside, I was shattered into a million pieces. EXCLUSIVE: Mum Rebeka Stewart, 28, from Middlesbrough, struggles so much financially that she had go three days without a single meal after having to pay £62 to get a new tap installed. I’d make the girls wear factor 50 and full-body swimsuits. Oh my God that's horrible. She started a Masters course in Geological Science but after a few weeks was back in hospital and deteriorated rapidly. Mum-of-eight Sarah Barber also struggles and has lost three stone after having to limit her own meals to feed to her kids. She adds: “I tell any parent to keep an eye on any moles on their children, to do everything they can to protect the whole family from the sun, wherever you are.”, Freja on her 18th, wearing favourite black dress, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. For the last eight years, Gift and her husband, Abu, have spent most of their married life on the road fighting FGM in south-east Nigeria, Hajra Rahim writes about FGM in the UK and Nigeria, Tue 8 Mar 2016 09.38 GMT Do guys who are super selfish even realize how selfish they are. They should be precious snapshots of a life that ended all too soon. Gift and Abu’s mission around Nigeria has been under way for the last eight years. I really hope she's okay. May 18, 2020 by Emily Cappiello. But the pregnant woman who died in Gift’s arms in August last year left behind a young boy of five, Emmanuel, who was now orphaned and outcast from society because his mother was branded “unclean” and a “bad omen”. All rights reserved. Founded and funded in 2009 by Projects for All (PFA) - a non profit organisation that runs multiple schemes to tackle poverty, all with a core value of community-led development. For the fishery, where we can, we provide them with water pumps for their ponds. For the last eight years, Gift and her husband, Abu, the parents of three young children, have spent most of their time on the road visiting some of the remotest villages in Cross River state in south-east Nigeria and holding meetings about why the practice of FGM must stop. A scan showed that beneath the skin the lump actually measured 5cm. Girlfriend upset I haven't asked her to marry me.? His word is considered a declaration of law in the village and would add weight to their vital work. It was so incredibly beautiful.”, Now Jennifer is desperate to leave a legacy for other young people. But Freja refused to wallow in self-pity and passed the time taking a series of selfies of me and her lying in bed pulling silly faces. But as she got bigger, it grew too and in 2012 we noticed it had gone lumpy and black. Seems kinda crazy but we got through it. Her plea came as Cancer Research UK said skin cancer is the third most common form of the disease in people aged 15-39. Doctors say that if she had, Freja might still be alive. I screamed for help and the ambulance came right after but there was no way I could possibly deal with, I have absolutely no idea what you're going through or how you feel. When I learned the truth about the danger, lifelong health complications, the pain women go through having the practice done, and even death, I realised I couldn’t let this happen to another girl again,” says Gift. Through speaking to people in marketplaces, schools and on the streets, Gift and Abu know that despite being banned by law in early 2015, FGM remains a deeply rooted tradition within Nigerian society. No treatment was needed, we were told, so it was panic over.”. I cradled mine in my arms as she took her last breaths and with her a part of me died too. “On November 8 she was screaming with pain. “As Lily and I poured the ashes into the hole, at the same time the sun came out and it started to snow. Last November, aged 18, the ­beautiful, intelligent student died from skin cancer caused by sun damage. Part of Gift and Abu’s workshops include teaching the cutters new skills including basket weaving, jewellery making or running a fishery. But of course I want to stop, it’s just that I make my living from this, so what would I do if I stopped?”, No girl will undergo this pain and suffering again. “I was shocked when I first saw the scars a woman had when I worked as a midwife, and decided I wanted to learn more about what FGM was. Taken from Cutting Crew – ‘Broadcast’. Talk to people you trust and are good listeners. Or did you have a girlfriend who died at all? She says: “There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t wish I could go back and just take five minutes to put suncream on her delicate young skin when I mistakenly thought there was no danger. Our. But the thought of protecting them in the UK didn’t dawn on her. As my girl died in my arms I kept thinking I could've stopped her skin cancer Heartbroken mum Jennifer Nicholson blames herself for not religiously applying sun cream on Freja's fair skin mirror